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  1. Actually, I might not do this because it'll likely be even harder to integrate the locations in the story into the surroundings. I might just cut down on the amount of outdoor city shots and windows in my scenes when I start.
  2. BaconSandwich

    Hand animated block physics

    Pretty nice my dude
  3. I'm leaving for a week-long vacation tomorrow. I can totally go a week without art, pc games or animating! *eye twitch*

    1. MikTRF


      Cool! Were both going somewhere for a while tomorrow!

  4. BaconSandwich

    Teh Mickey Mouse Chase

    I thought I was the only one getting this recommended to me. I was wrong.
  5. BaconSandwich

    Dev update #13: 1.2 feature gallery

    Well, that might work as an option toggleable for each schematic separately because I can imagine that would get very, VERY laggy in, say, a city where most of the lights probably shouldn't even be on.
  6. I've been wondering if I should just give up on large-scale set design for a series I'm doing and use a set of city buildings I found on PlanetMinecraft instead, since I'm an awful builder and making a lot of large buildings take a while to do. If I do this, will it be hated? by the way, the map I plan on using is this:
  7. Now remember children, if you have a negative opinion towards something, it's obviously because it's trash no matter what!

  8. henlo Bacon Boi

    1. MikTRF


      So much bacon.... 😲

  9. I thought your pfp was a Pokeball when I saw it small, lol.

  10. BaconSandwich

    The Freefall Collab! (COMPLETED)

    Nice entries everyone! Also, I know a Youtuber who uses the first song for his outro, weird.
  11. BaconSandwich

    The Room of a Future Pokeymans Master

    Sure, that'd be great!
  12. I've been doing some rigging and set design for an animation series I can hopefully start up soon centered around me in a made-up Pokemon region. Here's the rough-ish draft of my bedroom, which is where the first episode starts off. I posted this to get your feedback on changes I can make and what might look nice so I can improve it before I actually start animating. Enjoy! EDIT: Changed the coloring of the walls and the carpet and moved a couple of things around.
  13. BaconSandwich

    City Render

    Nice, but I FEEL YOUR PAIN
  14. BaconSandwich

    An Entry for Black Plasma Studios' June Collab

    Well, I was constrained by time. It said to create an animation "no longer than 10 seconds where gravity is reversed."
  15. BaconSandwich

    An Entry for Black Plasma Studios' June Collab

    Thank you!
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