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  1. WIP Wallpaper also this will be a timelapse (but will be release after the wallpaper is posted,maybe tommorow) 768b0701dc64539cdf17cc0e4126441f.png


  2. PigmanMovie

    Isometric House Render

    now that you mention it,im gonna make another one
  3. PigmanMovie

    Isometric House Render

    why does everybody suddenly doing isometric render xP (is it because of me?) Ontopic:look nice,but that camera is not really that isometric
  4. PigmanMovie

    What's the point of Modelbench...

    you litterally respond on every comment with "ik" before you start ontopic: Modelbench is easier for me,because of the UV Texture map thing while you can't add shape such as sphere,cone and etc you can always add it in mine-imator after you done modelling it (also there is some fancy bending)
  5. Hey look
    a topic that didn't get that much attention


  6. PigmanMovie

    Movable Pixels Block Rig

    You could have an easy timr if you use MB,because UV Texture But this look very impressive I love it edit:i can see some incorrect pixel texture,i see some texture that are upside down compared to the original but i don't mind
  7. PigmanMovie

    Cave to Another World (2k)

    wait what? not my expectation,because i just randomly put an enderman there because of empty space XD
  8. ouh...uhhh...


    1. EnderSculptor
    2. Patrick


      What's what happens when you make quality content.

    3. Swift
  9. PigmanMovie

    Cave to Another World (2k)

    hello as always i was making a wallpaper for the wallpaper series i mention in the last topic and,it suppose to be everything that player do in survival minecraft and then today,i wanted to make a cave scene and i didn't had an idea what it will look like,because every cave in world is bassicly just normal small cave so then i had a random idea to take the cave template from the MI schematic folders (since the bottom is not cover up) and then put the overworld to the bottom of that cave so,i guess this series become "survival minecraft with strange thing (sometime)" also i tried soo hard to imitate mojang looks and it hard for me,then i give up and decided "you know what? i am gonna use my own style (only for this one) because it hard to imitate the mojang style,i am ready for that hate" and this wallpaper mostly the main focus is the editing so... yeah,plz don't hate meh here the wallpaper Edited: un-edited : Check out the last wallpaper from this series : thanks for clicking k bye
  10. @The Minebox Channel: https://m.youtube.com/user/TheMinebox Madbox Animations : https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCTZCFKa4fsoSID3TTQNMdHw
  11. PigmanMovie

    Import a world size

    Too many block that make your computer freeze or something?
  12. When i see topic in the popular topic section
    the first thing i think before i click it is:
    -Bad Topic
    -drama related to fad
    -firewars (i don't remember what's the word called)


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Jake_28
    3. MYSELF3200



      It's literaly called "The Villager Kingdom (But it's a bad remake)"

    4. Jake_28
  13. PigmanMovie

    The Beginning (2k)

    Photo Editing Software you can do the same thing in Mine-Imator big putting spotlight around the object but im too lazy to do that Thanks
  14. how can human rip off a hundred of eyebrown hairs? also misleading title
  15. hello as always when i was making this wallpaper,i realize that mojang made a new style for their promo art it a shiny plasticy style (that how describe it),and...it not easy for me anyway,here the wallpaper Style,that im trying to imitate: also this wallpaper is kinda a mini series,so...expect a sequel from this wallpaper thx for clicking bye..
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