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  1. aye, once again i'm stuck with an old pc, and still using a old version of mine imator, it doesn't matters anyways tho.
  2. Since i'm spanish.... i don't think you would understand it. but here it is..
  3. So basically. Both Modelbench and Mine-Imator we're made in Game Maker 2. And after opening the program. It's just in the task bar. and then disappears. Any solutions? (any other solutions that doesn't says "buy a new graphic card" or "buy a new pc" i'm poor.) I don't want to be stuck with 1.0.6
  4. Have you ever thinked to make a fall guys model in Mine-Imator?

    1. insanehelix7076


      Already am but you need to slow down the status updates. Its flooding the status update section

    2. GabrielFazbear


      alright, sorry. I-I just like the big text and stuff, i'm too addicted to this.

  5. That's why it's called "add-on" it added some other stuff to the model. i think-
  6. Everyone up there is an uhhh mediafire download in this page. So uhhhh... Mr. Darl. Can you make the endo skeleton thing? It already existed one but it doesn't match with the animatronics rigs.
  7. yay there's me- da blue one with a hoodie
  8. Yeah no. I NEED A NEW COMPUTER because my computer doesn't let me open new versions. except 1.0.6 Now i'm stuck.
  9. Alright i think i need to update my computer. Maybe. Soon... Wait. Mine imator was maked in GameMaker Studio 1.4 but now to GameMaker Studio 2? Hm.. Maybe GameMaker Studio 2 it's not for my pc?
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