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  1. Mr.Matt

    Hat Models Pack

    "Toad head"
  2. Mr.Matt

    Fully Animatable Axis Rig

    yes you indeed can put folders on body parts
  3. Mr.Matt

    Fully Animatable Axis Rig

    you can put folders on body parts
  4. Mr.Matt

    Fully Animatable Axis Rig

    yes but a default model can already move along the axis
  5. Mr.Matt

    Fully Animatable Axis Rig

    yea this is just a default model
  6. Mr.Matt

    Fully Animatable Axis Rig

    can we see an example of the axis bending, cuz as of now it seems like regular default model
  7. hey look it's my birthday


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    2. JH Animations
    3. Salaudo


      Happy Birthday!

    4. EnderSculptor


      happy birthday



      holy crap you've been on this site longer than i though wowee

  8. Mr.Matt

    Hozq's Improved Character Model

    I like the model but the SFR is kinda broken, well for me anyway. It crashes when ever I open another project from a project with the rig in it, and re-opening a project with it in it also crashes at least once. so that's why I just @Hexical Brine one
  9. I for one am fine with the bends cuz the body bends are really nice and I don't really mind the arm bends, I am just waiting for the bloom and the glowing things
  10. I mean you could use @Hexical Brine hand rig, I use it and it's really nice
  11. Mr.Matt

    Trash Can Model

  12. Mr.Matt

    Connor Rig (Detroit: Become Human)

    this is really good connor is one of my favorites from the game and he's pretty handsome too
  13. today I bought a shirt that says "gay as F" and it should be here soon

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    2. EthanForeverAlone


      Okay, you are gay. Im sure we’re all sick of hearing it by now.

    3. MYSELF3200
    4. HeYoNia


      I got a shirt that says "No"

  14. Mr.Matt

    happy pride month

    yes that is true but I didn't ask "hey you know tell me if you support me" I just posted a render and it kinda stumbled into this and yes I know some people don't support me and are voicing there opinion about it but, if they get to voice their opinions I get to voice mine
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