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  1. Jeez, the level of detail in this is amazing... GG!
  2. WARNING: This rig is incredibly laggy, since the texture sizes had to be ridiculously high in order to achieve this amount of detail. Don't use it if your computer's a potato. Ever wanted to make some art starring Portal 2's cores, but didn't have the time to learn to use programs like Blender or SFM? Lucky for you, I've painstakingly put together this super-realistic core model in Mine-Imator just for people like you! Totally not because I'm obsessed with the game or anything... Featuring: Fully articulate-able model, complete with a moderately well-organized timeline structure! Easily recolor-able outer shell! and incredibly detailed textures that'll have your computer screaming with joy! ;D Download it here, and enjoy the result of hundreds of Aperture scientists working around the clock to create the best, most compact A.I. you've ever seen! DOWNLOAD
  3. 8GWCjtZ.png
    so I'm working on an update to that really bad core model I made a little while ago, enjoy this wallpaper I made with the version I'm on right now. There's still plenty of stuff I need to do to it, I'll release it when it's finished.

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    2. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      I think he used programs such as GCFScape and VTFEdit to convert the vtf (texture files on source engine) to PNG/TGA files

    3. BaconSandwich


      @Cubic Ralsei Spot on my friend. The annoying thing is that I couldn't use any textures other than the cores' eye textures because all the other ones were laid out in a way that wouldn't map right to a sphere.

    4. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      What i do for glowing textures is simply copy paste the entire texture on an empty image in paint.net then save it as a TGA, and make a separate file too with "_emissive" on the end

  4. I wish i could do something like this, but my computer definitely wouldn't come out alive. GG!
  5. Beautiful, can't wait for the tutorial
  6. FBI Agent: *Listens in on my PC*
    My PC: *Playing this on repeat:

    FBI Agent: What the f-

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    2. Rawami
    3. BaconSandwich


      that gave literally no clarification at all, i'm still confused

    4. Rawami


      I took your profile and I put "for 1 day".

  7. wtf is this "general internet outage" that Discord's been struck by, I'm confused

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    2. BaconSandwich


      Nvm, I looked it up and apparently it's a glitch with servers not having enough memory to store all the IP addresses of the routers people use to connect to their services, so now it's overflowing and causing issues so everybody has to update their servers to add a new, higher limit on the storage for IP addresses.

    3. TheJeweledWolf


      What does that even mean? 

    4. BaconSandwich


      Your router's IP address is what lets a server find your wi-fi network and send you information to run whatever service they're giving you, like Discord or a game server. The servers need to store that address so that they know how to find your network if they need to send you information at any given time. The problem is that the servers for a lot of big companies don't have enough space to store all the IP addresses that they need to hold on to, which means they have to delete some of them, causing problems for the people attached to those addresses. I'm pretty sure most of these services have only gone down because they need to update their servers to give them more memory for storing IP addresses, which would fix the issue.

  8. Oh hey it's my Rick rig, nice. Also, great episode
  9. Nimi's said before that this isn't possible in Gamemaker.
  10. Honestly, aside from the edge glow there's barely any sign this was made in MI. It looks so smooth, nice!
  11. oooo, nice! Also, where'd you get the background? It looks amazing...
  12. i hate that it took me until the very end to be completely sure that this was just Vinny doing voices and not a clip from any official show.
  13. eovW3WD.png

    Also here's the concept for a logo for that Pokemon series. I guess this kinda counts as the teaser i promised like 271 rep ago?

    ...Nah, it doesn't. I don't think I'll have that done soon cuz I should be working on other things, but the inspiration for this one just came all at once and i had to work on it. Enjoy, but don't get your hopes up for the series happening anytime soon...

    1. MikTRF


      Soon, I'll be making my Pokemon spacetime grey

      Yes I did change the name again... Stone want very creative...

      Everyone forgot about it anyways.

  14. Yz1OFjN.png
    prepare for many memes with the new font model, we have been blessed on this day

    thank you @ShinyGHASTTear for your contributions to society

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