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  1. is it a salary deal, an hourly deal, or a per-scene deal? what are my stock options and how much are your dividends? (assuming you pay them to shareholders) also how much vacation time am i getting and when's my sabbatical
  2. aw yeah, this is happenin'

    1. YoshiHunter


      Ah, that classic Sonic Adventure quote XD.

  3. family guy is my favourite disney property

  4. item sheets, custom textures, modelbench, and planes anxiouscynic has a wonderfully simple tutorial on making, implementing, and utilizing custom item sheets
  5. houston, we have a bruh moment
  6. ThatGuyBrian

    Car rig

    neat blend of styles, but watch those stretched textures
  7. emission and glossy shaders when
  8. well aware, it's just that the object in the center (which just so happens to be a plain oak tree, hit by light and further brightened by the bloom) has a very different (and not quite complimentary) shade of green from the rest of the image, it makes the whole thing look really uncoordinated.
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