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  1. Yeah, I'm reporting this entire topic and all the comments to F.B.I.
  2. Recently I've started coding again, and I'm wondering if any of you programmers out there can offer me some general advice on improving at programming. For example, what are some the websites you use when you have questions? What are some things you do to help you learn? What's something you wish you knew when you just started programming? What are the things you do to improve your coding skill in general? Are there any blogs, websites, or places that I should know if I want to really get good at programming? Are there any good YouTube channels related to programming that I should subscribe to?Any tips on programming things in general? Any tips or advice for game development? Ect. Thanks! Also, sorry for using the word "programming" so much in this topic.
  3. Personally I really like this. Though, when the character in the video threw their punch it didn't look very powerful/fast enough imo.
  4. Wow, I actually never noticed that.
  5. Nah, I don't think so bro. I think what xXsentienXx said is right, it's probably just a matter of opinion if you think it's rude or not. I already said that the post I made had no intention of being offensive, but if you still choose to be upset that's fine with me.
  6. How is it rude? I was talking about the character itself, not you or the work put into the skin, I wasn't trying make a personal attack on you. Also I don't know why it matters if you made this for a friend?
  7. Something about this character makes me want to beat him up. He looks like such a wuss with his dumb little boy-scout lookn' suit. I could totally take this guy in fight, just saying.
  8. I love how these two guys are having a stare down meanwhile lil' chicken bro is just chilling on the side.
  9. A remix of this would be cool.
  10. So today I really started to realize how much my pc sucks. The GPU is laughable, the RAM is a measly 4GB, and because of that the pc can't even handle Blender and Godot Engine. So now I'm trying to raise up some money to get a better pc so that I can start doing other cool stuff that I want to do.

    1. BaconSandwich


      GL to you, I was lucky enough to be able to salvage 4GB of DDR3 RAM from my old computer when i upgraded so now I've got 12 gigs. Also, according to Nimi there's reason to upgrade both the CPU and GPU for Mine-Imator (CPU is better for having more things in the scene at once and generally more complicated scenes, GPU is better for rendering faster or avoiding crashes with too many lights) so take that into account when upgrading as well...

    2. ThatGuyBrian


      if you need someone to budget a build for you, you know where to look

  11. I just watched the video of the masque shooting that happened recently. When I heard that a shooter live-streamed his dark deeds and posted it on the internet for everyone to see I just had to watch it. After about an hour of searching around the internet I finally got my hands on a copied file of the full video. To be honest it wasn't that bad, there was just a little bit of blood and mostly bodies dropping to the ground, I've definitely seen worse death/gore videos before. Hell, there were even some times when the guy was kind of funny.

    Anyways, what that guy did was terrible and I hope anyone effected by this event is okay (excluding the people who died, obviously). I find it really annoying how people are making it hard to find information related to the guy who did this shooting. It took me some effort to find the video, and I heard that there was a manifesto uploaded to the shooter's twitter account, which I'm trying to find as well. I think that 8chan was shut down or something because that's where the shooter planned his attack or whatever. I might make a video documenting anything else I can dig up on him and post it to YouTube soon, because news outlets are currently pumping out cheap, repetitive information about this incident and no one's getting the full story that is being talked about. 

    Also I will not be sharing the video, or sharing where I found the video to anyone on the forums because I'm pretty sure it would get me banned and from what I've heard it might get me into legal trouble too. 

  12. To be fair this post is pretty harmless, but the way that you blatantly lie to us and expect us to believe that this is a game is just really insulting. It's no wonder you got so many downvotes.
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