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  1. wait i forgot to give you my skin sORRy here it is:
  2. do you like cheese or almonds better?
  3. Yeah, I animate for their series Songs of War.
  4. Coming from a Songs of War animator, I can say "lazy" is the last thing that describes them. There's a ton of time and effort that goes into every single shot. The lighting, special effects, materials, everything is thoroughly done. Especially with SoW the stories are incredibly thought out (after all, the first year or so of production was solely dedicated to writing). The animation style itself is that particular way for a reason too. Since now there are 11 animators working on the series, there needs to be consistency, so that scenes won't clash in style. Arbiter's very specific on what he wants too, whenever I'll send him a scene back he'll always notice small details in it that I would never have thought to check. He has a vision for what he wants it to be. Or even when the other animators share progress updates, he has a keen eye for the finer elements. If you still don't personally like BPS, that's fine, I'm not here to change your mind about that. But it's just a fact that none of their work is anywhere near "lazy" or "rushed".
  5. img%5D

    1. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      *I'm sorry but that really did hurt my wrist and arm irl...*

    2. Bronze


      body made of:100% slime

  6. A little bit of animation I did before I realized the collab was full already.
  7. Thanks for everything my dude, and best of luck on your future projects!
  8. oh hey lol, its been forever since ive been on the mineimator forums
  9. could you make me have a really edgy, angry expression, occasionally blinking or looking around? thanc
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