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  1. M14 EBR making gun rigs is my hobby, yes im very low spawning rate of my post in this forum there is bonus, "The Water of the Sea" Version of this gun download
  2. "Are there is Mine imator for linux?" -Daffa the One
  3. i want retire from here :D

  4. Download link mega: Here to Download mediafire: Here to Download Kriss SV is..... Kriss SV was my Favorit SMG weapon. the body design, comfortable in hand. im making this to not to be tempted to buy the Airsoft. *if you not liking the attachement just hide it and flip the ironsight* There 7+ Paint and 4+ Cool Tattoed Version Kriss SV(this is joke don't hate me) the stock can be folded not include bullet sorry im a bad grammer
  5. This rig made in Modelbench 0.4.2 the Advanced version made in Mineimator 1.2.0 There was 5 Skin Include Aimpoint(idk it have V target) and Foregrip sorry for too late the upload DOWNLOAD LINK MEGA: Download MEDIAFIRE: Download *Sorry, im a bad grammer*
  6. so, this is januari and where is new version of modelbench or mine imator?
  7. 40/5000 Can it be in the form of a minecraft rig?
  8. Download Include Special Texture, Sound, and Keyframe Sample (not include bullet) *Cammed Scope is Unecesary* sorry guys, this time is gun, not character some flashback from 2017: Donate for increase upload rate: paypal.me/DaffatheOne
  9. link here!!! >>>https://youtu.be/j2uGIxYZUUA<<< so i making music with minecraft note block with some synthyzer and the video made use mine imator and vegas pro with VHS Effect
  10. dOWNLOAD nOW i made this for my private random propeties this will might be usefull for you what inside? *duolingo and there is many more rig inside *tank *ukulele *some guy *acog sight *bottle *table and sofa *grass sriccor
  11. public class Robot Rig by Daffa the One { this rig created with mapped texture block } for mine imator 1.2.0 or Higher now with FHINGERSS Created in Modelbench Code: {13 5 12 1 14 3 8 9} "this number is alphabet like 1 is A or 2 is B" Texture Size: 128x x2048bit sys } } }init (2)"n0t 1nclud3 sw0rd" <1>end Download the Rig: >>bOT.ZIP<< *call me if the rig is error*
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