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  1. Can you make this look like that
  2. WOW Where did you get the skin so smooth and the eyes so well Rigged I need those for my animation lol
  3. I don't know how to fix this I am trying to import a rig and it says its made in a newer version
  4. Yes I am (People Thought I was Dead?) I was just banned for a while for creating 2 accounts (I didn't read that was a bad thing)
  5. ForgedAxe


    Hello it has been awhile since ive done mine imator and I don't remember how to get music from soundcloud to my mine imator project.. Also I am working on a project any body got a village and a forest scenery (Both Separated) That would be great Thank you!
  6. My rigs are not uploading into mineimator there are a few zips and many objects any solutions
  7. Amazing How do you do those amazing shows I know I suck and all at animating but I was wondering if we could do a collab episode
  8. My mineimator interface is really small anybody having the same issue? if so did you fix it?
  9. How do I change a Rar file to Object File this I the thing I want to download https://www.mediafire.com/file/klkoo2fd07d5ia7/Projects.rar/file
  10. I did multiple time I have a notes pad
  11. I am using my own email
  12. BRUH I did and before I responded to you it logged me out again
  13. ForgedAxe

    Loging out

    My forums account keeps on signing out and says that my password is incorrect the only way to get back into my account is "Forgot your password?" button. Please help @Nimi @david @Hozq -----
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