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  1. I have 1 question: where did you find these sounds? The 1.15 .jar doesn't have a 'sounds' folder, probably because of the rewrite to the sound system, so i'm curious how you find them now.
  2. Congrats on 1000 rep my dude!

    1. BaconSandwich


      Whoa I didn't even notice, this is pretty epic 😎

  3. Thanks! Honestly, after the first few it's not too bad, it's only when you die in a really, supremely stupid way that you end up getting mad. Thank you too! I probably will if i can ever think of more challenges to do...
  4. Oh hey look it me So basically, I've been playing a lot of hardcore over the past couple of months to keep myself interested in the game. I've died 13 times total and only completed the game twice in this time. So the other day, I had a thought: what if I made a bunch of wallpapers to immortalize my dumb mistakes? So here they are, enjoy I guess So uh yeah, this is pretty much what I've been doing in MC since late September, it's been frustrating yet fun to be honest. Anyway, time to fire up yet another doomed world once i can come up with a new challenge idea, seeya! Credit to: Sharpwind for the armor rig, and @Hagus for the idea to try hardcore in the first place
  5. Wow i really make a lot of Portal stuff don't I And my latest source of inspiration:
  6. How would you like your exclusive wallpaper? If so, I can pin you to the list of “exclusive wallpapers for m8s”.

  7. Sure thing, it'd take me a while to do though, especially the panel arms since it took a while even to finish the blocky version, so don't expect those to come anytime soon.
  8. Well good luck, but remember, there's a lot more rigs you'd need, like the turrets, panels, maintenance rails, test chamber doors, etc. I was thinking of eventually (key word there) making the Mainframe rig, so you might wanna wait until then since that rig will be one of the more ambitious projects by itself and you could make some rigs of your own in the meantime. But I agree, that could be a cool project.
  9. "What do you mean "eyes?" What the hell is going on here?!" Also those facial expressions are pretty good and the lighting's not bad either, nice
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