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  1. KrisFirebolt


    I'm in college, and photography classes are heckin' expensive. I didn't bother.
  2. KrisFirebolt


    If you change the background and put a rose in the guy's mouth it would be a romantic scene.
  3. KrisFirebolt


    I like that the car is actually a car for once, not something half done with missing details and disproportionate sizes.
  4. KrisFirebolt

    Ghetto (4K Realism)

  5. KrisFirebolt

    Morning!...on the bed :|

    unpolished attempt at anime?
  6. KrisFirebolt

    A limousine Stretch with GTA

    a bit slim dont you think?
  7. KrisFirebolt

    Bed rig

    It's not really that bad, I would suggest more practice and maybe experiment with designs. This is comparable to car models without side mirrors and proportional details. If this is your first attempt, its not that bad. You really need to explain why you feel this way, because you are being lazy as well for failing to type a complete sentence, so you are also a contradiction.
  8. I meant it sitting in a room with time passing by, sorry i was still waking up when i made that comment, I didn't provide enough context haha, sorry. You did really good though. Maybe you should make some more furniture, practice making props. Maybe you and others could get some use out of it all.
  9. thought timelapse = having it move but in fast forward
  10. KrisFirebolt

    The Dumbest Request Ever

    aww its cute
  11. KrisFirebolt

    Minecraft crab rave

    id like t0 see that
  12. KrisFirebolt

    Demogorgon rig or model?

    a what?
  13. KrisFirebolt

    Simple Chair and Table Rigs

    seems simple to vanilla
  14. KrisFirebolt

    [True Tail] Kanikus Rig

  15. KrisFirebolt


    Can it do 'This is America' memes?
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