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    I like making rigs and animating stuffs :D
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  1. :popcorn:waiting for this profile to come back to life

  2. Non-edited Based on my Knights rigpack
  3. UPDATE: 2/4/2018
  4. i should really update this rig.
  5. I may recall that SKIBBZ posted it on his rig that there is no need for credits to use the rig. And Thank you, I'm not really good at such things tho
  6. Taking an epic shot so we don't embarass the Pope
  7. Off to to the Holy Land
  8. [Tiger I in Camouflage] I do not own the Tiger Tank
  9. idk how to rig anymore

    1. Kreuzer


      lol git gud noob

  10. Just keep on trying. Don't give up. If they said that your creations are sh*t , don't just cry on the corner go improve urself.
  11. the details is so awesome
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