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  1. nrtcb

    Nintendo 3DS RIG

    its like a laptop bc its too big
  2. nrtcb

    Terraria Nettle Burst

    download:http://www.mediafire.com/file/8wx3y86tye0i7v4/staff+(1).rar see the terraria rig pack:
  3. another rig... for @Bronze features : 3d extrudes shines at night the blue things on the mushroom glows download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mo9agq3zcq9c426/terraria+glowing+mushroom.rar did i said shine? i will upload the gold coin rig soon
  4. wooooooooooooow i want this rendering style!
  5. nrtcb

    terraria dresser

    oh ok. im learning cool things in this forum... no they are popping out and you can open it
  6. nrtcb

    terraria dresser

    this is a rig for bronze. i love that terraria rig and i want to create rigs for it and help him. so... and... this took me 2 minutes also sorry for my english and... you can download it here http://www.mediafire.com/file/u3xa2atayx5ead1/terraria+dresser+rig.rar
  7. every item in minecraft with 3d model
  8. nrtcb

    Spark Particle

    skibbz all of your rigs download links are broken because you have to sign in to media fire or your files will be missed after two weeks
  9. nrtcb


    ok i changed that
  10. nrtcb


    hi this is my second rig its a facial rig with cool eyes but no bendable eyebrows and mouth but they will be added in the next version note: there is a mouth but its something like minecraft story mode pictures: download: DOWNLOAD
  11. nrtcb

    Outdoor Assets Pack

    yeh i nid dis rig pls fiks it too lazy for typing
  12. there is a minecraft animation called "running to never". the video link is at the end of this video.so i created a normal and easy rig from the blue sword in this animation. (its my first rig) some images: downlod oh i forgot about video link i will improve this rig soon
  13. nrtcb

    Car rig

    details are very good!
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