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  1. Modelbench Q&A

    will there be any limit at all of the things that can be done with MB? or does it really just depend on effort?
  2. should i ask for help with my series or try to do it myself to learn more from making it?

    1. Dannyboi


      The latter is a better idea.

  3. Robot rig

    off topic- WHY COMIC SANS?!! on topic- it seems kinda plain I would suggest more 3d extrusions and textures
  4. Mug Rig

    very nice and simple
  5. Lifecraft Glasses Rig [v2.0]

    on topic- they look great, I might add them as an easter egg in a video keep a look out off topic- @PigmanMovie wait, I just now saw your (i guess) part about my goggles I'm sad now
  6. Lifecraft Glasses Rig [v2.0]

    yee boi, the main thing I noticed was that they didn't go all the way around the head like the original. but yea, they are still good
  7. Reskinnable Official Character Rig 1.3

    yay! someone noticed me! lol, for real though thanks for featuring me
  8. ew, a cliche overused pfp style

  9. minecraft - fighting the blindness, ep-2

    thank you look out for episode 3....
  10. Seems familiar...

    look dude, I know my skin is generic but that doesn't mean you need to accuse me of copying everyone else, I know that generic things are generally hated here and for good reason but I am not going to change it without a good reason, and of course it was not a fan, I mean i'm a 300 sub channel, so there is almost no way they would know me.... but don't treat it like if I were copying everyone else ok? please. well good day sir. you mean mine? or that other one?
  11. good bye

  12. anyone know where to get decent free voice actors?

  13. Seems familiar...

    lol, nu. dat iz nut meh' but that is a pretty cool skin, I give it an 8/10
  14. Cut BLocks

    you could just remove them in game and then add them back in mine-imator
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