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  1. KrisFirebolt


    why is it that some people post a link instead of the image?
  2. KrisFirebolt

    i need 1980s laptop rig/model

    These look so cool! I didn't know they had laptops so early
  3. KrisFirebolt

    Baldi's Basics Rig Pack

    Exactly! There's that one person posting rigs of the characters from the game.. But the style and the music used to feature the rigs totally miss the point!! Its too clean, friendly, cartoonish. This thread's models and props look like how they should, right?
  4. KrisFirebolt

    Baldi's Basics Rig Pack

    Finally someone gets it!
  5. KrisFirebolt

    Principal of the Thing Rig

    i still think the original image is better
  6. KrisFirebolt

    New Unofficial Server [Online Now]

    You are not permitted to use STONE_SWORD.
  7. KrisFirebolt

    A car model on request

    Some of the examples of things made so far look pretty poor compared to the reference images users have supplied. I know there are other people who can do better. Are you allowing any time and practice and patience or are you just planning on rushing them out just all willy nilly?
  8. KrisFirebolt

    Arts and Crafters rig

    Who on earth would want anything to do with socks?
  9. haha i refuse to sleep to i built an ikea shelf. i still have to sleep. dang it

    1. ThatGuyBrian


      build more ikea shelves, and while your at it go pick up some of that elderflower syrup

  10. KrisFirebolt

    New Unofficial Server [Online Now]

    So.... No videos or pictures of the server that you have to offer? That's like being a Nigerian prince sending promises in email but no proof of the money!
  11. This is Mine-imator
    Don't catch you f-n-a-f-fin' up
    Don't catch you f-n-a-f-fin' up
    Look at what they're rigging up
    This is Mine-imator (woo)

  12. KrisFirebolt

    Baldi's basics Bully Rig

  13. KrisFirebolt

    Baldi's basics Bully Rig

    the pictures from the game it self would probably be better than making up a new model tbh
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