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  1. my 2nd and 3rd SFM poster
  2. AmazingWolfGamer

    Road pack v2

    Needs alot more upvotes
  3. Just reinstalled MI and MB for the 5th time, don't you just love factory resets

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Ian_The_One


      like configs and stuff

    3. AmazingWolfGamer


      i dont know what those are, and its my brothers computer, for some reason he resetted it for like 5 times

    4. Jake_28


      Oh for a sec I thought you reinstated without resetting the PC. Just MI

       I’m dumb

  4. don't claim this as yours or else you're gonna have a bad time
  5. I mean, the reason i included "Low poly" in the title was to easily avoid those comments. And it can be easily detected that this model is supposed to have a simplistic style And thanks!
  6. this is the first gun i made yes im using comic sans, why? why not. *comes with its own shell* Download
  7. anyone want shotgun models?


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