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    monsters are people. Not mindless mobs.
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  1. floyg1v8p97fnnx6g.jpg

    1. Skjold


      Go back to 2010. This is the type of maymays we have now.

      Billedresultat for shitty memes

      (oh god please let it get back to the good old image macro memes)

  2. Mine-imator 1.1.0 (pre-release)

    cool prerelease!
  3. so...I made a 3D skinpack!


    1. TheXKing360





      use your power 


  4. Searcher From BATIM

    Cool. Haven't seen any searcher rigs on this forum!
  5. Alone in the Night - Minecraft Wallpaper

    He is probably sad because of most his family and ancestors died because they all blew up during world creeper war III i arm smrt
  6. Mug Rig

    cool m8
  7. TempusWare's Minecraft Story Mode Character Rig

    use the animation grid thingy and find the mouths than make them visible
  8. Iron The Game [NOT A REAL GAME]

    amazing! although the logs in the fire seem to be too HD compared to the scenario!
  9. The Life Of Cookie Cutter

    *reads credits, says based on true storys* soooo.....there was a random end portal in your house and somebody commited suicide for no apparent reason.... neat.
  10. I got bored so I made a edit of me based on the devs chibi profiles :3


    (little fact its actually shorter than the other chibi's (somehow))

    1. Animation Cow

      Animation Cow

      That's pretty cool!

  11. [4K] Peter Waits for the Bus

    we need to see more of 🅱eters Hobbys
  12. Dab Jean Pierre

  13. Paranormal F r e d d y - Original Animatronic Model

    cool rig! although the eyes seems a bit too detailed compared to the rest of the body
  14. My Home [isometric render in mine-imator]

    cool but how did you do the tree leaves???
  15. you know what would be cool?

    if there was a comic involving mineimator user characters! (each keeping their unique design)

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    2. Paul Sheldon

      Paul Sheldon

      those existed in the glory days of this forum :(

    3. TheXKing360


      one day . . .  one day brother

      one day . . . . . . .

    4. Colonel Muffin

      Colonel Muffin

      If we're making one I want to be in it.

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