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  1. These aren't that bad models, what did you base them off of?
  2. GREETINGS ASHLEY! Things are getting very interesting, can't wait to see how these will change the course of Mine-Imator and Modelbench as Two whole Animation Softwares. (I know Modelbench is for making Modeled creations, but considering the potential people place in modeling, it makes Mine-Imator more than something simple than what it was supposed to be from the start)
  3. Does this still function with the latest MI?
  4. I have a good feeling that this version of Mine Imator will be good
  5. Too be Honest with you guys, maybe you should also add some easier features for those who want The sharp bending and what not, plus the new body bending is kinda off, maybe you can make it optional to make it pinch, round, or sharp, just suggesting
  6. Well this was posted on April 1st aka April Fools Day/ Easter
  7. This is a cool rig of the older version of Batman NightTrap, Great Rigging skills
  8. John my boy, you again out done yourself with great rigging
  9. Cobalt you really are the greatest rigger when it comes to fad rigs like this, Keep up the good work bro
  10. Thats some badass versions of yourself
  11. My guy I feel like you are very depressed in life, since you always say rude and hurtful things about yothers work in these forums, So ask yourself this "Why Do I say stuff like that?", Just a suggestion And Red My Guy, Your work is so Badass, it even looks like Blender
  12. It came with the download, plus he made the rig and gave a download
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