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  1. I didn't specify coffee That's a really vague advice
  2. Caffeine, a world of Energy and Anxiety.
  3. Hello, so a question that probably no one in the world ask,
    why am I making this weird abstract render?
    well, I want to better visual storyteller.
    Ok, but why Abstract?
    Taste and challenge, My taste overtime changes from trying to use Minecraft style, to wanting to tell
    story in a nonsense abstract way (sometime it's obvious, but something it's confusing)

    in the past 3 months, I have made many mistake in My life, many emotions that i have hold for a long time
    without really expressing them to people because I was trying to pleased everyone, instead of being myself, because I was scared that people would judge me if I was a different person.
    A month ago, I courageously try to express my opinion to people, and try to spread a good message to people, except all of that failed, because I got distracted by the wrong topic, forget what i was suppose to say, and failed to spread my message. I lost a friend because of my attempt at trying to spread a good message, however, I also made some new friends because of that topic, especially someone who made NSFW stuff who is afraid to go meet other people because he is afraid that peoples would hate him for having an NSFW taste, I'm not gonna reveal his name for privacy reason, but yeah. He also help me become a better person, trying to help me view the positive in life, especially because for some reason, I like to focus only on the negative side of the world, and that led me to sometime very immature attitude.
    I'm pretty sure I never said a genuine thank you to someone in My entire life, I just said thank you because it's either me being forced to say it, or it's because everyone is doing it.

    So that's 3 months of trying to change to be a better person, and the failure that I did along the way, although it's a failure, I'm glad it happen, because without it, I would probably never learned my valuable lesson ^-^
    and..oh yeah the abstract stuff, after I made a series that is garbage, I learned that art is about communication, not how cool it is, art is about conveying a message. My mindset on art before is like putting effort to everything else except story, and so My goal for the Distorted Subject series, is not to make the most detailed wallpaper, but to make something that convey my message, but in a much more distorted and poetic way I guess you can say it like that.
    I'm practicing to always have a message in my render so that when I made my next story, I don't get too distracted by the visual, and that's the point of the distorted subject series.

    Welp, this escalated from abstract to personal real quickly lmao,  but seriously tho, I just want to get that out of my chest.

  4. Hello, and welcome to Distorted Subject Part 4. I did the title differently because I'm bored using the same title over and over again. This one is really simple, it only took me a few minutes, it might be simple, but it doesn't took me too long to get the message across. This one is about revenge...that's it, i don't know how I can emphasize the topic further xP
  5. So yesterday, the most chosen choice in yesterday poll was depression and Mental Breakdown, so I combined two of them into one render. The depression one is obvious, and the Mnetal Breakdown one, is in plain sight, you can see it infront of your eyes but if you aren't used to my abstract render (or any abstract art) then you probably won't notice it until I mention it to You.
  6. That's painful but you vote for revenge.
  7. Love can be complicated. My Ideas Room is pretty dusty and empty, so I made a poll (that's it lol)
  8. you could just post this in like a status update. also hi welcome back
  9. So i was bored, and for some reason my idea become really distorted and creepy so here's my adaptation of that idea, this part 1 of.. idk how many part there is. I won't explain anything so that you can interpreted it by yourself on what it mean.
  10. Feels bad man, you have grown up now,
    you are genuinely a nice person who struggle with some private stuff, and I hope you have learned from your mistake :D

  11. I wanted to take time to think about what I just post yesterday, I came to a conclusion that I owe you guys an apology.

    While I still stand against my own opinion, I do however wanted to owe you guys an apology for all of you who didn't want to see this part of me, I mean that's what I did multiple times in school.

    I understand that some people that think that this topic is controversial, and so I wanted to apologies to all of you guys for being too bias, maybe you guys didn't want that, and I understand that people will disagree with me, in fact, I expect 95% of you guys will disagree with me when I post that.

    I owe you guys an apology, I also wanted to thank you to all people who agreed and disagreed with me and discuss their reasoning in good manner. I said 2 times in the post that I didn't want to start a flame wars, instead I encourage discussion about your own opinions and choose whether you agree or not and move on, that's all I wanted from the beginning.

    I'm still the same person as I was 2 days ago. The only thing that is different is my own belief and opinion, that's what makes me humans, I stand up to what I believe in and understand that my action will makes some people offended, that's what I did in school multiple, I have the right to freely express my own opinion and how I feel about them, but I understand if you don't want to see that part of me.

    Anyway, I'm still gonna make some family friendly content, because some of my feeling are still family friendly-ish.

    Also my friend made a memes about it and I think they're pretty funny.

    And yeah, I apologize, I promised I will never discussed about it again, because I'm already satisfied by the reply, like what I was expecting.

    Edit: I posted that because I wanted to challenge people to think about my own opinions from my perspective, I wasn't intending to offend anyone, I just wanted to see your opinions instead of starting a flame war.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. __Mine__


      Sorry in advance. I really don't mean to sound rude here, and maybe I'm just misinterpreting things, but this doesn't really seem like an apology, nor does it explain why you, completely out of nowhere, thought of making such a post. I still have no idea what made you think it was acceptable.

      Also, this post is slightly implying that you're blaming us for starting a flame war when you told us not to, despite how disagreeable (and flat-out illegal) the idea is.

      This post also seems to imply that you're moving on to making only NSFW content, but will make SFW occasionally.

      Again, sorry if I misinterpreted this. It just feels like you're merely repeating your points instead of genuinely being apologetic.

      ...I'm probably going to get downvoted for being such a d*ck...

    3. Ethaniel


      Lmao Mine, he's not blaming us. There was no flame war, everyone was fairly respectful with their reasoning, it just so happened everyone disagreed. 

    4. BladerInc


      Apology accepted, try not to say something outrageous like this next time, I would love to see your work pal, you are indeed talented, don’t tarnish it because of some ridiculous idea. Either way, I’m looking forward to your next work...

  12. question, what was going through your head when you made that post, i know you a bit and i dont think you would of made something like that, so please tell me what was going on in your mind.

    i dont hate you, i just wanna know what caused you to make this

    1. PigmanMovie


      I posted my reasoning in my recent status update

  13. Inspired by Kristoffer Zetterstrand i was looking at google about minecraft painting and tried to replicate Kristoffer Zetterstrand style the only thing i didn't replicate is re-painting the render into a canvas.
  14. Relatable, well, not in the office, also why would kid enter a website that has nsfw in it? lmao
  15. i labeled it as NSFW not because it's truly NSFW, but just because i'm not sure what's considered NSFW other than sexual stuff.
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