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  1. Sup Bros! This is my first adventure animating a full length Non-fad thing. Now imma be honest, I don't think it's the greatest animation in the world but it's something. Be as honest as you want homies : )
  2. Bro like if its done u should like give us the link home
  3. ok bros. Its been a while

    1. Just Philip

      Just Philip

      Well Well Well. If it isn't Doctorks. How's it going?

    2. Frost


      Damn, it's Doctorks?

  4. Long time no see

    1. -StickyMations-


      Hello who are you 

    2. Just Philip

      Just Philip

      oh my god its you

    3. Doctorks
  5. People who made the other rigs are in the description. Song is El Paso by Marty Robbins
  6. the download isn't working for me :/
  7. The ad.fly link isn't working my man
  8. Doctorks

    Fad 1-4 Maps

    https://imgur.com/a/Tie272J fad 3 texture update
  9. Doctorks

    Fad 1-4 Maps

    BEFORE YOU DOWNVOTE please look at pictures first, Then downvote if you wish. Also please credit me. I can't track you down but I would appreciate it I made all 4 maps from Fad. I was going do the new shit but I really don't want to (click on Fad 1-4 maps to download) Fad 1-4 Maps https://imgur.com/OjVJVDa Fad 3 https://imgur.com/MDq0zbX Fad 4 https://imgur.com/Sq2ArjR Fad 1 https://imgur.com/XHTFmBe Fad 2 Credits Fad 4 texture - Cortave Fad 3/2 Texture - DaHooplerzMan Grandfather Clock Rig - mbanders Desk Fan - Allemn Arcade Machine by BloxTheRigger Rig by Mr. Darl (If I missed anything please tell me I will add it) Enjoy!!!!
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