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  1. Yey my internet are now have the good :D

    1. TheJeweledWolf
    2. Fray
    3. MikTRF


      Your internet is no longer interhecc.

  2. Heccin' fricc my mouse, it won't cooperate with me. :(

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. EnderSculptor


      wait hold on

      if i fix it.....

    3. Fray
    4. TheJeweledWolf


      Lol, thank God my brother got me a gaming mouse. My old wireless did that.

  3. BaconSandwich


    My biggest issue: Why's there no shadow blur?!
  4. BaconSandwich

    The Apartment Collab

    1 like = 1 cri Nice idea for a collab tho, I really hope I actually manage to catch this one.
  5. BaconSandwich

    Working On TF2 Animation

    Nice, fitting to the style of SFM videos.
  6. BaconSandwich

    most animated test yet

    Can't help that much, walking's difficult for me too.
  7. BaconSandwich

    most animated test yet

    Pretty nice and smooth, one thing I will say is the walk cycle for Steve looks just a bit stiff so making it more fluid would make the animation look more lifelike. Nice job tho!
  8. Here's a change that would be real useful: an option in the particle editor to rotate the trajectory of the particles when the creator rotates, so you can have particles on a sword work with animations better, and an option to move the particles along with the creator, so you can have a fireball or something like that made out of particles and have it not leave behind a big trail of little particles. Just some ideas.

  9. BaconSandwich

    happy berfday

    Happi Borf
  10. BaconSandwich

    My Simple Bedroom Furniture Rigs!

    The item sheets seemed to not import correctly, just go into resources, find the two item sheets that look like purple and black checkerboards and replace them with the "Bed and Desk Item Sheet" from the folder you downloaded.
  11. BaconSandwich

    enchanted sword RIG{V.1)

    Nice particles
  12. BaconSandwich

    Random collab entry that I join

    The parts that were animated were pretty gud, nice job.
  13. What are the perfect ingredients to your bacon sandwich?

    1. BaconSandwich


      One piece of organic American cheese, a handful of shredded lettuce, fresh free-range beef, two crisp buns and a single piece of bacon that I usually hide between the cheese and bun but still acknowledge anyway.

      (The last part is a joke, I might add it in "BaconSandwich V2" coming soon, idk.)

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