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  1. Am I late? Anyway, SEA CUCUMBER!! (Not a fish, but it IS a sea creature!)
  2. MC19Player

    FN SCAR-17 Automatic rifle

    ey, dat good
  3. MC19Player

    Automatic 3d hat rig. Works with any 32x64 skin!

    Simple Item-sheet set up!
  4. MC19Player

    What am I doing with my life...

    Best, of the friggin' best, man!!
  5. MC19Player

    PPS Face Rig

    Or are you? PLOT TWIST!! DUM DUM DUM DUM!! W8, did I do that in the wrong order again? Yes, yes I did. ****!!
  6. MC19Player

    Another mob pack

    ANOTHER ONE!!!! I wanna be ded
  7. MC19Player

    Better Steve / Non-MC Steve

  8. MC19Player

    Grimlock G1 Rig (Transformable) [Transformers]

  9. MC19Player

    Ruby Duo Blade

    no crotch-block? sad...
  10. MC19Player

    F.N.A.F map of sister location

    Prob. CB, Community Build. If it is, I'll export it to be 1.0.6 for ya. Then update it to 1.1.2 if necessary. Hope you have a VERY powerful computer, cause it laggy af. 1.1.2 Port There's the download link for the 1.1.2 port. I think the original is 1.0.6 or CB.
  11. MC19Player

    Intro Giveaway

  12. MC19Player

    F.N.A.F map of sister location

    You import the project. Also, check the file type. If it .miobject, it's for the newer MI. If it's the older one, than it's for older MI versions. CHECK IF U HAVE DA RIGHT VERSION!!
  13. MC19Player

    Ink Bendy Rig

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