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  1. The clear plastic is way too noisy.
  2. Pretty cute not gonna lie. I just find it weird how the panda ears on the hoodie are on the front and not the top unless its eyes. idk
  3. Lucky hit Also wtf why am I featured in these videos. Also also serious missed opportunity of making the danish guy the viking Also also also sorry @mbanders you just werent lit enough fam dab
  4. Even I could've done it better.
  5. Can we get an equal amount of given and received downvotes? thanks. 1424a1045748c056a2535530a1e45816.png

    1. Jake_28


      downvoted. ):<

    2. Skjold


      thanks fam

  6. I was waiting for you to post it here so I could give you an upvote. It made me laugh.
  7. Skjold

    Camping car rig

    Please use imgur. The pics aren't showing up.
  8. Skjold

    1 Year

    Jeez man that's like 2 half a years dude
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