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  1. hello everyone who clicked this topic! sure has been some time since I used this place? anyways, I recently was asked to model the character from the game Deltarune, Ralsei < this guy so I worked with @Duskstar Shineto make it. she did allot of texture work while I did the modeling, I may make a black fur version in the future, but no promises. The hat and horns are both on by default , depending on what you want, you should disable either the hat or horns at a time. -Bendable ears, Scarf, and tounge -jaw mouth -Model based face rig -Removeable Hat, glasses, Scarf Download Blunt not included
  2. ohhhh, well i guess i might try to fix that if i ever make a V4 model, thx for the tip and lesson in modeling terms!
  3. probably, i just felt like posting all my old now unused stuff and can't be bothered to wait, but i guess that last one can be enough for today
  4. ever wanted to cut in half someone you hate? well even though i don't condone doing so, now you can at least get a taste of that sweet sweet revenge, with this new handy slaceablae player model! get yours now and you'll get to have your now, at no extra cost! Download
  5. lifecraft

    Top hat Model

    No one needs this right? i mean, it's not the worst thing I've ever posted that was approved, so here! i even made an epic trailer for it! (flashing lights warning!) anyways, enjoy i guess, sorry if all these posts have gotten annoying Download
  6. third post, maybe my last today idk, but here is another thing that you guys probably don't need but I thought I would post it anyways! here is a stove model i made quite some time back, it has a working door, and stuff, thats mainly it, just uses vanilla textures to try to be as within style as i could, even if the textures are a bit outdated at this point, i'm not gonna take the effort to update it right now. maybe a V2 in a furniture pack next time? download
  7. Hey guys! I'm posting again today, I think ima just post all my good/decent models that I've made over time cuz I have nothing to do with them now that I barley use mine-imator anymore. so this fella is a character from a very underrated movie called "Birdboy and the forgotten children. i high recommend it if you haven't seen it. i'll be including the link to the trailer in a spoiler tab thingy. anyways, here he is in all his glory! his file also comes with happy pills! (movie reference) Download Movie trailer: (warning, the trailer is a tad bit graphic, you had been warned)
  8. hey guys, so I've had the new Teemo model done for quite awhile, but i never got around to posting it. soooo- here it is, everything has been improved on, and the mushroom finally has a custom texture! feedback appreciated, and have a good day! and here is a comparison thing. old on the left, new on the right. oh and a few removed items at the far right. Download
  9. lifecraft iss  fffrench server!

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