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  1. MC19Player

    Ian's Improved Phantom Model

    Late, I guess, but noice!
  2. MC19Player

    Mine-imator 1.2.0 (pre-release)

    God, am I so late: Finally! These things!!! Now I don't have to get a resource pack for 1.13 blacks! yay. Now back to portal 2 hammering.
  3. MC19Player

    Bendy and the ink Machine - Chapter 1 Map

    Needs a major update.
  4. MC19Player

    Fad 1-4 Maps

    Noice, but, noice!
  5. MC19Player

    minecraft mannequin challenge animation

    ikr- i mean, what?
  6. MC19Player

    minecraft mannequin challenge animation

    I am giving CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM (*cough* TwoToRule *cough*), not rude insults (*COUGH* TwoToRule *COUGH*), so here it is: -If it's an upbeat song, make your camera movements a bit faster, to make it FEEL faster and more pumped up. -Try to improve your lighting: It looks flat and boring, when Mine-Imator gives you the option of making MUCH better lighting than Minecraft. -Don't do an animation on this challenge, as it's ded, so, yeah. -Follow what I said. -Use better Youtube to mp3 websites, like or They give you MUCH better audio quality, compared to this video's audio quality. -Camera: Try to not make point-to-point camera motions, try to make it look more circular and non-linear. Linear looks terrible, depending on what you're doing. (Like mouths: They usually look good linearly, but no arm or body or leg or head movements) You're doing good for starting out, and I hope you improve later on. Cheers! ~Snowy
  7. Am I late? Anyway, SEA CUCUMBER!! (Not a fish, but it IS a sea creature!)
  8. MC19Player

    FN SCAR-17 Automatic rifle

    ey, dat good
  9. MC19Player

    Automatic 3d hat rig. Works with any 32x64 skin!

    Simple Item-sheet set up!
  10. MC19Player

    What am I doing with my life...

    Best, of the friggin' best, man!!
  11. MC19Player

    PPS Face Rig

    Or are you? PLOT TWIST!! DUM DUM DUM DUM!! W8, did I do that in the wrong order again? Yes, yes I did. ****!!
  12. MC19Player

    Another mob pack

    ANOTHER ONE!!!! I wanna be ded
  13. MC19Player

    Better Steve / Non-MC Steve

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