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  1. ThatGuyBrian

    EOT: Unused (Contains swearing and blood)

    rated m for maybe well done though, i like how expressive everybody is
  2. ThatGuyBrian

    Tips on animation?

    the head physics are a bit too delayed and/or exaggerated, try timing it more accurately with the torso/body movements and using fewer keyframes. the left arm could be smoothened out by turning the body a bit as your character reaches out. for the jump you've just gotta speed things up, an object with that amount of mass can't stay that high for very long under earth's gravity.
  3. ThatGuyBrian

    Energy Sword Sunday

    Square up lads, it's Energy Sword Sunday™. Made in Mine-Imator 1.2.0, Pre-2, kudos to @SoundsDotZip for the advanced human model.
  4. ThatGuyBrian

    Harmonica Rig

    y'know how when you spawn a block, it's perfectly square? the pixels of the cube's texture are also perfectly square. when you scale a block in any direction, that tends to stretch the textures, making them not perfectly square. pretty cool harmonica rig, though i don't like the stretched iron blocks used for it
  5. ThatGuyBrian

    100 reputation points!

    all of the above
  6. ThatGuyBrian

    Road pack V1

    man this'll go perfectly with the dodge charger rig
  7. almost heaven, west virginia
    blue ridge mountain, shenandoah river
    life is old here, older than the trees
    taller than the mountains, floatin' like a breeze
    country roooooads, take me hoooooome, to the plaaaaaaace, i beloooooooong
    west virginia
    mountain mama
    take me home
    country roads

  8. ThatGuyBrian

    Dodge Charger Rig ( pre-release )

    ohoho let's go baby
  9. ThatGuyBrian

    Bize Katıl

    yeah i'll have the enchalada con kay-so senoray
  10. ThatGuyBrian

    math homework problem

    forgive bad london, i am russi
  11. ThatGuyBrian

    Your Worst Nightmare 4K

    this isn't my worst nightmare my worst nightmare is living in an alternate reality where the earth is bound to become uninhabitable within the next 5 years and we have to evacuate the planet so the governments of the world decide to throw most of their money towards space travel and the rest to people who decide to volunteer early and then like there's this massive lounge in orlando for the early volunteers with this arcade and bar and casino and like 5 star luxury hotel for the people to stay at and it's right next door to the launch pads for the evacuation ships and like i volunteer and my parents are my plus ones and we like scope out the lounge and we find nothing but arcade games with naked anime on them sponsored by mountain dew and then i begin to get sensory overload while i get ridiculed and teased for my horrible, unsavory habits and i finally collapse as i die a slow and painful death, hearing them ramble on as though i'm still alive and standing
  12. ThatGuyBrian

    Our real faces?

    thank you, you described me perfectly
  13. ThatGuyBrian


    right click the image, click the button that says "open in new tab", copy the link from the new tab, and paste it in. well done though, i love the atmosphere of it all
  14. ThatGuyBrian

    Wizard XD

    listen here hagrid, i'm not a friggin' wizard, we've been through this a dozen times
  15. ThatGuyBrian

    "Out of reach"

    With the advent of SoundDotZip's Advanced Character Model, I felt it necessary to give my main character rig an update and take it out for a spin. Let me know what you think! Edited: Unedited: Made with Mine-Imator 1.2.0 - Pre-release 1 and edited with HitFilm Pro 2018.
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