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  1. I guess this is the best option, since I'll never release my telescope rig.
  2. 8-Bit Sounds Pack

    Why would you even make this? Most people that need sounds already know of bfxr. I've used it for years.
  3. Customizable Sheep Rig

  4. My Wallpaper (Jake Team)

    By always thinking of it and cringing whenever you hear or say Team Jake.
  5. Jump and Flip Test

    More a roll than a flip. It's missing the pushing off point. You see him compress like he's about to jump, but the release never comes. Instead he just magically gets boosted into the air. Actually, not that I watch it again at 0.1 speed, I can see a lot of flaws in it. Like how he all of a sudden loses his momentum and freezes in the air in this pose
  6. The new Chevrolet Camaro ring

    Nice! Does the hood open, though?
  7. My Wallpaper (Jake Team)

    Jake Team = Jake Paul + Team 10
  8. Table Lamp Rig

    Well, I'm glad someone else can pass on the pixel-rigging-torch from @BloxTheRigger and I. It looks great.
  9. Diamond tesla rig!

  10. lighting and bench.

  11. Office Chair Rig

    Great job! Now make a new, better, recolourable one.
  12. Customizable Steve Rig

    I'm surprised nobody has done this before.
  13. Evolved Wither - Wallpaper

    I like the idea of the wither having hands. I hate the edgy tears and scars tho.
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