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  1. ThatGuyBrian

    (NANI) mineimator Version

    omuh wuh my shin dee-roo
  2. ThatGuyBrian

    Revenge (Based on a old MC Parody Song)

    heads up, you hear a sound, turn around and look up total shock fills your body
  3. ThatGuyBrian


    you've gotta start somewhere
  4. ThatGuyBrian


    no you're right on time
  5. ThatGuyBrian


    then simply edit the rigs to make them posable
  6. ThatGuyBrian


    you tell me to smile, you stick around i'll make it worth your while, my numbers beyond what you can dial, maybe it's because we're so versatile style, profile - i say - it always brings me back when i hear ooo child, from the hudson river out to the nile, i run the marathon to the very last mile well if you battle me i feel reviled, people always saying my style is wild, you've got gall, you've got guile, step to me, i'm a rap-o-phile if you want a battle you're in denial, comin' from uranus to check my style, go ahead and put my rhymes on trial, cast you off into exile
  7. esta programa esta presentado por pepsi; enchalada con carne.
  8. ThatGuyBrian

    BPS Pug Model V1

    good lord what is happening in there
  9. ThatGuyBrian


    i'm 17 now thanks
  10. ThatGuyBrian


    a simple search query can yield many results
  11. ThatGuyBrian

    The Hole Teaser

    the characters need some wd-40
  12. ThatGuyBrian

    The Forum Wars Begins

    take a seat young skywalker
  13. ThatGuyBrian

    The Forum Wars Begins

    yeah but like where me
  14. ThatGuyBrian

    Astro's Character rig

    no clicks no pics
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