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  1. Krampus rig

    I don't know what Krampus is either.
  2. FIND THE BUTTON - Christmas Edition

    Not gonna lie. This is very generic, and your personality sounds a little too energetic in this. This looks like what most popular Minecraft channels today look like.
  3. another animation iv been working on

    The pacing could use some work. Adding short pauses between camera shots where there are actions helps.
  4. Mine-imator 1.RV-Pre1

    I noticed that the sign keeps saying "OBEY". That is very odd. Are you trying to brain wash us mbanders? Have all these rigs been one big plot to take over our minds as a first step to controlling the entire world? Genius, pure genius. To think that you would being the path to world domination by starting at a Minecraft animation forum. No one would suspect that you would become the worlds next biggest tyrant. Yes, indeed. You have been putting these subliminal messages in your rigs to tap into our subconscious's, in a way to start a small militia to help fight your wars for you. Oh, god. I have to get out of town QUICK! S.O.S. someone call my mother! The end of the world is here!!!!
  5. Cake?

    If this guy has that many dead bushes, a stack of diamonds, and a pig head then making a cake should be the least of his concern. LOL
  6. Ne'Chan at the Beach...

    Some DOF would be useful, also those light blue lines in the image kind of ruin this for me.
  7. [Blender] Just a test

    I feel like I've gotten rusty so I took a swing at some basic lighting today.
  8. Christmas Chaos Collab | By Ninja Dino

    Anyone, anything.
  9. I thought of something recently. Maybe the key to finishing animations and creating them in general isn't motivation. Maybe it's discipline. Most of the time I give up on animations because I become uninspired and think "Well, what's the point if im not enjoying myself to the fullest?" Maybe part of animation is marching through the pain of unmotivation to create an incredible final product.

  10. R E A L I T Y - Concept 5

  11. Ask the Artist

    What brought you into Mine-Imator?
  12. Add It On Collab 2

  13. Christmas Chaos Collab | By Ninja Dino

    Thanks for the help. Now the object form download is up and ready to go.
  14. Christmas Chaos Collab | By Ninja Dino

    Yes, as long as it's strictly Minecraft related. I don't think I know how to do that.
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