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    monsters are people. Not mindless mobs.
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  1. Minecraftvinnyq

    Pixel Art Dump #loongtimeboi

    You have improved a lot!
  2. This forum should look more pixel-y, it is a Minecraft animation program forum :whistling:

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    2. Voxy



    3. Rollo


      Computer Settings > Display > Resolution

      Make it as low as you can, that'll do it.

    4. ShadowNinja5764


      You squaring up?

  3. Minecraftvinnyq

    [1.1.3] Twisty Humans Model Pack

    Voxy what the hell did you do to these poor people. 1like = 1 twisty boi prey
  4. If you were a developer on Minecraft and you could add a new mob with a unique purpose. What would it be?


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    2. tditdatdwt



    3. EthanForeverAlone


      Id add frogs but they only spawn on Wednesdays. When you kill them you can get three different items, the most common being frog legs, second less common being toad's warts and the rarest item being a Spiderman outfit. The frog legs are a new food that heal four hunger bars. The toad's warts is a new brewing item for a nausea potion. The Spiderman suit allows you to climb any surface like it's a ladder. 

    4. Minecraftvinnyq


      “Closes book”


      Guys get out Ethan has the best suggestion.

  5. Minecraftvinnyq

    Choose your fighter

    if you do “down down left left right right down up” you can unlock vin as a secret character! he’s pretty useless.
  6. Minecraftvinnyq

    Choose your fighter

    Biscuit looks like a psychopath. I pick him
  7. Minecraftvinnyq

    Hurrikale [PvZ2]

    This deserves more upvotes
  8. Minecraftvinnyq

    Flex-Steve Model

    This can be really useful for flexy like animations and wallpapers!
  9. Minecraftvinnyq

    Im Dead!

    And McDonald’s!
  10. Minecraftvinnyq

    Art Dump

    Omg that Chowder
  11. Guys who can’t wait for balloons, underwater tnt and torches that can be dyed, Overused joke and and an entire toolset of chemistry and more for the next update for Minecraft Education edition!

  12. Minecraftvinnyq

    UgandanKnuckles RigV2

    imagine making OC knuckles with these beauties
  13. Minecraftvinnyq

    Mob B Rig by KurtGaming1

  14. you should make a tutorial for .mimodel models before the modelbench comes out! so we can all give a try and make .mimodels!

    1. mbanders


      There's a lot of stuff in .mimodel files. I don't think I could possibly cover all of that. :sweat:

    2. Minecraftvinnyq


      Okie. Thanks for responding tho

  15. Minecraftvinnyq

    I draw an enderman

    oh so it was you who made that drawing on reddit, neat.
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