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  1. looks very cool, but i think the camera work is kinda crazy. hard to get a grasp of space since its moving really fast. i like it tho
  2. MrPops


    thats a naughty word mister.
  3. wow man, this is amazing! your animation style is so unique and looks very nice. good job!
  4. not a huge fan of nightcore and intros of this kind but disregarding that, animation is solid and camera work is nice. good job man.
  5. hm, not sure what my username is but it's probably MrPops. If not, use this
  6. I think a quick Google search will do you good. I searched up: "pubg Minecraft maps" and got this. https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/battle-royale-map-like-pubg/
  7. It looks great! The movements are so smooth, almost like they were motion captured. good job ?
  8. epic I've been working on a battle animation lately with music. These are the basics, It's still WIP. I'm not even done with the actual animation yet, but I wanted to get some feedback so it doesn't negatively impact the project in the long run when I just notice an error and I have to go back and change it. Constructive criticism highly appreciated. ?
  9. a e s t h e t i c looks really cool. was it made in mine imator or something else?
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