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  1. Mr.Matt

    Fate/Grand Order(F/GO)Hōgu ver.1 rig

    clearly we need the best character also I would recommend adding features to the characters, such as hair, facial features, etc
  2. Mr.Matt

    Should They Fix The Mineimator Bends?

    I will have to disagree I like the new bends the new body bends are very nice and I look forward to seeing what people can do with them
  3. Mr.Matt

    Should They Fix The Mineimator Bends?

    you realize you don't have to use the new bends you can still use the old bends
  4. Mr.Matt

    Should They Fix The Mineimator Bends?

    so you don't want the new body bends?
  5. Mr.Matt

    Should They Fix The Mineimator Bends?

    Do you mean the bending style (like the sharp bending) or do you mean you don't want to bend the body in all the ways a human body can bend?
  6. sounds like one of those german simulators where if you hit "exit" it doesn't exit
  7. yea I kinda expected some backlash from the thing I posted

    1. Skjold


      two upvotes and one downvote is still better than nothing, I guess.


      I mean unless you don't care about rep. In which case good for you.

    2. EthanForeverAlone


      I wouldn't really call any of it backlash 

  8. Mr.Matt

    I made a thing

    I forgot I made this. so yea I am gonna share it here before I go and do nothing Warning: It's pretty gay but so am i so right I need to go and do nothing now
  9. Mr.Matt

    Fredbear's Diner Rig

    so is there more images or is this the same as the other one
  10. really nice kinda makes me wish we had some botw rigs
  11. Your Boyfriend has found you and there is no where to hide.

  12. Mr.Matt

    Some sort of MGB I Teaser I guess

    so wait not only is reality popular but everyone is also making their own version of it because they don't have anything original to do?
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