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  1. cool but the elgurs texture is too blurry. limit ur color pallete
  2. can u post a picture so we know what we are going to download?
  3. i think i saw the baby yoda model somewhere else... i think it was in sketchfab. https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/baby-yoda-f82dda2242df44c48b127dcb2e6f7392
  4. nrtcb


    nice wallpaper but who has 2 TV's next to each other
  5. that staff is too thick. and big
  6. at least use some texture pack on the models with minecraft schematic to make it fit normal pixels or make a pixel art of blocks idk
  7. dude all he wants to say is that glass looks a bit weird in 3d bc of those pixels.
  8. that looks kinda THICC cool
  9. nrtcb

    edge glow

    what do i do with these shoulders
  10. nrtcb

    edge glow

    exactly, the old method was random, i got it once very randomly when messing with glow effects.
  11. nrtcb

    edge glow

    ik a lot of people know how to do this, but i still dont understand how it works, i even tried some tutorials from videos and changed the render and lighting setting to what they said, but i still cant do it. can some one give me a good guide on how to do edge glow? and, does the edge glow apply to everything from every angle ? or i need to change the spot light angle for each part to have edge glow?
  12. is this fully made in modelbench or it has been edited in mineimator?
  13. this is a small laboratory with some machines, samples and a cage for curing zombiefied mobs and players. pictures: (the title is not made by me its just a picture i found online so here's the source super fancy download if that link doesnt work then use this one
  14. nice model, but its too small for a temple
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