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  1. Friend gave me a copy of space cadet 3D pinball. I'm addicted. This was my childhood xD. Never thought I'd play it again!

    1. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      cadets, jump in the ball to uh get in a totally not spinny trip!

    2. KrisFirebolt
  2. I was expecting something related to the song
  3. Blobs rover gala whichever it'll be.
  4. That looks pretty cool, and I guess your fursona won't have a tail?
  5. To be honest within my opinion, the Steve is creepy and the eyes are huge, its like I'm watching an episode of The Hoax Hotel. (Example of video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uib-SKzHC4c )
  6. Awesome, someone's making it in the game to import with Mcedit, right? Will it have side mirrors?
  7. I feel like comic book style chat bubbles would work best
  8. Jum apple, bown asphalt tee
  9. Thanks, I'll go see what I can do to fix this. Used a different platform for the photo, should work unless settings have been changed that I forgot about~
  10. Yay, its been forever since I made any kind of actual post, so here is a nightmare for some of you. Haha. I use this Fox model for my own characters, but I made a generic orange version to share what I've made almost two years ago. I like my Foxes with proportionate tails, ears, and mouth. Because Foxes aren't completely flat faced, that would be Anime. And they need their iconic big bushy tails.
  11. I'm really liking Candy, thanks for sharing these!
  12. the f 0 x needs a tail and a bigger mouth :3
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