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  1. The Classic F.N.a.F. Crew! [Rig Showcase]

    Cobalt you really are the greatest rigger when it comes to fad rigs like this, Keep up the good work bro
  2. *Final Release* Player Folders Template (Better movements)

    When will the download be put up?
  3. The Faces Of Red

    Thats some badass versions of yourself
  4. Render Requests 1#

    My guy I feel like you are very depressed in life, since you always say rude and hurtful things about yothers work in these forums, So ask yourself this "Why Do I say stuff like that?", Just a suggestion And Red My Guy, Your work is so Badass, it even looks like Blender
  5. Hanging Out with My Favorite YouTubers

    It came with the download, plus he made the rig and gave a download
  6. Hanging Out with My Favorite YouTubers

    Jeez jerk much, that was completely rude.
  7. I made this since all Animators, Gamers, etc always get tired and want to relax, Here is a picture to show how Gamers are when they are taking a break AKA "Hanging Out" Youtubers: AntPlayz:(Me) Pixel:(PixelFrosty Productions) Supah:(Supah.exe) Wille:(WilleFilmz) Yellowz:(Yellowz//Anaqi) Roby:(CoolRobyGamer1)
  8. Bendy and The Ink Machine!!!!

    Thats because... 1. I made alice angel and sammy 2. The Sammy Lawrence there is me, i just made my skin black and white
  9. Bendy and The Ink Machine!!!!

    Two of these rigs aren't even made by me.
  10. Bendy and The Ink Machine!!!!

    What rig dude?, and what would you do with that rig?
  11. H A R D D R I V E

    Ya but the original kept glitching for my view
  12. H A R D D R I V E

    (Sorry that I reset this, the previous kinda messy with all the replies I did sorry guys...) (I enjoyed EnchantedMob's Mettaton from his music video "HARDDRIVE", He made in blender but Supah.exe re-made it so it can be in Mine-imator, sadly its a private rig, however I made my own version of Mettaton which is based of both EnchantedMob and Supah.exe) AntTheGamer(Me) EnchantedMobs Supah.exe
  13. Undertale-Undyne the Undying

    Hey Mister Supah.exe, I know you don't look at this rig much but I want to credit your rig in my Image
  14. Mettaton | Mettaton EX v2 [1.0.6+]

    Hello Mister iGreen, your Mettaton rig was perfect for an Image made and credit goes to you
  15. Papyrus Rig [Undertale]

    Mr. IAmOnlyMasada, your Papyrus rig is perfect for an Image I made. Hope you like it
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