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  1. sksksksks and i oop!

  2. due to engine limitations, i'm afraid exporting or importing files to or from any other program isn't possible. go use maya, blender, C4D, lightwave, or MAX if you wanna use .obj/.fbx files
  3. anyway, here's wonderwall

  4. as of 9/9/2k19, your boy now has a drivers license

  5. it's a shame you didn't put any professionals in the render, then they could be experts in the field
  6. she's gonna take you right into the danger zone
  7. have you ever seen a NASCAR fly?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Frost*
    3. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      Depends on which Nascars weโ€™re talking about.


      Toyota and chevy? Yes

      Ford? No

      Toyota Pace car? Still waitinโ€™..

    4. Hagus


      Plenty of times. Carl Edwards especially.

  8. possibly if not, you can always load in the textures as item sheets or reconstruct them via modelbench
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