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  1. PigmanMovie

    A Messy WaterTemple (2k)

    Didn't know that you are talking about the glow Yeah,balancing glow with bloom to make the scene brighter but also not putting too much glow is difficult But thanks
  2. PigmanMovie

    A Messy WaterTemple (2k)

    I for once,tried to break my laptop limit (2GB ram potato laptop) to see how it handle with a scene like that,since i always use simple scene setup. Went i half way doing this wallpaper i was like "hmmm,how about i make the viewer that see this wallpaper struggle to try to find what they need ti focus at,yeah..that would be a great idea and people will hate it :D" other than that,yeah...the decoration is too much i try better next time Eh,kind of Thanks
  3. PigmanMovie

    A Messy WaterTemple (2k)

    Hello! long time no see i have overshot thedecoration a bit lol bye
  4. hey,my name is PigmanMovie!
    im a statue
    i can't do anything
    mainly because school suck

    That is my Quality Poem
    not really lol

    1. JB Animations

      JB Animations

      Not enough quality, nor enough quantity

  5. PigmanMovie

    Mine-imator 1.2.0 (Pre-release 3)

    hohohohoho nice!
  6. hello so im back (kinda) and i made this wallpaper this wallpaper is just me practicing my compositing skill bye
  7. so...

    i haven't really continued the fish pack model since last week
    because of stupid drama with madbox

    but im back (welp,not really,cuz school)

    i ran out of ideas on what fish i should made
    so,if you want,give me suggestion (or idea)

    the theme that i am aiming for the fish pack model is deep ocean fish
    your suggestion doesn't have to be deep ocean,cuz there is still a lot of normal ocean fish that i haven't made yet

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Jake_28


      not even in a zombie apocalypse?

    3. PigmanMovie


      i will probably safe that as a halloween special :smirk:

    4. Jake_28





  8. hello so..it an independence day for my country (indonesian) originally i was planning an animation for independence day like a year ago but then i forgot to animate it,so i force myself to just create this wallpaper didn't really take time to plan this this took like 30 minute to make yeah,im soo rushed bye.. that it..bye
  9. PigmanMovie

    Fully Animatable Axis Rig

    people downvoting this because they didn't know the used for this advanced model this is really helpful for people who want to make an advanced movement with folder but just too lazy to set it up i already have one,but i try this one later
  10. Ayy it my good'ol office chair
  11. Let Search some dead fish underwater :Di regret making that qoute



    1. Emerald_SWAGGER


      make fins more spiky

    2. PigmanMovie


      it will be longer if i do that


    3. Emerald_SWAGGER


      Not if you just take out some middle pixels

  12. PigmanMovie

    Our real faces?

    Not what i expected.. anyway,imma keep my personal stuff
  13. PigmanMovie


    E N D L E S S T R I P E N D L E S S P O S S I B L I T I E S E N D L E S S A N Y T H I N G ! im not even going to join the argument xP
  14. Coming soon ;)


    1. JH Animations

      JH Animations

      Can't wait. (no sarcasm intended)

    2. AlfaProduction´╗┐s


      my gosh this title is giving me ultra nostalgia back to the good ol' tekkit mod-pack days

  15. PigmanMovie

    Fishing Alone (2k)

    Hello another wallpaper this time i try to make that 2D (not really) black and white style,like Limbo so...here it is: Edited: un-Edited: next thing i will probably do is update my fish pack Model and also working on a new animated project called Cube Meet Paper k bye
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