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  1. This is animated and edited so well, omg, also someone should share this with Mini Ladd for the fun XD
  2. I have a feeling someone's modeled horse armor before, have you tried searching?
  3. So you completely go past the point just to say this? The /post/ was what I was referring to, it is an embedded link in the image. Consider it edited, but please keep those sorts of things more polite. Also I did not realize they were separate images.
  4. clicking on this image sent me to a website but first showed me panels with clickbait thumbnails, one being dental surgery and something about feet. uhh.. Good comic, though!
  5. When I saw berry, I thought of Willy Wonka, so I clicked the post. I guess I was wrong.
  6. Aww bummer but hey you do you, if it were me I wouldn't mind the extra tails, its the fingers to constantly move that would bug me x)
  7. wait, wouldn't the smile be broken in half one on each pant? XD
  8. If you want an accurate Furry rig/model, have this helpful Checklist:

    - Movable Ears
    - Movable Tail
    - Movable Muzzle/Maw
    - Paw pads (depends on species)
    - Claws, (retractable or not, but depends on species)
    - Neck fluff/mane (optional)
    - Boopable nose :3

    Think about this as a toy car, would you have more fun or would it be more cool if you can open all the doors on that toy car? Yeah it would, no doubt. So add actual tails now. :P

    1. NoHayTroblemo


      should also have the zipper at the back to make it more realistic or something

    2. KrisFirebolt


      Well that depends if you're doing fursuit or the actual animal, and not every fursuit has zipper only just on the back. Some fursuits can have shoulder entry, front entry, which ever the person commissions or what the person finds easiest to wear the costume.

  9. KrisFirebolt

    Carnotaurus Rig

    I see a big do not enter sign
  10. Aaaaahhhhh a tail would look great here >-<!! Also that deadpan stare on panel four x) And yo when are we getting paw pads
  11. KrisFirebolt

    Boobs Rig

    How many of these 'rigs' are there in the forums now?
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