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  1. Hexical's Facial Rig V2 For MI versions 1.2.0+ Some Male face renders Some Female Face Renders Changes - Added Eyelids - Added Tongue - Updated and Improved Textures - Fixed Female Eyebrow stretching - Separated the teeth from the mouth to be animated seperately - Improved the inside of the mouth Download
  2. Though this model is kind of pointless. You can just summon a bodypart on it's own and put that in a folder. It's really not that hard.
  3. But would you really want to use that hella buggy version?
  4. Human Model for 1.1.4 Can be easily re-skinned. Also has fingers, wrists that bend in all directions, and ankles. Default Skinned How the UV works Download Give at least some credit somewhere if used. Facial rig not included
  5. you are right. but female skins do generally have a lower face.
  6. First time making my own eye texture , so yea It may look a little weird.
  7. Hexical Brine's Facial Rig! For Mine-Imator 1.1.4 When changing colours, change the blend. not the mix. Some Emotion Renders Download!
  8. Thank you! Not at the moment.
  9. Yea that's right! Hands! I have made some hand models for the left and right hands of any character. The colour is changeable. Here's a basic gif to see how they look. If you want to apply this, make sure to erase the very bottom and 2 bottom pixels on each arm. To download... click below. DOWNLOAD
  10. Hexical Brine's Morty Smith Rig For Community Build and Higher THIS RIG IS NOT SCALE FRIENDLY! (if you do want to try and re-scale it, try and use even numbers and a calculator for the parts that need separate re-scaling) (The mouth rig is also quite a little weird acting since it's on a sphere. editing the individual parts of the mouth to make it look good, should... make it look good) Morty beside Rick Morty beside Rick (posed) Rick and Morty Walk Cycle 360 preview thing Download Rick rig located here
  11. Just because it's fad, doesn't mean it's bad.
  12. If you don't put a download for the rig, it's considered a wallpaper.
  13. I am going to update it. the only problem is that well... @MysticalGamez is right. it is very difficult to do that especially with the arm bending. i'd have to make sure that that part look all good and well but I can't really do that because of how laggy the entire rig can become. so I may update it to add that, but if I do, it'll be a separate file for people who can handle it.
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