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  1. ShadowNinja5764

    Dev update #14: Moving on

    Can you feel the love tonight?
  2. ShadowNinja5764

    Travelling into the world

    Disliked, the world is flat. If you travelled into it, you'd fall through it. Circles in Minecraft Update 3.14 confirmed Everything is lie, do not trust striked-through text.
  3. ShadowNinja5764


    Steve is training up to defeat the fridge
  4. ShadowNinja5764

    More physics

    Stop, drop and roll.
  5. ShadowNinja5764


    Fus ro dah!
  6. ShadowNinja5764

    How to flat line

  7. ShadowNinja5764

    Mine-imator 1.2.0 (pre-release)

    Please sir, can I have some more?
  8. ShadowNinja5764

    "Unique" channel trailer

    now nee somtin 4 bak pg
  9. ShadowNinja5764

    pvp intro

  10. ShadowNinja5764

    Minecraft characters enter the real scene

    Bad, no one is sliding down the escalator and getting their balls crushed.
  11. ShadowNinja5764

    Mining Animation

    Enchanted diamond pick, but still completely naked.
  12. ShadowNinja5764

    God of hillary

  13. ShadowNinja5764

    Failed rocket launch

    Ice lolly
  14. ShadowNinja5764


    Do I hate Mars Bars.
  15. ShadowNinja5764

    Hozq's Improved Character Model

    Funcy Fuut
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