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  1. Red

    happy pride month

  2. Red

    Carry on the story {Game}

  3. Red

    Carry on the story {Game}

  4. Red

    Carry on the story {Game}

  5. Red

    Carry on the story {Game}

  6. Red

    Emailing Skin Question

    you can also tell who subscribed by going to
  7. Red

    Mine Imator Intro Template

    It's good start.
  8. Red

    The Way Some People Judge Content

    I agree, you'll really only get negative feedback. If no one says anything that means you did good. What's weird is that I've only seen it like this in the MI community. Ever since moving to Blender and joining other communities, I've seen everyone giving actual constructive criticism as well as pointing out the well done aspects of it. The MI community is for sure an overly toxic place (in fact I'm quite sure someone will find a way to get triggered at this reply). Fun fact: While using MI and posting creations to the forums or the discord, I've never gotten a single compliment.
  9. Red

    Carry on the story {Game}

  10. Red

    Carry on the story {Game}

  11. Red

    Concept for Animated Short

    sounds pretty good. i approve
  12. Red

    RUNNERS - Action animation

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