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  1. good but the flares are too much. also the lighting isn't great on the Character
  2. I'm Very excited for a more Polished (More bendy) Version of Modelbench!
  3. This is pretty Lit ngl. I was gonna do this but made a Stranger Things wallpaper instead lol you did better than i would've done probably
  4. Hi guys! this is my first wallpaper in over a year and so I wanted it to be great! I Modeled and Texture Every asset in this whole project (except for the scene and the Character model) Since Season 3 of Stranger Things is right around the corner, I decided I wanted to make the theme be Stranger Things. I spent around 9 hours on this Project so I really hope you enjoy it! Final Render 4K (edited) Final Render 4K (un-edited) Gotta give a big thanks to @SKIBBZ Who helped me with the Sky Lighting because trust me, it sucked before lmao And also thanks to @DarkDragonProductions for Helping me with Adobe Photoshop because idk how to use it (I only use Paint.net)
  5. I always start projects like this and end up kinda giving up cause i end up not liking it anymore.. It's always nice to see stuff like this out there though. GG
  6. there is more going on if you look at the edges of stuff and also blur
  7. I'll use the cheeks either way lol
  8. You're* (pls don't kill :P) Looks really good! Background kind of bland.
  9. I just meant the glow is too much haha i really like the idea though.. it has inspired me to make my own
  10. i have also had the problem before but is hard to recreate.
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