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      The Mangan... Co--bolt... Creeper

  2. Thank you! And I see what you mean, I'll fix it up soon and make another render with it
  3. Here's two BATIM models I made
  4. No not at all. The Guardian is from a video game called The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I just made my own version of the Guardian in the game, I didnt remake Supah's. Ours are completely different.
  5. I've been working on a guardian rig the past few days and decided to show it off in it's full glory
  6. Me too, and I am reading them and thinking about how I want to reply and even if I don't reply I have ready them and I do agree they have good points that I agree with but I have already said mine to you and they are probably gonna get notifications about it so hopefully they read what I said to you cuz I don't feel like saying it all again because I've said this kind of thing way too many times before in Discord chats.
  7. Here's some examples from the MI Discord, you can just search "ew fad" and find all of it and more. The "ew fad" is said so much with other rude and horrible comments and it's just quite annoying and really upsets me seeing people treat each other like this. These kind of people are what this whole post was referring to.
  8. I understand people not liking fad because of it blowing up so much a few years ago and the endless retextures and crappy rigs. I was mostly writing this for the people who just saw "ew fad" just because it's F.N.a.F. or any other fandom even when it's actually good looking and took a lot of time and effort put into it. I mean like me personally, I make some original rigs and models I made from scratch and they're all canon animatronics or some from very popular and loved F.N.a.F. fan games. I have no problem with people disliking F.N.a.F. but to constantly call people's work trash because it's about a certain fandom or has a certain theme instead of telling them ways they could improve and make their work better isn't right. People like what they're gonna like, you shouldn't make them feel like crap about it. Like I said the entire speech was really towards just people who criticize you for liking anything they don't like, not towards the people who just don't like it. And you can still be nice about telling people they should try to do something different instead of saying "ew". I'm not saying you say that, I'm referring to other people I see doing it all the time. And oh sorry about the text, it's my first major post on here and I thought the big text would be easier to read? I made it smaller.
  9. The Way Some People Judge Content And Why It's Kinda Stupid I've been using Mineimator for about a year now, and I feel like I've grown so much in my abilities as a rigger, an animator, a map builder, and just a content creator as a whole. I used to be really bad and made some really crappy animations like you'd see any other new person make. And I've made some really broken rigs and models that didn't look very good or work properly when I first started out. But now almost everything I make looks absolutely amazing and I'm so confident in my skills I would even consider myself a professional MI user. But like I said I wasn't always good, I started out making F.N.a.F. rigs which everyone reading this knows is hated by some of the community. I personally got hate by a few people on the official Mineimator Discord just because it was F.N.a.F. which totally put me down and made me really upset as any new content creator would feel. It makes you feel like you'll never get good, and you'll never be able to achieve that goal you just set out for yourself because you think you're not good enough and never will be. I feel like just the way people treat others just because of something they like or have an interest in is more "trashy" or "cancerous" than what those kinds of people are saying the content creator's work is. It's honestly really just childish and immature and I hate seeing it which is partially why I'm writing up this little rant/speech you're reading right now. My question to those people is, why? Why waste your time typing out messages just to feel like you're stronger or better than somebody else and just to push them down when you could be trying to make a good reputation among this community and others. Do you really just want to be seen as that guy who just says "ew fad" all the time? Why not try to help people, instead of just telling them their content is bad tell them what they could improve on. How do you expect to live a good happy life and have people treat you right if you don't do the same others? What about a future job you want? Who would want to hire somebody who used to or still trash talks people on the internet and harasses them about things they like just because they don't like it? Now onto the present, how I've come this far and how I'm recognized by this community and others. Even though I got put down by some people, I also found others who treated me and my creations like people should treat one another. I got noticed for my effort and even though my content was still kinda "eh" at the time a lot of people encouraged me and pushed me to keep working on what I was doing. Instead of saying "ew fad" after every F.N.a.F. post I made, people actually looked at my content, thought about what I had created, and told me how I could improve. And after that it's been like that ever since for me, yes I still got hate but it was only from a few selective individuals and every now and again somebody new who was just trying to *fit in* thinking that's the norm just because they see one person say the same thing over and over again about somebody's post. But I realized those people don't matter, why listen to somebody who has nothing good to say but the same two words every time you make something. People love my content, even a lot of people who hate fad or just don't have any interest in it tell me my work looks good. I'm seen as a good quality content creator by the majority of the communities I'm a part of. What really sucks and honestly upset the most is that I see a lot of other people making new and original content but sometimes they get hated just because it's about or related to a certain thing which is really messed up if you ask me. I understand if you dislike a rig just because it's a retexture, or an animation because it's actually crappy, but you shouldn't just call it trash. You should talk to them about their work and give them some points to improve on, for example if the rig is just a retexture of another rig, tell them they should try to make something themselves. If one of the legs seems to be having a seizure in a walk cycle, tell them how they could fix it. Nobody starts off perfect, and everybody likes their own things. I don't care if they are part of a fandom that made cringy content or was over saturated or even has porn of it, I don't care if you're into a movie about aliens fighting rocks riding dinosaurs, I don't care what kind of music you dance in your seat to while you're alone driving home from work, I don't even care if you dress up like an animal and go hang out with other people who dress up like that. I'm not going to judge you for what you like or what you're into or whatever something you do is about. I'm gonna talk to you and treat you like you're a human being and that's all I'm gonna do cuz that's how you should treat somebody. If you want to crap on something somebody likes just because you don't like it, you're just acting stupid and immature and you're making a bad name for yourself and probably setting your life up for disaster. I know this rant/speech probably isn't going to change the way some people act. But I hope I at least inspired some content creators to keep doing what they're doing because some people are gonna hate what it is no matter what you do. But who knows, maybe somebody immature will read this and actually decide to grow up a bit. Anyway if you read all the way to the bottom thanks for reading and sticking to this long mess of words, I really appreciate it. -Cobalt Creeper Edit: Please read some of the comments below that I and others have made as well because they do bring up some valid points.
  10. I know why fad is disliked, I just simply do not care. I make good, original, quality content and I shouldn't be criticized for what I do just because it's fad, instead my work should be judged for the actual quality of it as a render, wallpaper, rig, animation or whatever I make. And if people want to hate it because it's fad, that's fine by me. It's not my fault most of the MI community lacks a sense of maturity and I just simply ignore those who want to act like senseless children.
  11. I made a Toy Bonny poster as a teaser for an upcoming project of mine. The forums autocorrects "B-o-n-n-i-e" to Clyde incase youre wondering why I spelled it the way I did.
  12. The F.N.a.F. Crew - Rigs, models, and map made by me.
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