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  1. So...Hello After 2 months of Depression and suffer my laptop is finally back,now idk about my skill but i think my skill is still the same Except that now im a bit slower,idk why xP But here's my first and second attempt at making a wallpaper after 2 months being gone First Attempt: I actually don't know what to even call this one xP Second Attempt: I Made it! No Description here Execute bye.exe
  2. PigmanMovie

    Blue Rain [4K]

    Someone actually acknowledge that im gone,that's unusual xP
  3. Hey internet!

    Help me pick a name for a series that's involve critique-ing peoples wallpaper from the forum

    And making fun of them,

    Just kidding! that wouldn't happen (or would it?)

    expect it to come this week...

    Or nexr week...

    Or next month i don't freaking know


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      Wallpaper Witticisms

  4. PigmanMovie


    I like how The light doesn't even came from the correct direction
  5. PigmanMovie

    Blue Rain [4K]

    I love the atmosphere,it didn't feel like a normal rain,it feel like a depressing rain or something Rain could be more visible The lighting is perfect Could use some ripple to make it feel like it's actually rain but that just my prefences I love love love the composition,it feel like those classic perspective shot that is use in 1/10 of painting,the glowstone and the torch feel like it's guiding you to the main subject of the wallpaper (the people walking on the street holding an umbrella) while the torch feel unnatural I can't lie that this look's very good
  6. PigmanMovie

    Campfire (updated)

    -my god i love the atmosphere and the color it is soo interesting to look at,my only suggestion is to use blue ambient instead of gray and maybe add a moon in the background -i wish you use custom sky texture,it's not like i hate it or anything but i just hate the default MI cloud when used for night But that is just my criticism i have,i don't have much to say really,this wallpaper has a focus with atmosphere So a plus for me
  7. PigmanMovie


    -maybe the reason why it's awful because you don't use it correctly,while using bloom and glow don't go over the top,it's just going to make people blind and that's maybe why it look awful - -atmosphere (base on my own experience) can be achieve through good lighting,and good color.when there is something sad or dramatic happen,it is a good way to desaturate the color (or use desaturated blue if the character is crying) while when there is something happy happen,it is a good way to saturate the color a bit (don't go over the top) Link to a video of understanding color: -what do you expect me to do if my laptop is goddamn broken
  8. PigmanMovie


    -boy:honey hold on!! Gurl:i can't take it anymore Gurl then fall boy:no honey!!! Gurl:don't worry i can fly!! Boy:wait what??? -i would say lighting look a bit bland,try to use the new glow and bloom feature -the boy pose and expression look good.for the girl,the expression is great (but i wish it could be more exaggerated) but the pose is stiff -there is a lack of atmosphere in the wallpaper it doesn't feel like you are in the world -because the wallpaper is kind of dark (about falling from the cliff of course) the camera angle should be a bit more dramatic (too lazy to give you an example tho) To lazy to make a long criticism so there you go Overall,it's....ok?? Idk
  9. PigmanMovie

    "An Interesting Find" [4K]

    Huh,let see: -i really like the expression but i wish it could be more exaggerated (unless it's a confused expression then im surry,i just kannot reed emotion ) -idk if it just me but something about the sky just feel's a bit normal,it doesn't feel like winter,but it maybe just me being cray cray Overall,pretty good,i had nothing to say
  10. My dad promise me to get my laptop service this week,so i can't wait but there is exam for 2 weeks so there might be some delay

  11. PigmanMovie

    Skywars V2

    Criticism: -The diamond glow look like someone choose the cyan color and then increase the saturation to the very top,the diamond is glowy but not that much,try to reduce that glow -poses is a bit stiff,try to search for pose refences online for better pose -so i learned that in filmmaking there is something called scale.from my understanding,scale is bassicly a combination of intense angle,big scenery,and compositition to make one hell of a Wars!!... so base of my prefences,i think putting the camera below the character and looking up with a big FOV,good composition (use the rule of third,i mean it's easier then the golden ratio) and with a lotta of people in the background would make this wallpaper look good.But that is just my prefences,you might have different mind,the more power to you -lighting is not the best,i recommend watching someone like kiepocu studio (or sharpwind) for better lighting Overall,not bad but also not great
  12. PigmanMovie

    Moving on (Non-Minecraft wallpaper)

    Oh,doesn't look like a guy moving into a new houses Probably make the render a bit less confusingly (is that a word?) That's just my advice
  13. PigmanMovie

    Ben's ͛ Super Face Rig

    I feel like there is better face rig out there,this one feels a bit outdated and it's creepy af
  14. PigmanMovie

    [MI 1.2.0+] K/DA Akali Mask

    Interesting concept Nice texture Could be better but im satisfied
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