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  1. have you ever wanted to have a sink you can place anywhere in mine--imator? no? me neither! but now you can get one anyways! to use this, all you have to do is parent it to a single block/flat surface and done (assuming you don't want to edit the position slightly) this model IS scale compatible as well so- there's that soooo- here's the download link- https://www.mediafire.com/file/l6tnqqo5gvvh09x/sink_top.zip/file if you use this model, there is no need to give credit
  2. Heyo, it's been a while lol

  3. is this still going? oh, I know!!! ughh... my criticism.... ugh... everything is square, needs more octagons!
  4. hehehe- funny you say that
  5. that's a good question
  6. a few of my models, anyone want me to release any of them for download? Capture.png?width=1025&height=225

    1. TheJeweledWolf



      The cake, curtain, and maybe iron bars.

  7. thanks, and yea I actually had thought so too, but I was passing around people for feedback and two people said to make the back darker, so I just went with it
  8. (made with only mine-imator, no external editing) just a render I made for my new series comic. To anyone who remembers (if there's even anyone of you out there who do) the series reached episode 2 but in the last 2 years no new episodes have come out, only a few teasers happening here and there. but the whole series concept had enough work put into it that I don't wanna give it up. now I'll shut up before my wallpaper topic turns into some huge speech
  9. I actually ran into that issue a few times too. the way I fixed it was by then changing all the part names to something random, saving them that way, restarting the program and opening the model again, then fixing the names to be proper
  10. eyy, forgot this was a thing, anyone still here?

  11. anyone here? this place still relevant? :think:

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    2. Aronanners


      Yes and depends on what your definition of relevance is.

    3. MYSELF3200
    4. MikTRF


      Yep, just a bunch of people are gone because of school (like me).

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