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  1. I like it, I would suggest maybe texturing just the glass so the whole thing can look a lot smoother?
  2. Ah, captions on the left side of the image rather than on the top or bottom, I think this is a new way of doing things :
  3. The meteor was kind of interesting

  4. Snow day for colleges is just as fun as snow day for normal school :D

    yay i dont have to go outside

    1. Ghatos


      also for high school

    2. TwoToRule


      My high school just gives us work to do at home. In fact, last Friday was a mock snow day.


      On the bright side, we don't add any extra days to the year.

  5. Can't really much have a point if I've never had much of one to begin with Not everyone will always be adding something new to a trend. Btw you fell for the clothes thing, it was a joke. Of course its a necessity, I just thought it would be a silly enough idea for a parody.
  6. Was there ever a complete list of each upvote/downvote rank or something? I'm just curious what all of the names are xD

    1. tditdatdwt


      Don't worry Kris, I know the names

  7. Rainy evening on Belleflower 🏝️
    (Here is a game screenshot)

  8. Sometimes, in some cities, train systems can both be above ground and underground.
  9. guess you're behind on the memes then Dio is a popular anime character, unless you're not old enough to be watching anime stuff. I haven't, i have no idea who they are, I just know that nani is said a lot in some places.
  10. Uh, squiddo? That's not food noms! XD
  11. Looking great, missing some details but if this is a wip, its looking great so far!
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