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  1. Can someone just lock this please? This thread is going out of hand... (42 Responses what the hell?)
  2. amazing! this legit scared me at the end where theres a jumpscare
  3. I've been testing out my animation skills and after 5 hours of intense thinking, adding transitions, i figured out how to make a smooth animation! (kinda) Tell me what you think!
  4. i love how the cape moves its so smooth...
  5. you should've probably posted this in Modelbench Issues And Bugs tbh... No idea on how to fix this sorry
  6. If you saw the previous post i made about a walk cycle, i bring to you, The Annoying villagers run cycle re-animated on mine imator! i recommend you to speed up the video! Below the run cycle video you'll be able to see the walk cycle i made since i thought it would be nice to merge these beauties! These two animations are literally the best i have to offer! They use linear transitions! (Yeah linear can be a really good transition if you use it well, unlike monster school animators COUGH COUGH) Edit: Run Cycle Glitched at the end sorry for that
  7. linear can be a really good transition if you know how to use it. And i figured it out using it on this. I tried changing transitions for the body parts, but comparing the recreated work with the original (it was made on blender) the animation looks off so on this one attempt i was aiming to re-animate the walk cycle seen on annoying villagers. Ah and one thing to add, the steve had ankles and wrists but the project got corrupted in the end and the textures also got corrupted and i managed to only fix the textures.
  8. lighting is pretty decent! i love it
  9. I tried recreating the walk cycle seen on annoying villagers, and i liked how it turned out! I'll post a download link soon if some of you guys want it! Pls Forgive me for not having proper scenery lol the original animation had some scenery but i hid it since the grass would block the leg movements on steve
  10. Anyone knows how to add ankles and wrists to a character?
    I've searched all over the forums and up until now i've found nothing.

    1. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      you can use modelbench. if you're lazy, you can use preexisting models with wrists and ankles.

  11. Thanks! If you want the sword just tell me and ill give you a download link to it.
  12. First off i'm taking the risk to post this wallpaper because some people tell me its not good enough... and i fear my rep will go down since i have kind off been going up and would like it to stay like it is. I've put my best in it, and i hope you enjoy it! Without any more further ado, here's the wallpaper! CC along with any advice would be useful, thanks!
  13. K here it goes... Tell me what you think! Also, I completed the test shown above and managed to improve it a bit, so its on the spoiler down below
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