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  1. Damn, you are nice. Thanks Im no hacker, im no realism man, im just a normal dude
  2. The Banner is Currently W.I.P do you want to decorate your scene but you don't have time to make new models? well then this is a rig pack for you Hello, and welcome to the Environmental Props Pack this is both a rigs and a models pack, this rig in its current state is abit limited, but this rig will still be updated What do we have in the pack currently? if there is a green text, that mean you can just customize it with just one click using 16x16 texture if there is a Yellow text, that mean you can modify it, but you need some extra editing Rock and Pebbles: Spike: some self-made Flower: Logs: A Tree Swing suggested by @SharpWind: Foods! (W.I.P): Texture Presets (24 Textures): Preview of the Final Product: most of this models focus around rocks but the next update will be focusing on improving the overworld and indoor stuff Download Click me i'm also open to community suggestion, so suggest me any models that (for you) improve your scene so that i will try to recreate what you suggest and if you find any problem/bug, report it in DM or in this topic comment That's its bye
  3. So, i have quit realism for a year and cuz im a boy who like nostalgia i came back doing realism for the nostalgia, eventhough im not the best at realism, it was really fun while making this. k bye
  4. if you want, i'm a bit inexperience with collab because this is my first collab ever so i'm nervous
  5. Hello and Welcome to the Scary Campfire Trip Collab Collab Story: one day, you (the one who animated the entry) is having a nice holiday camping and decided to put a campfire in the middle of the night alone/with a friend. then something weird/scary/funny/non-sense thing happened (the thing that happened in your entry is you who decide) Collab Rules: 1.the entry must be 10-30sec 2.you can't change the lighting (unless it's for interactive purpose) however you can change the camera effect 3.put your username/nickname on a sign that i put in the left 4.sound effect is allowed 5.music is not recommended, but it is still allowed 6.gore is allowed, but keep it minimal 7.no sexual stuff 8.you must put 1 or more character near the campfire (and one of them is you) 9. you must have weird/funny/scary/non-sense thing happened that interupted their campfire holiday, 10.you can change my character to your OC 11.you change the zombie into something else and have different situation for bringing novelty to your entry Deadline: 5th June minimum resolution is 720p cinematic Download the Template Object MIproject (if you like importing stuff i recommend choosing the object one, but if you want a completely seperate project, choose the MIproject one.) Where do i submit my entry? you can PM me with the Mine-imator forum DM or or you can join the scary campfire trip discord server Collab Entry example: Edit: if any one of you as issue with the template feel free to report it to me
  6. my critique: 1.you can still make herobrine relevant if you portray him correctly, a lot of people portray him as a brave and powerful person, while in reality, it's not Herobrine based on his creepypasta story, he is a mystery and scary guy who followed people for scaring persons who are playing the game (at least that's how I remember it), by embracing herobrine backstory (or story) it could make him feels legit. you can make herobrine look intimidating and strong but it won't feel like himself (herobrine). that's how I feel when I see a character from a creepypasta story remade into a totally different character. 2.try to avoid flatland because: -almost everyone on here hates flatland -it makes the scene look pretty boring 3.posing is pretty average, try to find pose references online for a better posing 4.lighting is pretty bad, I suggest watching some tutorial like this one:
  7. That Moment when you are trying to work on a project

    Then your asthma strike you again this year

    Yes i do have asthma and yesterday it strike me again (idk if strike is the correct word to use) i'm unable to work on some project but hopefully i can get better soon

    1. Prismatic Spirit

      Prismatic Spirit

      Darn... I hope you'll get better soon!

  8. Thank you so much for the compliment I decided to make a wallpaper that has a lot of detail without sacrificing simplity, kind of hard but i'm used to it overtime I'm excited (also thanks lol) You don't have to use MB to get the same result, you can just use pure MI and it will probably almost look the same.but MB is way easier for making blocky model unlike MI
  9. hey, so I got an idea 3 days ago to make an interior scene out of references image I found on google image took me 2 days to make it also at the bottom of this post, I will have a little challenge for you guys to try out for fun you don't have to join but it will help you References Image: Credit: Thanks to @Allemn for the chair rig Resource pack that I use: https://resourcepack.net/mizunos-16-craft-resource-pack/ a little challenge for you: anyway last message bye
  10. so I was bored, took some break from my animation series and made this in 3 hours bye, I don't have any description lol
  11. im bored
    so here's a random preview


    1. BaconSandwich


      Nice, I like the kind of cartoony jump up near the end!

  12. You can't,even with render depth You cannot remove the fog and dof alpha glitch
  13. Hello,feuuople im bored so i made another wallpaper and also yes i notice the alpha glitch on the rain and i could not fixed it cause i don't know how
  14. The creeper have no reaction time because the guy who is holding all of the player/mob cannot hold it so they all died in the lava (except for the pillager)
  15. Hey don't mind me,im just mining some diamond thanks to my great friend death may come any second now
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