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  1. Ninja Dino

    Extreme Forum Make-over

    This is actually a great idea.
  2. Ninja Dino

    My new render

    Quick Tip: When you're making torches put weak point lights around all the faces of it so that you won't get that ugly effect that gives the torch one big shadow underneath it.
  3. There's a pumpkin on my head.

  4. Ninja Dino

    Baby Turtle (Emotional)

    This is not sad.
  5. Ninja Dino

    Dear Mineimator people

    Cecil the lion.
  6. Minecon is looking as stupid as ever this year. Glad to know that they kept the tradition of being completely cringey every time they host it.

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    2. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      Yeah who cares i just wanna know what 1.14 will be.

    3. YoshiHunter


      So far the only good announcement was Minecraft: Dungeons.

      Everything else has been a cringe fest.

    4. Twotorule



  7. I think I might be genuinely addicted to this website.

  8. According to a test on the internet there's a possibility that I might be a sociopath! 8D

    1. JB Animations

      JB Animations

      Im not really that surprised considering how weird your banner is anyway

  9. Looks like my recommendations have been blessed by the YouTube Gods once again.


  10. Ninja Dino

    100 reputation points!

    Technically reputation is a way of the community thanking YOU for what you're putting on the forums. So you don't really need to thank people for it, also rep are ultimately useless points that don't do anything so thanking people for it makes no sense.
  11. Ninja Dino

    Panic Room (4K) (Creepy)

    This is your idea of a disturbing image? Bro, get out of here.
  12. The idea that linear animation is bad and shouldn't be used is actually really dumb. The linear transition is very useful in Mine-Imator animation and other 3D animation. Animation with only non-linear transitions is really ugly, you need a little bit of linear transitions to make animation look better.

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    2. Hagus
    3. Rollo


      It depends on how experienced you are, really. Actual animation is done frame-by-frame. If you went up to Pixar and relied on Ease Out transitions you'd be sacked in a heartbeat. Of course, it's totally fine for most Mine-imator users. If you just want to get something really simple, you don't actually need to worry about having more frames. But if you were to go frame-by-frame for more advanced animation, adding transitions that slow it down and speed it up would make it look clunky and unnatural.

      So basically: You gotta be either really bad or really good to use linear. No in between.

    4. JB Animations

      JB Animations

      Depends on the animators using it. If you see noob using than it'll be quite bad. But Leave that sort of job to someone like SKIBBZ, you'll see what I mean. 

      Also, When the heck are you gonna post the anvil collaboration.!?

  13. Ninja Dino

    My oc

    Small face.
  14. Ninja Dino

    You May Not Rest Now

    This made me feel really nostalgic for some reason. This was very well animated, you've improved a lot.
  15. Ninja Dino

    Broken [4K Cinematic]

    You could make it so that they're in the shot. That's what I meant, for them to be in the shot.
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