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  1. today's thanksgiving so you know what that means
    tomorrow's christmas

    1. CaptainClipy


      *Grunts in Canadian*

  2. Deck The Halls Collab

    That's not the deadline to finish, that's the deadline to join. Funnily enough I was just about to send the invites.
  3. Deck The Halls Collab

    Change of plans...The deadline to join will be Sunday, November the 26th. I'd rather not spend too much time trying to set up the part division while the number of members is still growing.
  4. Deck The Halls Collab

    Just as it says on the tin... Deck The Halls Collab A musical collaboration set to Mannheim Steamroller's cover of Deck The Halls. What's this all about then? The end goal of this collab is to create a lighthearted Christmas themed adventure in which a few randomly selected animators take Santa's place and deliver a bunch of presents to a bunch of random folks on Christmas Eve. Simple as that. How about them rules and guidelines? The length of each part may vary depending on the amount of animators. I'd like to target a maximum of 30 seconds per part though. No gore, blood, or nudity. (Why would you want those in something like this anyway?) Each part must be visually consistent with one another. If one character or piece of scenery appears in two different parts, share the same rigs, schematics and render settings. Animation styles are at each animator's discretion, however. Dialogue is to be kept to a minimum if any is to be implemented. Sound effects are allowed. The deadline for all animators is December 23rd. Okay, I guess I'll join...Wait, how do I join? Post a reply stating that you'd like to join, or send a private message over. From there you'll be given a link to the collab's Discord server. All the resources necessary for a consistent part will be shared there. The deadline to join is November 26th. Members: @HyperlibraYT @Twotorule @EmeraldEmperor @CaptainClipy @HeYoNia @Arczision™
  5. the new logo's shading and artstyle is too much of a contrast from the rest of the forum's design

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    2. ThatGuyBrian


      allow me to rephrase that
      the new logo's shading and artstyle is too much of a contrast from the rest of the forum's current minecraft-esque aesthetic.
      it's not bad, but the stone background doesn't have any macOS-esque cartoony shading and adjusted minimalist tetures, nor do the mobs, steve, grass, or sign on top.
      it just doesn't seem to fit in properly

    3. Voxy


      @ThatGuyBrian Fun fact, I actually reworked the background and banner to fit the new style better, but... @david wanted to keep those in to have it match... the website.

    4. ThatGuyBrian


      well that's a neat little tidbit
      hope a visual update to match the logo comes around soon

  6. buy one
    heck, buy two

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    2. CaptainCat017


      Why do i need to buy 2 packets of crisps. You know what, I'll just go ahead and buy 3.

    3. ThatGuyBrian


      you could stop at 5 or 6 packets of crisps or just

    4. SkythecreeperCS


      you could make a religion out of this


      (its a joke)

  7. [{FACIAL RIG}]

    not bad
  8. protect me (4k)

  9. She sleep

    she sleep, she peep, but most importantly she beep
  10. A thousand miles away(4k)

  11. Oven Rig

    burn baby burn
  12. Minecraft in a Nutshell (Mine-imator edition)

    the plot twist was oscar-worthy
  13. Short Thanksgiving animation

    well it's short, it's thanksgiving themed, and it's technically an animation y-you tried
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