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    my name is Party Plastic Steve btw
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  1. AmazingWolfGamer


    no its papyrus
  2. AmazingWolfGamer


  3. AmazingWolfGamer

    Render Dump 1

    minecraft hands = slime blocks
  4. AmazingWolfGamer

    Render Dump 1

  5. AmazingWolfGamer

    Render Dump 1

  6. AmazingWolfGamer


    lol i got a notification because of my bucket rig thanks for using it lol, nice wallpaper too btw heres my skin if you want,
  7. AmazingWolfGamer

    Lewis the Ghost, Mystery Skulls

    would you mind if i add facials to this beauty?
  8. AmazingWolfGamer

    Bread rigs

    where are the garlic bread
  9. AmazingWolfGamer

    Play of the Game Collab

  10. AmazingWolfGamer

    The 5 Nightmare Creatures (wallpapers)

    download when
  11. AmazingWolfGamer

    Skybox Model

    reason above and because if you use the default skybox it gets rid of the moon and sun which i do not like
  12. AmazingWolfGamer

    Skybox Model

    thank you!
  13. AmazingWolfGamer

    Skybox Model

    this uses surfaces because the textures are different from the Mine-imator cube map,
  14. AmazingWolfGamer

    Skybox Model

    i suggest you use textures 2k and up download //updated the model so its not discord light theme when you open it up
  15. AmazingWolfGamer

    Flex-Steve Model

    Mine-imator 1.1.0: To show you the power of Flex Steve, Mine-imator 1.1.0: I SAWED THIS MODEL IN HALF!
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