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  1. Christmas Collab

    Dunno if ths is bumping, but I'm hopefully in... question mark? (How did I get from rigs to Team Requests?)
  2. Christmas Tree

  3. Christmas Tree

    I've done better, but I don't have the time nor the patience to do a good one. So here: Don't bother crediting me. It's to simple.
  4. RUN!!

    Where you get that fire?!
  5. 2 things: 1. Bumping old topics and 2. This is under Wallpapers and Art. You go to Rigs for downloads.
  6. Funtime F.reddy Rig [non-laggy]

    Erm, we only say that to bad fad rigs. When someone who's good at making rigs makes a really good fad rig, lots of people go crazy over it. Just noting a pattern.
  7. Christmas hat rig! c:

  8. Hello Neighbour

    It was how my skin was designed.
  9. Hello Neighbour

    Oh, okay!
  10. Hello Neighbour

    ... Imgur don't work for ya?
  11. I was bored, again, so I decided to make this wallpaper. Just, don't question why I made it, why it isn't as high quality of work, etc. Just, look at it. Map by: Me
  12. Thanksgiving Turkey Rig

    What can get complicated about this? It's a god damn turkey! Anyway, here it is: Rules: If used, link THIS PAGE, not the download!
  13. Pastic steve (My Ver.)

  14. Amnesia Game Rigs

  15. Simpler Cobalt Rig

    Nice, and what FoxtrotHeaven said, and edit a square mouth rig and allow the eyes to be inside the head, unless you were going for a pop-out eye style.
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