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  1. Blue Dragon Rig by Daffa the One

    cool looking
  2. Bus Rig

    It may be bare bones compared what someone can do with some extra time. I remember making a school bus but it was actually quite crappy compared to yours. But I wonder if you did use a lot of individual objects to create the entire shape, which is still quite good as you would have to create every part to make the bus whole. That must have taken a lot of time to make, its good that you were dedicated to finish what you started as most people give up halfway. The image you provided in the background has way more detail, that you should think about adding in a next update if there will be one. It is alright if you don't plan on it, there will be people who like it the way it is and still appreciate you being there to create it for public use. It doesn't have to be perfect to anyone's opinions or personal standards, it is what you made and I hope you had fun doing this. ^^ Of course if you do plan to add more onto it, It may help to look up how other people create school buses if you want to get more ideas on what to make. If you look up "Minecraft school bus" you are able to find examples like these below that look fairly easy to make and still provide a level of detail even with Minecraft's limits. Of course in Mineimator you don't have to follow Minecraft's vanilla limits. If you are able to come up with a new model on your own that looks good, it may get you some attention. (I think this bus may be featured on Planet Minecraft, I did not make this https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/school-bus---ic-bus-ce-series-2003-model/ .) That being said, I wish you good luck on your future creations, and have a good day. .
  3. The Heist [Minecraft Animation]

    I bet it did! My computer would never want to handle that much without making noises and constantly freezing.
  4. The Heist [Minecraft Animation]

    Wow, the beginning was really cool with the city and the use of highly detailed cars. I like it.
  5. Wait where did the chatroom go? Was it removed? Man I must have never noticed before.

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    2. tditdatdwt


      Kris my boy, you're back?

    3. KrisFirebolt


      I don't know. Is there even a point?

    4. tditdatdwt


      I'm not sure who you're responding to.


  6. Field | Realistic Mine-imator Wallpaper

    This is pretty cool, are they HD textures on several different objects?

    How the hell will it work? Its more logical to have it on the game consoles, not a freaking phone!
  8. Nether brick fences problem (shematics)

    To be honest I'd just use fence posts in Mineimator and fill the gap I never find it too troublesome.
  9. Helicopter-Che3sy Another Rig :D

    Don't say that, you need more practice, and make things that you feel comfortable to make. What you did look like a Cargobob, you can always add more detail and look at pictures for references. I remember doing a cargobob before. I usually try my best for things to look finished yet people point out way more flaws than I do.
  10. The Outdoors

    If the green pixels represent leaves or different variants of grass, then that is quite a lot of things you've had to put down to make it work. I think that's cool. Is the flower big because its closer to the screen?
  11. Helicopter-Che3sy Another Rig :D

    Seems lacking, or is that on purpose?
  12. Old mine imator struggles

    Lag and not being able to do more details as you can now.
  13. Human Rig V2

    The fingers make the arms seem a lot bigger and longer, maybe its just me.
  14. I quite like this car. (Image.)krissybugatti3_by_krisfirebolt-d8tj9a9.p

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    2. KrisFirebolt


      That's fine. ^^

    3. EthanForeverAlone


      Give it textures. The noise of the normal blocks ruin it.

    4. KrisFirebolt


      I gotcha. This picture was from a few years ago though. I wanted to update the model I just never got around to it.

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