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  1. Hey Creeper


  2. Withered [ 2K ]

    I'm surprise my CPU didn't catch on fire while making this.
  3. About Mine imator

    yes, I used 2GB Laptop too.
  4. Fredbears rig | F.N.A.F

  5. My Gaming Channel Intro - AlfaProductions

    too long, I recommend having Intro about 3-4 second long.
  6. The Creature [Minecraft Horror Animation]

    the animation is really good and lighting is pretty great but the jumpscare is... uh... also is that a sloth?? It look like a sloth to me.
  7. Eyepatch Sunset

    Pretty cool but the pink boat on the left hurt my soul.
  8. Springtrap rig V 1.0

    I thought this was made in mine-imator 0.7...
  9. Fredbears rig | F.N.A.F

  10. Fredbears rig | F.N.A.F

    Hi and this is my ANOTHER! fad rig(I think I am addicted at this point.. seriously.) at first I was not gonna post anymore fad things here but giving my rigs to other peoples one by one is kind of annoying so.. yeah.. sorry. and here's the pics. FREDBEAR NIGHTMARE FREDBEAR NIGHTMARE NIGHTMARIONNE DOWNLOAD - click here
  11. Iced | A Mine-imator Wallpaper

    COOL! sorry, I had to..
  12. from what i learned from the looney tune, I think an anvil don't bounce.
  13. trying to be unbeatable

    *not enough swords.
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