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  1. You mean adding another version for mine imator?
  2. Minealif

    [Art] Allemn again

  3. Minealif

    how to import a modelbench

    Is the file big?
  4. Minealif

    Make Fortnite-Imator!

  5. Sorry for my bad english....that i mean is,is it possible to add anither version of minecraft to mine imator (not 1.13) cuz when i messing around with the setting i found out that you can change the version so is it possible?
  6. How you get the leaves texture? Are you extract it from the mod? EDIT:The mod that i mean is better foliage EDIT 2:Is it possible to add oldest version?or adding handmade version that we modified like this?
  7. Minealif

    Simple Diamond Shoes!!

  8. Minealif

    Titan Wither

    To be honest that thing is cute
  9. Minealif

    Ask me something, anything.

    Are you using mine imator? If yes for what? If it's for minecraft animation why you animate minecraft?
  10. Minealif

    Car Render wallpaper!

    Look like there is a alpha glitch here........ try make the car or the bird render depth to 2 just open the property and click graphic and done!
  11. Minealif

    Advanced Character Model Version 1

    Anyone picture?
  12. Minealif

    Ask me something, anything.

    Are you in internet?
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