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  1. Made a simple Hytale render. Took me awhile to do. Hope you guys Enjoy haha
  2. I made this render based on how I felt. Idrk how I felt at the time, just something with hearts haha fad isn't very popular here, but I really enjoy this simplistic render so I thought I'd share it. Enjoy!!
  3. New Hytale render. I finally finished the Crawler models. This took me hours. Enjoy this simplistic Render!! Models and textures by Me Map textures by Powerbyte
  4. Here's a new Hytale render! I'll be doing more of these considering making the models are REALLY fun to do. Especially rendering them!! Enjoy This render! Models by Me Textures by Me and Pixxelheart Map Textures by Powerbyte [Sorry for it looking not that good, lagging like ass cuz bad laptop lul]
  5. Cheers man!! Imma be honest man, my laptop is too weak to render most things in 4k, and this is one of them lol. But thanks for the tip, I'll keep that in mind!!
  6. Enjoy this Hytale render I made!! Zombie Textures by PixxelHeart Map textures by Powerbyte Models by Me.
  7. Simple Springtrap render!! Model by Molten Pixel Design by Trainguy, hope you enjoy!!
  8. Thought I'd post my pfp. This was the first render I ever created with this guy. Enjoy!!
  9. The Teaser Trailer is on my Channel. Go check it out If you'd like.
  10. I'll see what i can do, though it's rendered in 720p, cinematic. The reason it's slightly pixelated is because of Camera effects.
  11. These three guys are other broken down test subjects. This render doesn't relate to the movie, just having a little fun.
  12. I already made an edited version of this with a shadow, didn't post the right one. The rain isn't pixelated, It's just the camera effects that portay it that way. Also it isn't low effort, because MI crashed when I was done and I had to restart everything and I put 100% into it.
  13. 'A HERO HAS RISEN.....' Here is a render I made for my upcoming Movie!! If you'd like to see the Teaser Trailer, go visit my channel, it's on my Channel. Enjoy!!
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