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  1. BaconSandwich

    11 (Animation)

    Nice, the arm is a bit stiff tho. I like the inventory stuff you set up, a lot better than the one I made a while ago.
  2. oh my god Hytale's animation suite looks almost exactly like MI in terms of where everything is placed and spaced out this community's gonna have some fun when this comes out bois

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    2. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      I mean you have to admit dude, RR2 was on everyones mind and still is. 

    3. Spontaneous Explosions
    4. Mineshaft Animation
  3. BaconSandwich

    Home security at its best

    good choice of vines, I vote you do Road Work Ahead next also ver naice, ur animations are really smooth and ur pretty good with posing
  4. Huh, the Terraria OST is pretty nice.

    1. Rawami


      Sorry I'm not english, what is OST?

    2. BaconSandwich


      it means "Original Soundtrack."

    3. MineRig


      this reminds me i haven't played Terraria in a while

  5. Welp. We had about 3 minutes of nobody having posted within 24 hours before Sticknub and Zesty ruined it. This is why we can't have nice things.

    1. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      Well the good news is for me is that I don’t get 71 notifications anymore after hagus left the roleplaying thing

    2. TheJeweledWolf
  6. You know one modded feature I really enjoyed from my time playing Stoneblock that I think should be a real thing? Crafting Tables (well Stone Crafting Tables anyway) acting as actual inventories and holding ur stuff in place for you even after you exit the GUI. GET ON IT MOJANG

    1. Mineshaft Animation
    2. BaconSandwich


      i was playing Stoneblock (a Twitch Launcher modpack) all the time for a while after Thanksgiving and I was voicing my opinions on one of the features in the modpack. Look it up to understand better.

  7. Eyy here's a random thingy I made recently cuz I was bored and inspired by Stick Fight Youtube videos.


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    2. DuallyElemental


      @BaconSandwich search him up on YouTube, he makes really cool stockman fighting animations that are synced to music

    3. BaconSandwich
    4. BaconSandwich


      also higher quality version on youtube (loop it)

      EDIT: woo 1080p is finally working without a ton of stuttering

  8. I'm mad. The second I come back to school, my motivation to do absolutely any work on anything dies.

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    2. BaconSandwich


      nevermind i've failed but i'll still try and keep them closed as much as possible

      Mission failed, we'll get 'em next time

    3. TheJeweledWolf
    4. MikTRF
  9. Okey, I've decided that I'll start trying to make the Pokemon series thingy once I get to 500 rep. I'll start with a little teaser at that point showcasing the basic character design and the style of the builds and whatnot.

    1. Rawami
    2. Hagus


      Lol can I be a trainer or something? 

    3. BaconSandwich


      @Hagus Maybe, my sister's already gonna probably be a gym leader.

  10. eyy they released two Hytale music tracks pretty nice

    1. Rawami


      Idk why am I posted this but :


  11. Woo! Thx to @9redwoods for my new banner as a birthday present! It took some time for him to work out but it turned out amazing in the end! :D

    1. 9redwoods


      It took some time for him to work it out

      work it out = fighting being lazy

      OH COME ON

      (affinity photo keeps deleting the shadows and it deleted the shadow of your character without me noticing)

    2. BaconSandwich
  12. I've just had this absolutely ridiculous coincidence. I searched up "Wii Party OST" and went to a playlist, so it wasn't that the video got algorithm'd to both of us or anything. Gqews4O.png

    Also source so you can confirm for yourselves and have a nostalgia trip: 


  13. I'm currently listening to Wii Party music for nostalgia, I miss being a little kid, playing Wii Party with my family and not having to care as much about what I'm gonna do with my life when I'm an adult.

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    2. Fray


      I never had a Wii ;-; I’m way too poor to afford that stuff ;-;-;-;-;

    3. Swift


      My grandma had a wii and a few game on it, and for whatever reason one day she just sold it.

    4. DuallyElemental


      My dad got a wii and then I got a bad grade, so he locked our wii away and forgot about it for 3 years. We only found it when we were packing up to move to a new house.

  14. hey i grabbed this from a meme video a minute ago hope you enjoy


  15. i contribute very much to this community for sure bois

    1. TheJeweledWolf
    2. Hagus


      Absolutely. For example, you give the forums it's daily dose of Bacon Sandwiches

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