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  1. 1.2.2 Issue I think my graphic is broken and I tried rendering on each computer and the results were the same spinning sun animated normal render rendering behind the cloud @david Fix It!! @Nimi
  2. if this real, it will be my best game
  3. i use loot folder for main movement>gravity>spin and>the character
  4. tells of a portal that appears suddenly that makes the baby mooshrom curious about the portal this animation takes 2 years to complete we can see the development of the animation movement from the beginning and at the end in 2 years im still use Mine imator 1.1.4 because 1.2.2 render i weird Support me wih subscribe in my channel sorry for bad english
  5. L115A1 aka AWM Im Back and make new gun rig sorry for rarely upload new rig because im so busy so, im make this rig with Item Sheet method in Modelbench Include : *Ironsight *Silencer *8x Scope *8 Paint Texture Download Upvote for more rig Reply down below if something wrong with this rig
  6. im will start to rigging but im confused are voxel better than item sheet modeled ? or vice verse? here is the advantages and disadvantages of them Voxel Modeled advantages: easy to model disadvantages: can't change the paint Item Sheet Modeled: advantages: can change the paint disadvantages: hard to model it
  7. Nerf Retaliator Nerf Retaliator with 21 Meter long Shoot 12 Shoot Magazine Detail Model with Item sheet Lagless With 4 Color(paint) >>>Download<<<
  8. Make it Particle Rotated (RECOMMENDED FEATURE TO BE ADDED!!!) Um, @david. can you added feature that can rotate the Particle? this is important to make gun projectile for correct target So, in Particle tab, Add Checklist for Avable or Disable this Feature (sorry if this post have a mistake)
  9. SO GUYS!!!! if you had issue like up post above you just download this for limit your fps modelbench. JUST LOVE THIS APP ?? https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/rtss-rivatuner-statistics-server-download.html
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