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  1. Techmo OC Render

    Sorry but its not triple post
  2. Lefty Rig

    He only started out, he only has 8 reps and those type of ppl just go around retexturing rigs because they need to get used how to make rigs
  3. Crab Rig

    Tried to make it fit the minecraft style and make it look like a real minecraft mob Download
  4. UgandanKnuckles RigV2

    That gives me an idea.
  5. UgandanKnuckles RigV2

    Soon im gonna make an animation called "Knuckles Sings"
  6. UgandanKnuckles RigV2

    we must de wae my bruddahs
  7. UgandanKnuckles RigV2

    Completely Remade my Ugandan Knuckles Rig. New Features: - Compatible with MI.CB - No More Big Snout - Built-in "OpenMouth" Expression Comes with an Ugandan Sonic rig And yes i have a Russian Knuckles rig but that ones private Download
  8. I draw an enderman

    There goes my favorite mob
  9. Lefty Rig

    its only hated if it has bad quality woah there buddy dont act like you make the best fad rigs, he's only starting out. don't act like you're the god of fad rigs.
  10. Pixel Frosty Normal Jaw[fad] RIg

    this one is still better because the body, arms and the legs are 3D and not just flat skins
  11. Uganda Knuckles Rig

  12. Uganda Knuckles Rig

  13. Uganda Knuckles Rig

    It comes with ebola and queen
  14. Uganda Knuckles Rig

    Uganda Knuckles Rig: Knows da wae ✔️ Never Freezes ✔️ Click click click ✔️ Spits on the non-believers ✔️ Get you Uganda Knuckles here and knoe da wae!
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