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  1. BaconSandwich

    Skin Requests for Group Wallpaper

    Okay, so the finished wallpaper lineup is: Me, MikTRF, TecnoGamerJW, ThatRobloxerGamerYT, Swift, Fray, jakubg1, 9redwoods and Wackabooboo. I might add my brother in too if there isn't enough going on in the scene.
  2. BaconSandwich

    Skin Requests for Group Wallpaper

    Ooooh, so you want your full eyes to be 2x2 sized. Got it. I personally prefer those kinds of eyes on skins.
  3. BaconSandwich

    Skin Requests for Group Wallpaper

    Okay, so I think I know what you're thinking about. Do you mean that you want me to have the pupils not be a 2x1 texture like my last status update's example and instead they're wider or something?
  4. BaconSandwich

    Skin Requests for Group Wallpaper

    I plan to put as much effort as possible into it, also I might extrude on your skin but if it looks good without it I won't.
  5. Okay, so I had the idea to make a group wallpaper, but instead of other people giving me their rigs, I'll try to rig them in whatever style I think suits their skin best. If you want your skin to be in it, comment in this format: Skin: Do you have any style requests?: Any special items or armor?: I'll be asking for the entirety of today and then I'll work on it over the weekend.
  6. I feel like making a group wallpaper, but I rig everyone's characters in a certain style and have a really simplistic scene while try to give everyone as fitting an expression as possible for their general personality. The problem is that I have a lot of work in school so I don't always have enough time to do things like that. Maybe I could ask for skins tomorrow and work on it over the weekend?

    1. 9redwoods


      You can use my skin, even though you haven't started asking yet. Do I give you my rig or not? If not, I'd still like to give it to you so you can copy and paste my Minecon cape onto your version.

    2. BaconSandwich


      Yeah, I guess you could give me it just for the cape. The point of the thing, though, is that I'll rig everyone myself cuz I want to try and make everyone's rigs as close as possible to their general style. For example, if I was rigging Hozq I might rig him similarly to how I did this:


  7. Wut, is that a new character or smth. Except for the face, that mirrors my brother's skin exactly.

  8. BaconSandwich

    Custom Biome Color Keyframing Issue with 1.2

    Eyy, that's real exciting! Now I'll be able to change the biome color partway through my animation to better suit a snowy area instead of the vibrant jungle kinda thing in the first scene.
  9. BaconSandwich

    FUNNY ANIMATION:Biome series:Desert adventure

    Some constructive criticism: I think the sound effects are a bit overused, the lighting could use a bit of work and the animation is sort of choppy. Also, it would look better if there was more movement on the character's faces.
  10. BaconSandwich

    Can you enable fancy mode?

    OHHH thats why it never works when I test it out ._.
  11. BaconSandwich

    A Messy WaterTemple (2k)

    I think the decoration is cool, but the glow on the sea lanterns is too heavy.
  12. BaconSandwich


    Cool, I have one of my own but still cool.
  13. BaconSandwich

    Sonic Colors Intro clip

    YES my childhood has returned with flying colors (hehe) Ontopic: I like the composition of it so far, you got the original pretty accurately. However, you used linear transitions, which create choppy movements instead of smooth ones that tie well into the next movement by easing in or out. I recommend you learn transitions to smooth out your animations. I also saw there was no eye movement on Sonic in the first few cuts, even a small amount of movement would help it look more lifelike.
  14. BaconSandwich

    Advanced Character Model Version 2.0

  15. BaconSandwich

    Sonic The Hedgehog

    Nice, I think you did pretty well keeping the Minecrafty style!
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