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  1. I tried to play the animation with WMP (Media Player) and The other app for win 10. I really don't know... I have some bad graphics with an Intel Core i5 7200u
  2. Sorry guys if this forum is about Errors and glitches but i had something really wrong when one of my animations rendered... I made a 1 min animation and gave it this settings for MI to render: 60fps 4k Cinematic thingy Best quality. When the rendering finishes, the mp4 file is now on my desktop (I think yay new animation video) BUT! when i open the mp4, It stays like 5 seconds to load and ONLY the sound plays... Anyone knows why this happened? PS: Waited 2 complete hours for the render to finish for nothing...
  3. Impressive! Wait those are polygons from MI. EVEN MOAR AWESOME!
  4. I'm sad CaZaKoJa leaves YT. Anyways, R E A L I T Y is the best mine imator animated series i have ever watched. I like everything. CaZaKoJa will still be on the forums? Right? ?
  5. congrats, you don't have a negative reputation anymore!

    Now you can truly take a fresh new start ?

    1. TheJeweledWolf


      I agree, congrats!

  6. Why are you getting so many downvotes jeez..

    I’m gonna remove my downvotes to help you out of debt


    Edit: from -7 rep to 0 rep, wow I’m magical


  7. Just found out you can make the bus look less fat. You need to squeeze the scale of the X-axis max to 0.83 The right back wheels will not follow the scale, but they can adjust Edit: adjust the x-axis scale on the first folder aka ROSMO MIRAGE 2.0
  8. Amazing! I've been looking for city maps around a lot of websites (PMC...) Finally i found a decent road pack! And yes i'm a fan of cars, buses... About the road pack, do I need to credit you @Ghatos? I'll love to use this with my bus rig :D
  9. Hi there. I am sir mistick the yopstick. just wanted to create this topic to ask on how to make polygons without Mine imator. Forwarding to the ideas @DuallyElemental gave me. I really need help on item sheets and stuff ?
  10. I really don't know what's going on.

    I see people downvoting my previous posts when i was a totally stupid person. What's wrong?

    I just want to join the forums again and i get this kind of "wave" of downvotes...

    Edit: 3 Downvotes? Really Mineshaft?

    1. Ghatos


      Here's an upvote to help you getting a positive reputation :) 

    2. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      I'm just viewing stuff on the forums, most of your crap really bothered me and annoyed me so I joined the others in the downvotes.

    3. Sir Mistick The Yopstick

      Sir Mistick The Yopstick

      Look. The past is the past. I just wanted a fresh new start on the forums, trying to be a better person, and you come litteraly just downvoting my previous stupid posts?

      Yeah i know i was posting crap but i'm sorry about that.

      Anyways, why can't I get a fresh start? why a "downvote wave" ???

      I thought when i re-joined the forums this would happen.

      Thanks hagus for helping...

  11. the rig seems ok. I like the fox tail Edit #5318: can't put the word fo xy together cuz it'll form Francisco Pizzaro
  12. Maybe because they were 3 triggered people who got the challenge broken? Welp no more 24 hours with no post
  13. Nice about the quality that the tablet gives... wow 100+ bux. What do you think about a Huion 680s black 8 x 6 inch? (is there any way to talk in pm's?)
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