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  1. Male Template

    buff boi template*
  2. what have i done

    1. EthanForeverAlone


      Actually it's called Hardy's 

    2. EnderSculptor



      Hardee's is mostly in the southern and midwestern US, and Carl's Jr. is mostly in the western and southwestern.

      They are both pretty much the same resteraunt, with a few differences here and there.

  3. The Freefall Collab!

    now i'm freee free faaaallin
  4. What is fad?

  5. 100% BR0K3N :(

    not sure about the m-i end of things, but i recommend you see a shrink, see a support group, or go to church when it comes to the psychological aspect
  6. I'm Not the One (4K)

    well it's a one for the money two for the show three to get ready now go go go well don't ya step on my blue suede shoes
  7. you were supposed to cut it out with the powersaw
  8. My newest topic

    i admire the stylistic consistency here
  9. i know cb is obsolete and no longer supported at this point but for some reason my files are getting corrupted, deleted, and i'm getting constant crashes. did nimi pull an apple here?

    1. MYSELF3200


      Funny, cause Nimi promised less crashes with the newer MI version, and with me animating guns for @EnderSculptor, it's crashed 6 times, as opposed to CB only crashing twice the whole time I've used it.

    2. Nimi


      The CB, 1.0.6, and earlier versions had a file corrupting issue which was fixed in 1.1.0.

  10. Teaser poster for new project

    the cannonball run (1981)
  11. Help

  12. Help

    beep boop i will dislike all of your posts, kill all humans, beep boop, exterminate
  13. Freakshow Human RoboCreep (Me)

    human freakshow robocop
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