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  1. Cobalt's Skeleton Rig!

  2. Cobalt's Skeleton Rig!

    Can't tell, sorry
  3. My Funtime Freddo and Fozy Animatronics

    sure add me @Cobalt_Creeper#1986
  4. My Funtime Freddo and Fozy Animatronics

    Sorry it's private for now like all of my rigs.
  5. My Funtime Freddo and Fozy Animatronics. I had to spell the names like this because they get changed if I spell em the right way.
  6. Springtrap, Bon, and Nightmare Bon

    Maybe sometime in the future. RN I kinda stopped doing rigs and animations for a while.
  7. Cobalt's Skeleton Rig!

    Happy Halloween!! Here's my first public rig, tell me whatcha guys think and please give credit if you use it, that would really help me out a lot. Here's the download link! http://www.mediafire.com/file/hpkyye1q7dc6u7d/The_Cobalt_Creeper's_Skeleton_Rig.zip
  8. Alone in the Night - Minecraft Wallpaper

    I did, I changed the title.
  9. Springtrap, Bon, and Nightmare Bon

    F.N.a.F.? Yea just scroll through two pages of the forums you'll see a few post.
  10. I made a skeleton rig and decided to make a nice render and do some editing in Adobe Photoshop cuz to make a cool wallpaper.
  11. Cobalt's Angel

    I mean animation programs, I can run a lot of things just not things like C4D or Blender. I mean I can run them but it takes an extremely long time to render
  12. Springtrap, Bon, and Nightmare Bon

    What do you mean?
  13. Cobalt's Angel

    Thank you! Yea, I can't run any other programs. :>
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