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  1. Skjold

    1.9+ Combat

    I can now get one more free slot on my hotbar cause I use axes instead of swords. It also gave us the ability of holding stuff in our off-hand, so I'd say it was a pretty dang good update.
  2. Skjold

    Walk cycle Practice

    With an 80% head, maybe the arms should be 3 pixel wide alex arms.
  3. Skjold

    BetweenLands Angler Fish Rig

    ^ What the sandwich said
  4. Skjold

    Transparent-Background surface error

    Just mess with the rendering order. Easy. We've had to deal with this problem for so many years before rendering order was added.
  5. Skjold

    Lewis Gun Animating

    Looks fine. Now just make an animation incorporating all these reload animations you've made. Else they'd be useless.
  6. Skjold

    random stripped boi

    I have no idea what is going on and it makes me uncomfortable
  7. Skjold

    Kid Asriel Rig 2.0

  8. Skjold

    Fight On

    Too dark. You can't even see the person. Fixed that for ya. Or alternatively, if you don't appreciate sight:
  9. Skjold

    Its Not Like I Like You

    There's a time and a place to use instant transition animation. This is not it. It usually doesn't work when there's too much movement. Then it just looks laggy. Additionally, a character can still have smooth positioning, but instant posing. In my opinion, that's the way to use it the most effectively. I like Static-P, and you tried something new, so I'll like. Now that I've watched it a 2nd time, that rabbit is a great example of what I meant of smooth positioning with instant posing. Your use of scenery is also great! So many different places.
  10. Skjold

    Vector Parkour

    Great concept, lacking animation.
  11. Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  12. Just give your pc a wash and you'll surely get rid of her. Oh and before you say anything about transferring to other computers, just turn off the darned internet. Alternative solution: Just reinstall your OS ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Probably a good thing. We really don't need yet another mediocre skywars animation.
  14. Skjold

    Human Rigs

    Don't be lazy and expect people to make rigs specifically for you. There's an entire rig section that you can search for character rigs. Go do that.
  15. Skjold

    Rampage Lv1 moving Wall paper

    Moving wallpapers should preferably seamlessly loop.
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