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  1. why deleted the animatronic pack rig?


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    2. Primatium


      i will send it via discord


    3. afifraiyan26


      do you guys know where to get Animatronic Rig Pack at 2020

    4. afifraiyan26


      because its an error to dropbox


  2. Can you pls make the Phantoms, Nightmares, Toys and Withered Animatronics? cus i looked everywhere and i can't find any that look very good

    1. insanehelix7076


      he will not be making animatronic rigs it was said in a post long ago

    2. Enderbrine Studios
  3. Just make a new download link for the fad pack

  4. I have a question, how do you retexture mr darlds fad rig, I tryed meny things

  5. Hi darls! i would like the twisted rig i was wondering if you can give it to me for an animation! thanks mr. darls


    -TonyBony animations

    1. jakubg1


      There's a 1000000000% chance that his answer would be "no".

  6. hallo so yeah ur cool

    and i mean rlly cool

  7. A new F.N.a.F. game out. Time to get back to work xD

    1. DarthDimmbol


      Just outsmarted the censorship system :)

  8. Please Like 


    If you have facebook xD

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    2. Dsuper49


      @fox.the.fox54.65credit me, i made the original rig

    3. Supreme Whovian

      Supreme Whovian

      That's what you get for having plastic surgery when the Autons come along.

    4. Five Nights Memer

      Five Nights Memer

      @Dsuper49technically Darl made the Rig You edited it and made that he used it There was no original by you

  9. hehe i wont be posting
    ill be posting a status only
    cause why not

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/uhu9dtg6fxxjb12/Twisted Mike Style.zip?dl=0

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    2. Doctorks


      rip ill be getting a copy sometime tomarrow, ill help you guys out

    3. Doctorks
    4. insanehelix7076


      Thank you ♾ times :D now i can remake a different fad character with the rig

  10. i actually like this... but next time try to credit the original maker of the rig you used to make this also try adding better textures not just flat colors ahh so you also made ignited springtrap... next time try harder like make better textures for it or even better make your own but yeah this forum hates this fanbase so its quite hard to do stuff here if you do like that game this is referencing
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