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  1. Title says it all ig so yeah, please help me here PS: i want the Koro-Sensei rig to have smooth bends, thank you!
  2. I have been Revived!

    1. SheaShea0524


      now lets try this again xD

  3. The GMan from Half Life Alyx (that specific iteration of him)
  4. What happened to your rep? I had negative rep for a while but not this bad.

  5. ew



  6. i can't, i'm on linux and i can't figure it out
  7. i'm on linux, Video editors here are hard... so yeah
  8. yeah yeah... you hate me for fad, WELL HERE IS DDLC!
  9. k, doin' bettah den meh
  10. great job Soup, lots of fun makin' it with you!
  11. I have 6 parts left in a Bendy And The Ink Machine collab i made, you can use any animating program.

    PS: You need Discord.

  12. R.I.P your Community Reputation.

    Hold on ima make some ded people really quick ok

  13. but this has only happened to me in the new Prerelease
  14. lets do something, compare, see how much better i've gotten
    Video 1 (old) : 

    Video 2 (new): 


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