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  1. Owh.. But I Still Make That Flat Body By Myself On Modelbench I Didn't Copy Someone
  2. Wait Wut? I Make It By MySelf Look At The Textures
  3. Yeah I Still Bored And Don't Know What To Do... Features: + Controlled Hand And Fingers+ Controlled Boots And Foot + Rotated Mouth + Controlled Eyelids + Bendable Ears DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire.com/file/rx686w5t9za9rr5/Boris Minecraft.zip
  4. Ok. So... The Reason I Made This Because Im Bored Features: + Controlled Hand And Fingers + Controlled Boots + 2D Mouth (Using Visible/Invisible To Change It) + Controlled Eyelids DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire.com/file/jv6e0kbfzqx27bp/Bendy+Minecraft.zip Credits: Mouth Inspirated By: Supah.Exe
  5. Haha Cool Just Like Mine
  6. Hello I Have A Problem With ModelBench I Just Making A 3D Character. But After I Bend The Hand,Body And The Leg This Is Happend Can Anyone Explain/Know How To Fix It? Thanks, SkinC
  7. Hm... The Highlight On The Skin Is Look Familiar For Me... Hmmmm
  8. Skincraftxza can u make a tutorial on how to edit ur render settings like blender in mine-imator? PLS make it I will really really love it thanks!

    1. Ethaniel


      Or you could edit your render settings so they look nice and are original. 

    2. Skincraftxza


      :v You Send That Message Here Thoo? Weird...

    3. Luckyleri


      skincraftxza lol but will u make it?

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