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  1. Even after civilization has fallen, Coca Cola will still remain.
  2. One of the better pictures I've seen in recent times. Great job.
  3. People downvoting me saying "fad bad" be like

    water gun sun Blank Template - Imgflip

    1. Skjold


      Why did people upvote this

  4. I feel like the hair should be 50% longer
  5. Skjold

    Salem's vehicle rigs

    Holy shit these are LEGIT. I wish that kind of rigs were commonplace back in 2015.
  6. Why doesn't this have 100 rep already
  7. Wow, true cinematic masterpiece. I want the whole movie with your skins.
  8. idk what the hell y'all are about. I think it's pretty funny.
  9. Hey, that's pretty good.
  10. Feels like the FOV is a bit too narrow. You can't see enough of the buildings imo
  11. fad bad 8D

  12. Very nice framing and composition. A rig on the steve would've been nice, as well as a subtle directional light on steve from the left in order to create better definition between him and the sky. edit: he do be hella vibin doe
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