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  1. lol i wasn't talking to that tho i was referring to the 4/20 thingy XD
  2. wow nice Hope you get unstuck of the 40-50 subs dilema LOL Also why do I have 69 subs?
  3. This is so smooth that I think you passed from other software to mine imator WOW An actually nice and decently smooth walk cycle you rock!
  4. Wait it would be a great Idea if someone created a collab out of the full minecraft series Lol I hope there's a Joergen song WAit there is!
  5. so I decided to make an Iron man rig that's non blocky and then got the idea to rig this suit from the 2009-2011 series Iron man Armored Adventures! I don't know if it looks good since I was just trying to make this for fun I've done all the body exept the helmet since I really don't know how to make one I could need a little help on how to bend the torso since it's just solid and some advice on how to make it less uglier, Thx
  6. I think it's a skin if you look closely tho Wait you could ask for the skin
  7. erh you got me Anyways nice render!
  8. Hey the episode is actually pretty nice and decent! Even tho It is kinda confusing at the beginning with
  9. I was annoyed by the 3 day wait, so I was like, Why post something that still hasn't been released? Also removed the downvote and Im gonna see it tho. (Jake's right the hype didn't work for me =/) EDIT: Well I'll wait for It to premiere and after I see It i'll remove the thingy
  10. Uh oH! wait the animation is too good for this test! 9/10
  11. Oh it's because it's too cringy (JK Those are the bag holders and the glass cleaners and also I had the background in night)
  12. Oh no, what abomination did I just create? Any criticism helps tho WARNING: This video was animated horribly on purpuse! Watching It may result in brain cell damage! Enjoy! (or not lol) The video is mostly about a sneak peak on the previous v3.1 bus rig I made...
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