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  1. Best Photoshop Since 1990

    Donate to Nimi's Paypal.
  2. Worst Art EVER !

    The joke has missed the target. Mayday, mayday.
  3. Worst Art EVER !

    The man is black, the drawing is white.
  4. Idk what I made...(also first "rig" post)

    And before anyone tells you. Yes, you can upgrade for free.
  5. Add back cinematic camera size

    Lazy = bad for a program that requires you not to be lazy.
  6. P226 [PISTOL RIG]

    Reply to this topic...
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DFlofyXD_U


    Fresh out the oven, ready for you to eat.

    1. MYSELF3200


      First off, pistol slides are not as light as a feather, and second off, a gun's recoil does not make your head move up with it.

      (Also, that's a Desert Eagle. That thing shouldn't kicking like a makarov.)

  8. Encounter [2K]

    - Gordon Ramsay
  9. Encounter [2K]

    Looks like a wet flip-flop.
  10. Automatic 3d hat rig. Works with any 32x64 skin!

    Fantastic, with this product I manage to get my windows sparkling clean.
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