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  1. My rigs are not uploading into mineimator there are a few zips and many objects any solutions
  2. Amazing How do you do those amazing shows I know I suck and all at animating but I was wondering if we could do a collab episode
  3. My mineimator interface is really small anybody having the same issue? if so did you fix it?
  4. How do I change a Rar file to Object File this I the thing I want to download https://www.mediafire.com/file/klkoo2fd07d5ia7/Projects.rar/file
  5. I did multiple time I have a notes pad
  6. I am using my own email
  7. BRUH I did and before I responded to you it logged me out again
  8. ForgedAxe

    Loging out

    My forums account keeps on signing out and says that my password is incorrect the only way to get back into my account is "Forgot your password?" button. Please help @Nimi @david @Hozq -----
  9. I just got the program so maybe how do I check
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