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  1. A new F.N.a.F. game out. Time to get back to work xD

    1. DarthDimmbol


      Just outsmarted the censorship system :)

  2. is fad still censored?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Creeper2555




      yep, still sensored.


    3. lifecraft
    4. Mobdestoryer


      It will most likely be censored forever.

  3. Springbonnie

    i actually like this... but next time try to credit the original maker of the rig you used to make this also try adding better textures not just flat colors ahh so you also made ignited springtrap... next time try harder like make better textures for it or even better make your own but yeah this forum hates this fanbase so its quite hard to do stuff here if you do like that game this is referencing
  4. Ignited Springtrap

    why is everyone mentioning me tho
  5. imagine if bendy turn the new replaced "FAD" fanbase.... oh god, They are starting with the steam's workshop! NOOOOO!!

    1. IamDyslexic


      you know fandoms are all the same

  6. Welcome back, Darl!

  7. I have returned.

    1. _BlueAsyl


      Welcome Back..(fadSL)(GG)

    2. Artamiel Crescent

      Artamiel Crescent

      would that count as a good thing or a bad thing I'm not sure, but i think its good.


  8. Hello People! ok bye

    1. SheaShea0524
    2. ViniciusbrMaster


      "Bye, have a great time!"

  9. Sisterlocation Rigs Pack

    i said no cause i can tho. I know its recommended but whats done is done for me and i hate this rigs.
  10. Sisterlocation Rigs Pack

  11. What is
    "Days Won"
    In the profiles?


    1. Caeden117


      Days where you recieved the most rep out of everyone

    2. Mr. Darl

      Mr. Darl

      wot why havent i seen those ; 3 ;

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