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  1. That's a strange reason, but alright
  2. As my graphic design instructor would say to a classmate, "Why not add a description?"
  3. I've been here for a while, this is accurate. If there were no limit, you could technically upvote all of the things you really like instead of having to conserve or bookmark topics to upvote later. However, there are lots of people here who would be eager to downvote almost anything in sessions over a grudge or because they got upset, and its dumb really. I agree with the value part as well, it does make every upvote feel a bit more special since anyone can only do so many per day. Perhaps in the long run it did do more good to help inspire users to create, rather than people feel like they're being held back from showing appreciation with a like button. Also a bit true since I'm pretty sure every upvote and reply to a post does create a notification, and seeing a constant flow of notifications from one user may seem distracting or off putting.
  4. I kind of like the idea of a blue lantern, its neat~
  5. Daw, its smol and adorable~
  6. As someone who's just lurked for almost a year, tends to forget things or misremember, Mineimator does kind of seem like a lot of F N A F creations and lots of 'tests' that may or may not be only a battle scene. Maybe it is what people like to create because they believe its the coolest thing ever to animate a battle or some random broken robot. If you wanted to show some of the community creations, there's a lot of cool creations and models people have made that don't necessarily revolve around whatever is popular. There's that one thread with all of those cool cars, and I'm pretty sure there are hundreds of amazing scenery stills and screenshot-like renders.What made Mineimator cool is that you could bring your actual world save files to life and make your character/skin move around and tell a story, if anyone were to make a video, it should reflect on that.
  7. If its a joke, then its really obscure. Not everyone's a programmer who would understand what you are trying to reference. Sometimes what you say can accidentally come across as being mean. You could at least add an "sksk" or "lol" or "xD" if its not meant to be taken seriously. I wouldn't worry about them, there tends to be people like that in the forums, its strange. You did good with your picture, you should continue making more if that is what you enjoy.
  8. Has anyone ever made one of those face masks or was it not fivenights atfweddies enough? sksksksksksksks

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    3. KrisFirebolt


      Its not cringe to everyone, hun. x3

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  9. How american of me to assume there were going to be different sizes
  10. That's an interesting car design
  11. Oh wow, these are impressive!
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