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  1. Do I need to have an Graphic Card that has raytracing to use reflections?
  2. So, I made this accont 1 year ago (almost 2) and I really thought that was a good name, but as you may see it isn't. So I wanted to change it to a different name. But how do I do that?
  3. ok ill try to improve my rigs more
  4. This is the second rig pack I made and I hope yall enjoyed it (it has some pretty old rigs lol). (Press Here To Download) Showcase video:
  5. I need help pls. if soem one can tell me how I can chnge my name because it's suposed to be this: But for somereason, it did'nt changed my name. It its keeping with the old name. Look: If some one knows whats happenning pls tell me.
  6. Just a quick render, for testing my Clown Rig. Hope ya liked it.
  7. I did a toy template in MB: https://www.mediafire.com/file/aebzpvg1hmfdty3/Sammy%27s_Toy_V.1_Templet.zip/file Vid: I hope u liked it
  8. pog pog, u did a great job. the only things that are needed are: more lighting and a backgrond. and when i have nothing to do im going to update these models cuz the fingers are pretty ugly and hands offset is broken, but the only problem is: im lazzy ._.
  9. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/pohanmu1sihjjc5/Sammy%27s_Normal_Jaw_Template_V.2_FIXED.zip/file Vid: And funny pic Contact me if there are any bugs.
  10. Base of the texture by BlueNotFound404 and Scotty_NMS, bonnie animation mine imator (he dont have twitter account: bonnie animation mine imator) helped me with the model and MercuryMercM and JayHnt gave me some tips for MB. thx everyone who helped. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/p4olha94fxtsyew/Normal_Jaw_Template_by_SammyAnimations.zip/file When downloaded read the "read this.txt". Thx for the attention.
  11. I was young and dumb : / .But now I know the poor reality
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