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  1. Sure thing, it'd take me a while to do though, especially the panel arms since it took a while even to finish the blocky version, so don't expect those to come anytime soon.
  2. Well good luck, but remember, there's a lot more rigs you'd need, like the turrets, panels, maintenance rails, test chamber doors, etc. I was thinking of eventually (key word there) making the Mainframe rig, so you might wanna wait until then since that rig will be one of the more ambitious projects by itself and you could make some rigs of your own in the meantime. But I agree, that could be a cool project.
  3. "What do you mean "eyes?" What the hell is going on here?!" Also those facial expressions are pretty good and the lighting's not bad either, nice
  4. Okay, so this one has a bit of a story behind it. For some reason, the track "Reconstructing More Science" in the Portal 2 OST, which is the full version of the main trailer theme, is right at the beginning of Volume 3 instead of Volume 1. Judging by the songs directly before and after it, this is right between the part of the game where you make it out of Old Aperture and the part where you and GLaDOS meet Wheatley again. Now, this got me thinking: what if instead of just a full trailer theme, the track played during the elevator ride back up, when Chell and GLaDOS first see the state of chaos the facility is in under Wheatley's control? (I know the ride isn't actually very long in the game's canon because you traveled so far up before getting to the elevator, but eh, basing a wallpaper off of an oddly placed song isn't exactly what you'd call canon anyway.) IMO, this still shot would probably be at some point during the calmer intermission (idk if that's actually what you call it, but that's the best word I could find.) I don't really have any plans to make an animation out of this, although it would be cool, but eh, this is enough for now. Enjoy and please appreciate this because it nearly crashed my computer kthxbye Also, the song for anybody who wants to hear it is down below:
  5. Wait, I thought it already was? I'll go check that out real quick... EDIT: It works just fine for me, I think I might know what the problem is. If the items and the skin are showing up as a black and purple checkerboard pattern, go into Resources, select the item sheet, click the folder icon with 3 dots and then, in the menu that pops up, navigate to where the item sheet is in the folder you downloaded. Do the same for the skin and it should be fine, it's just that the rig's trying to grab the textures from a path that doesn't exist on your PC so you have to correct it. If that's not the problem you're having, I don't know what to tell you.
  6. [Inhabitant "Captain B. Sandwich" has now entered the Floral Stasis Bay. Current time is 2500 hours. Approximate Terran equivalent: 8:00 AM. Current temperature readings: Stable. Current humidity readings: Stable. No issues have been detected in the past 75 hours.] There's a story to this one: So I've been playing (and dying in) a lot of hardcore worlds over the past month, and after the first few, i decided to start doing challenges to make it more interesting. For this one, my challenge was that my permanent base had to be 'futuristic.' I died early on and didn't get to finish it, but now I'm continuing in Creative mode and the idea is that this base is completely sealed off from the outside, as the air is poisonous for long periods of exposure, and self-sustaining, allowing scientists and colonists to conduct research on the planet's flora, fauna, and minerals for as long as they want. I guess this is in the same universe as that Meteor Shower render I did, but on another, more deadly planet, so that's fun.
  7. Me: I have, like, a ton of animation and art projects that are unfinished that I should probably get to work on-
    Brain: It is either the most beautiful forest render anybody has ever seen in their lives, or nothing at all, no in between. Check back next week for a new random obsession, you frickin moron

    1. OzFalcon


      Me: Time to open this program so I can finish just one of my many projects :)

      Brain: Imagine if you instantly lost interest as soon as the program loaded... haha jk... unless 😳

    2. DragonPixel
    3. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      same except i also work on thousands of other things like games and all

  8. Nice, the lighting on the head is super smooth and that lens dirt looks amazing veri cute art sir
  9. There should be, are you sure you didn't change any settings? It always asks me before adding stuff like that.
  10. While it is possible according to Nimi (he said so on the MI and Chill Discord) the program can't map that object's textures into it, so it really wouldn't be too useful to implement.
  11. BR3x9K9.png
    I'm so glad you can change colors like this so easily without any extra textures, so satisfying. Apparently not to my computer tho, all the spot light overlap made this a pain to render.

    1. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      Imagine this being added to minecraft.

  12. oh hecc i hit 900 rep when i posted my last wallpaper, nice

  13. Well then you could turn the hat invisible along with the head, it's not that much harder than what you're suggesting.
  14. You can just have the head's Visible setting turned off (in the Keyframe tab) and then go to the hat layer and turn off Inherit Visibility.
  15. Wait, I left? Jeez, I really have been working on furry stuff too much... Don't worry, I'm sure we'll be fine! Hey, anybody else see that giant one that isn't moving, but just keeps getting bigger? Weird...
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