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  1. Hello, My Name is Shea Phillips, i am 13 years old and i plan on restarting my entire account here, but im keeping the account itself, so yeah, bad rep still.
  2. do i require discord? if i dont then choose a random part with lyrics for me, cuz i cant choose, thanks!
  3. Title says it all ig so yeah, please help me here PS: i want the Koro-Sensei rig to have smooth bends, thank you!
  4. I have been Revived!

    1. SheaShea0524


      now lets try this again xD

  5. The GMan from Half Life Alyx (that specific iteration of him)
  6. What happened to your rep? I had negative rep for a while but not this bad.

  7. ew



  8. k, doin' bettah den meh
  9. great job Soup, lots of fun makin' it with you!
  10. I have 6 parts left in a Bendy And The Ink Machine collab i made, you can use any animating program.

    PS: You need Discord.

  11. R.I.P your Community Reputation.

    Hold on ima make some ded people really quick ok

  12. but this has only happened to me in the new Prerelease
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