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  1. Our ancestors fought like hell every day of their lives just to survive so that we could be here today. And this is how we repay them? Edit: Not saying this is bad. It's just weird.
  2. Holy cow, dude. This is the best wallpaper I've ever seen in my entire life. Like, this is actually amazing. You are so talented at what you do, this must've taken hours or even DAYS to create. You're an inspiration to us all. Thank you so much for blessing our eyes with this beautiful work of art. I'm seriously never going to make another wallpaper again in my entire life because I know that no matter what I'll do I'll never be able to even come close to the greatness of this wallpaper and your work. Congratulations sir, congratulations indeed.
  3. What show are you currently watching or binging right now. It can be anything like something on T.V. or YouTube or whatever. I just want to know.
  4. What's your motto that you constantly tell yourself?
  5. Wow, man. Great job, you make the most inter tanning content on this entire website.
  6. Wow, I just found out that The Boondocks is coming back for a season 5! I'm really excited, man, that is legit my favorite animated show and I thought I was gonna be stuck with only 4 seasons of it forever.

  7. Yeah, I'm reporting this entire topic and all the comments to F.B.I.
  8. Recently I've started coding again, and I'm wondering if any of you programmers out there can offer me some general advice on improving at programming. For example, what are some the websites you use when you have questions? What are some things you do to help you learn? What's something you wish you knew when you just started programming? What are the things you do to improve your coding skill in general? Are there any blogs, websites, or places that I should know if I want to really get good at programming? Are there any good YouTube channels related to programming that I should subscribe to?Any tips on programming things in general? Any tips or advice for game development? Ect. Thanks! Also, sorry for using the word "programming" so much in this topic.
  9. Personally I really like this. Though, when the character in the video threw their punch it didn't look very powerful/fast enough imo.
  10. Wow, I actually never noticed that.
  11. Nah, I don't think so bro. I think what xXsentienXx said is right, it's probably just a matter of opinion if you think it's rude or not. I already said that the post I made had no intention of being offensive, but if you still choose to be upset that's fine with me.
  12. How is it rude? I was talking about the character itself, not you or the work put into the skin, I wasn't trying make a personal attack on you. Also I don't know why it matters if you made this for a friend?
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