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  1. Came back home and saw like 15 notifications and it got my heart pumping thinking, ok what happened? Turns out it was just people talking in some status somewhere xD

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    2. Gfamleit


      that happend to me 3 days in a row

    3. 9redwoods


      Lesson learned: Don't reply to a status.

    4. KrisFirebolt


      Oof, yea.. I wonder if there's away to maybe not have that happen

  2. I'm sorry, what are you talking about? Where's this capital failure at?
  3. Just tried out the update, I do like the new camera options, thanks again ^^
  4. Ah, this is what I would've liked to see, I didn't know about those features, I'll have to try them out sometime. Thanks. ^^ Depth of Field? That sounds interesting, I'll have to try that out sometime, I'm guessing its in the latest update? Was debating last night on whether to add some blur in the render through photoshop but I went for keeping it simple, and I was a bit sleepy. Haha
  5. I think its kinda fun for a wallpaper, the stretching blocks makes it fun and cartoony, the motion blur gives it that strike of action. Really like that custom sword, its neat. ^^
  6. I think if someone wants to use an older version of a thing that they're familiar with to make something, they should be able to do that. Its the first thing I've made since coming back into animating, am I just expected to be using the latest version of Mineimator? I'm not sure if its me but, this feels like its missing the point. At least its not the 0.7 demo, if anything.
  7. Well, it is Mineimator 1.1.2 if it means anything, very shady area that first biome. ^^
  8. Hello, here's my first actual Mineimator creation in a very long time, I've been on a hiatus and thereon lost interest in Minecraft animating as a hobby. You could call me a lurker, I just occasionally check for messages, notifications, and up-voting things others made that looked pretty sweet. I've had an idea to make myself a Minecrafty Protogen model/rig, in case I wanted to make later renders and animations with it. I don't think one's ever been publicly made with Mineimator, to my current knowledge, however I hope to see more made later on. Maybe some of you would take inspiration and see where you can go with making your own Protogens, check official references first. There's still a lot of bugs to be ironed out with some things in the design, and its a personal project so I don't think I'll be sharing a 'download.' *edit* Brand new Render via Mineimator 1.2.6 (Outdated Render:) (Glow effect added via Photoshop. These parts should normally be glowing, as they are LEDs.) Here is a showcase video with animate-able examples and such below:
  9. When you spend 10 hours working on something 👌

    1. Eliphaz


      *laughs in working on something for 14 hours in one day* 

  10. I've been working on something big, well, big to me because I haven't used Mineimator in a very long time.

  11. I wonder if a Protogen would be strong enough to use Mineimator on, assuming you can use its face as a screen. 😆

    1. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      i mean, it depends on the protogen, just like anything i guess. if the protogen is like super buff n stuff, probably. but if the protogen is like a real life stickman like i am well it probably won't except if it's some sort of super spy thing

    2. KrisFirebolt


      I feel like I want to try creating my own one with Minecraft and Mineimator, for the challenge, I think I could do it. Its been years since I've made an actual new thing.

  12. Protogens are kinda cool, not gonna lie

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