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  1. The Dark Lord, Herobrine

    Your wallpaper is too dark.
  2. Fox And Dog

    The fox doesn't fit.
  3. Generic [4K]

    Mess around with your shadow quality settings.
  4. She sleep

    The only difference between the edited and non-edited versions is the fire...?????? Why even bother posting the non-edited version.
  5. I think the forum has gotten so tired of fad, that it just doesn't give a shit now. Or maybe its starting to loop around and make fad ironically good..?
  6. Digging through my old imgur albums, I found my first overedit. So proud. *sniff*

    Awesome Guns

    1. Skjold


      3 years ago. Wow.

      Here's my very first attempt at editing.


      Rainy city test!

      Unedited version:



      Brightened version:



      I'm still proud of the detail of the rain reflections. I think I spent like 5 days making it? Attention to detail was an incredibly important part of my initial wallpapers.



    1. mbanders


      The Goose will always be loose.

    2. Skjold


      But the goose had been snooze.

      Then the goose was loose.

      He came back to this deuce full of effect abuse.

      Hopefully he has let loose to reduce misuse.


      Apple juice.

  8. Young Adventurers | 2K Vibrant Wallpaper

    Unedited is better.
  9. A thousand miles away(4k)

    Use discord, ya noob. Skype sucks
  10. Background Drawing from my animation class (PhotoShop)

    Hey at least it wasn't ms paint.
  11. Oven Rig

    FINALLY! Someone made a great oven rig that's pixelated & fits minecraft. Frickin' finally. Make more of that style of rig.
  12. Es bee tea dit dat doot

  13. Hello Neighbour

    Why is your hair going through your hoodie? smh
  14. Need Animators for massive project

    95% of all of these kinds of projects fail. You also need to make more of a name for yourself around these parts before people will start trusting you. They want to know that it won't just flop. And frankly, a guy with 0 rep doesn't really scream "reliable" to me. (Seriously, I'm copy-pasting this so many times that I might as well just make it a hotkey.)
  15. Step to the side, Mona Lisa! This is what true art looks like!
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