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  1. I'm finally getting back to making animations. Here's a quick test that I made. (Sorry, it doesn't have any audio because I currently have no good video editing software as of right now.)
  2. Nothing's illegal if you get away with it, kid.
  3. Ninja Dino

    Juss vs Dark Kento Fight animation

    I really enjoyed the animation style and camerawork in this. Good job.
  4. I finally changed my profile picture from that boring Donald Trump profile pic. I think this new one is a lot better.

  5. How dare you point at me.

  6. I watched Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse yesterday, and I really loved it. Such a good movie, great writing, animation, soundtrack, style, and many other things. The only problem I had with the movie was that damn annoying Peter Porker character, and don't even get me started on that anime *****. That character was a damn mistake...

    1. 9redwoods
    2. YoshiHunter


      I personally enjoyed a bit of Peter Porker, since I'm a big fan of classic cartoons. But I definitely see where u are coming from. I do agree with the anime chick. I personally think she was added to please the weebs out there, but that's just me.

  7. Ninja Dino

    Mods I'm playing with rn

    Oh, the irony of this post. Y'know, technically, there's no rule against "spamming" the status update section. It's just that for some reason people have collectively decided that you shouldn't do it. Go ahead and post all the statuses you want, my fellow.
  8. I miss back when there were really good quality animations with compelling narratives coming from Mine-Imator users. It sucks that those aren't appearing as often as they used to anymore.

    1. BaconSandwich


      I'd like to try but I don't usually have the time or ability. If I could, I'd start a Pokemon series right now but I still have a lot of work to do on the set and planning the story and everything. I may do it over the summer, tho.

    2. Hagus


      I am making one will a intricate plot, but the animation itself is bad. Soooo I guess you take the good with the bad?

  9. It sucks that Mumkey Jone's channel was taken off YouTube. I really liked his content #JusticeForMumkey

    1. YoshiHunter


      It sucks so much, YT needs to be stopped

  10. Ninja Dino

    Minceraft Mythology

    It would be so cool if this thing was actually in Minecraft. Imagine just playing survival as you normally would and then this big MF comes out of the water.
  11. Backyard Monsters is a really fun game.

  12. Ninja Dino

    Able to see objects through other objects

    I like this idea, would be very useful in Mine-Imator.
  13. Number 5 is a great idea and can probably be added. I'm surprised I've never seen anyone else recommend it before, it can be very useful. Number 6 is a VERY GOOD idea, but I don't know if it's possible for something like that to be added in Mine-Imator.
  14. Ninja Dino


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