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  1. Yeah you've improved it a lot, somehow. But why feet?
  2. I kind of want to see the city though! What map is it?
  3. That's alright, thanks for the update ^^
  4. KrisFirebolt


    I think the eyes should be a blocky as the chicken they're next to.
  5. well i mean it could also be a cosplay
  6. I kinda thought it would be like most young mobs where it was smaller proportions yet kept the same size head, but this is probably more realistic to life.
  7. Fix the little spelling error, I think it'll look great. Though maybe look at more reference photos, the front text could be in reverse as to be seen in rear view mirrors. Side mirrors may also be a nice feature, sometimes its easy to forget they exist.
  8. I still think there should've been tails
  9. I like your profile picture ^^

  10. An E3 presentation of anything Like a banana, or I don't know, just something or some sort of parody of E3 hype. That's all I can think of right now off top of my head, good luck with your animating.
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