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  1. Allemn

    [Art] 3 various artworks

    Sarah Arle Nadja Mega Nozomi Previous artworks: Allemn [again] | Allemine | Simon
  2. Allemn

    [Art] Simon from SimonAndJames

    *Smash-styled remix of Can I Play With Madness plays* Simon Plays With Madness Here's some fan artwork of Simon from SimonAndJames by @Simon G. Andersen! Previous Artworks: Allemn Allemn again Allemine
  3. Allemn

    [Art] Allemine

    Here's Allemine's official design! Previous Artwork
  4. Allemn

    [Art] Allemn again

    Here's another drawing/artwork of my character! Previous Artwork Next Artwork
  5. Allemn

    Furniture Pack (5 things)

    These reminded me of my object rigs.
  6. Well, I "disappeared" for more than a year long because, I went through a lot of crap from the preceding years from where i joined until 2017. It took me more than a year to recover from what happened to me and what I did on the forums back then. Right now, i'm in good terms.
  7. Lately, I've been changing my main focus and branching out from Minecraft content and MI stuff. So, here are two of my artworks featuring my character made in the past months. December 17, 2017 February 8, 2018 Next artwork
  8. Almost a year ago, i made this animation to test my animating skills on MI. I used the squash and stretch technique for this. Made with @Nimi's Community Build mod. Also, the two preceding animation tests from 2017 are still inaccessible as both are very short.
  9. Allemn


    Features: -Recolorable fabric -Casters Download: Version with wool textures: <<< Desk Fan
  10. Allemn

    Desk Fan

    Download: <<<< Ceiling Fan Couch>>>>
  11. Allemn

    Allemn & Allemine

    This is amazing! Thank you!
  12. Allemn

    Ceiling Fan

    Here it is, a ceiling fan! You can select the blades and the center which is colorable. Download: Scooper <<< >>> Desk Fan
  13. Allemn


    Scoop 'em all! Animation Download: <== Mine-imator Logo | Ceiling Fan ==>
  14. Allemn

    The Mine-imator Logo

    Here is a nearly-accurate Mine-imator logo remade in Mine-imator! Download: <== Chair | Scooper ==> @David ...and here's a turnaround!
  15. Allemn


    Have a chair! Isometric: Perspective: Download Here: Upcoming Features: -More types of Chairs <== Crate | Mine-imator logo ==>
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