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  1. Hi to everyone and welcome to this post! Well I am working in this little animation in the last weeks, until now I animated this, If you liked it, leave a like and suscribe, Feedback accepted too! , Well That's all thanks for watching, Byee!
  2. Well...i did it anyway, is a little late, maybe you should have posted that 2 or 1 years ago hahaha
  3. it is running slow for me too, and i have an Nvidia 960m graphic card :c
  4. Well, I did not use the Community Build a lot, so i can not compare the new version with it, and by saying slow I mean that I have a project (with many custom content) that runs the preview ( I am NOT talking about rendering with shadows) at 30 fps in the older version (1.0.6) ( it runs smooth), but when I opened the same project in this new pre realease, the project preview was laggy (and also it loaded the project slower).
  5. It runs slow for me( btw my computer is not slow, i have an nvidia 960m, so i don't think it could be a problem with my computer), I went back to the 1.0.6 until it become stable
  6. Hi my friends, well i know many of you hate this game, and yeah, i respect your points, maybe too many sequels and other things, but well, the point now is that i have done an animation, and only I want your opinion about that, please (movements, emotions,etc) I put a lot of effort, in tried to show the feelings of each scene, well, and here it is Well I hope you liked, and I will wait for your comments Thnks for watching, don't forget to put a like and suscribe Bye bye
  7. Congratulations David, I hope you get more goals, I am going to study the same as you this year, and I wish to learn to code like you or better :`) , good luck in your future
  8. You know...the word filters Yep you remember me thanks Yep there many f n a f rigs...but there are not a lot of fna f 2 :C ...
  9. Hi my friends...well, today i'm coming with a little preview of my future animation, I only want your opinions if i am going in a good way :3 ...well, here is To continue I need some f n a f 2 Rigs, but i didn't find anything in the forums, someone have seen Rigs that can help me? , please tell me if you want, Thanks I hope you enjoyed this Little preview, :3 Bye bye my friends
  10. The rig is for that purpose : p
  11. I love it , I had made an Funtime version of me, and i like your version for the community too But i have a question.. have you done a SL rig Already? or not ...only a question
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