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  1. IsaacDavid

    NiGHTS' (Into Dreams & Journey of Dreams)

    Made with Illustrator CC & Photoshop CC
  2. IsaacDavid

    Useless Keyframes Pack

    SM64's Bob-omb Battlefield Theme Starts to play.
  3. Guess who is back!

    1. ShadowNinja5764
    2. IsaacDavid


      take a look on my past bud


    3. ShadowNinja5764
  4. IsaacDavid

    Five Nigths At Freedy's™ 1 - Map

    Whoa, even for today, in 2018, i still get UpVotes, Thanks for all the feedback guys!
  5. IsaacDavid

    the F.N. A.F Edit Saga Pack

  6. IsaacDavid

    Five Nigths At Freedy's™ 1 - Map

    Uhh no.. but i think he gonna uses it. btw i made that for him.
  7. IsaacDavid

    Super Mario Series - Logo Remake

    Made in Photoshop CC 2017.
  8. IsaacDavid

    Sonic Rush : Adventure - Logo Remake

    Made on Photoshop CC 2017.
  9. IsaacDavid

    Should i buy CS:GO [CLOSED]

    Nah, its Tra$h, buy Gmod instead!, is more fun!
  10. IsaacDavid

    Gameboy Advance | GBA | Rig!

    Sorry , I know that game, but i never played it before..
  11. IsaacDavid

    Gameboy Advance | GBA | Rig!

    Hello everyone, well, its been a while, on this meanwhile, i was playing a lot of GBA Games, such like : Crash: N-Tranced , Crash : Purple, and Mario Kart So.. that gave me a idea for my next rig! Photos! Lightroom by SKIBBZ
  12. IsaacDavid

    My Intro for YouTube!

    did you created the Evolvo-Ray?
  13. IsaacDavid

    We are Number One! [4K]

    He is a beginner.
  14. IsaacDavid

    Cake Cannon - Short Animation

    Hmm, this guy lives in Venezuela.., HMMM hmmm, Brazil and Venezuela are so.. near..
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