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  1. There is a bug with Ravanger's and Panda's body bending.
  2. It had never occurred to me to do something like this, now i wonder why this wasn't added to Mine-Imator along with the 3-axis bending update.
  3. Here's my most recent model: Piranha Plant UPDATE: Added a little detail in the pot 360° View of the model (Not actual 360° but it's what i can do ) Includes 9 sub-species and all of it's Super Smash Bros color variants. All you have to do is to replace the texture! Smash Bros Color Variants: Sub-Species: [Comes in a separated skin pack file for those who only want the basic skins] Appearance order in the GIF Super Mario 64 Piranha Super Mario Land Piranha Blue Piranha Inky Piranha Putrid Piranha Bone Piranha Pale Piranha Frost Piranha Venus Fire Trap DOWNLOADS Model: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9ef4vtejus5p8z7/Piranha+Plant+Model.rar Skin Pack: http://www.mediafire.com/file/a143wbzaylomyt8/Piranha+Plant+Model+Skin+Pack.rar
  4. Well, Haunter is my favorite Pokémon so i made this: Images: Features: Comes in both Normal and Shiny color scheme (Just change the texture). Fully bendable tongue and tail. Hands are independant of the body. Each finger can be animated separately. Hands and fingers bend both forward and backwards (Because Haunter does that kind of crazy things). Glowing outline for hands depending of your render settings (Outline is not perfect, but may try to fix it in a future update). Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/i7cgl95vy5n8yf1/Haunter_Model.zip/file
  5. I imagined how would it be if you were able to have wind sources additionally to the default wind source, each one with custom speed and strenght. Imagine this: You are making an animation where someone uses a wind blower in a plant, and you being able to add a Wind Source in the wind blower so the plant (obviously affected by wind) gets more affected than the objects in the scenery.
  6. I mean when you extrude planes in Modelbench
  7. I mean inverting the 3D Planes not the default 2D Planes, just like we can do it with the cubes
  8. I was trying to make an outline by inverting a part, and I realized that I can not invert 3D planes. I think it would be nice if you add this as a feature in the next update.
  9. Nah, forget it, that problem ended helping me
  10. Hello, i have a problem, i'm making a model with a tongue using this method but when it bends it also rotates in the same axis. If you don't understand me, what i'm tryng to say is that if the part bends in the x axis, it rotates in the x axis too. Hope you can help me
  11. Am i the only who thinks this can be used to make capes in models? I mean , like Superhero models
  12. Nice models! BTW, i have a suggestion: Change the chameleon's texture to grayscale so we can change to any color. I don't know if that will work that easy but i think it's a good idea.
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