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  1. Modelbench Q&A

    will ModelBench support .OBJ files, so you can export it through blender?
  2. You aren't the bacon person, you are just a dirty imposter.

    1. ThatGuyBrian


      sonic adventure 2 (2001)

  3. I dont know if i should leave the forums or not, really i dont think people would care. should i stay?


    1. Dannyboi


      At this point leaving is a relief.

  4. Ask Twotorule Anything

  5. oh gosh, i just released how cringy i used to be.. not like i am already

    1. SteampunkSkeleton


      I think we were all there at one point :)

  6. Gabe the dog ¡DICE! remix

  7. Sometimes I question the internet...

  8. Ah, the forums,l

  9. Some Low Polly Wallpaper

    That's pretty good
  10. That Russian Dance Thing

    I need to go to russia
  11. Im trying out blender a bit

  12. Why can't i post topics?

    1. Husky Gurl

      Husky Gurl

      Well, kinda a while ago, they removed that button next to your profile thingy. You can still post topics though.

      Only 2 simple steps



      chose the topic you want



      And then you will see this "magic" button


    2. BaconGhast



  13. Surprisingly i got fan fan art

  14. Rig Request

    Well, its not that hard to make rigs.. there's face rigs everywhere now, im sure you can find a rig and grab there fingers from it, 3D clothing isnt hard either just make a few sheets and there. and also, there was no way of him being a smartass
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