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  1. Environmental Props Pack Update #7: so i made a lot of progress today, i made the good'ol chair and table, spoon, fork, knife, clipboard, paper, blackboard and whiteboard, and Construction Barrier the chair and table is compatible with 16x16 block texture, so you can change the texture into whatever you want. i still a few models to go and after that, it will be released. 1.png



    1. DragonPixel




    2. DragonPixel


      so when are you releasing it anyway if you are 

  2. Environmental Props Pack #6: on sunday i have very little time doing work cause life stuff, so i spend all of my time working on this very detailed saw, and tbh, it's not the best but i tried Saw_Boy.png



  3. Environmental Props Pack Update #5:
    so i decided to take a break from making an object and decided to make something for brick block
    and that's what i did, sorry if the quality is prettybad, i'm on a rushed today so i don't have time to render it



  4. Environmental Props Pack Update #4: for the industrial props, there is a new material models like brick and steel, and since it was made in modelbench, it is compatible with particle, so you can make exploding Brick just lie in the render, sorry if my render is kinda eh, i haven't touch MI for 2 weeks. Destruction_woho.png

  5. For the first one: -i like the color that you use for the wallpaper, althought the scenery could be desaturated a bit so that the character can stand out a bit more. -The lens dirt is distracting reduce it a bit For the second one, i don't have anything to say other than the scene is huge (which is a good thing)
  6. Idk why but it feels like an anime, yo teach me how to do that m8 The scene looks huge, i give you a plus for that. The lighting is definitely giving me an east vibe. I love it!
  7. I like the contrast, it give me some rock and epic vibe. I have nothing to say other than maybe add some rimlight for the character, because some of them are blending in with the wall Other then that, pretty cool wallpaper
  8. The glow is very intense, i recommend reducing it. The enderman glowing is pretty much unnecessary unless it is for narrative reason. Camera angle is a meh. Maybe put the camera angle below the enderdragon to make it feel like the enderdragon is huge and feel like a final boss. There is shadow on the foreground, but on the background, there is not. You either didn't add any point/spot/sun light or you didn't increase the sunlight range
  9. Oh god..uhmm...how do i say it without being rude? The shadow that it create from the spotlight is messy and it is too on your face. That could be either fault, either there is too much extrusion or the shadow is too dark The only thing i like is the hair, it has very little shadow but you can still see it even if it really subtle But yeah, my main problem with that render is that the shadow is too in your face
  10. Supah probably think that you are a dissapointment because you like to self defence yourself instead of being mature
  11. I will press the upvote for you, i think the upvote is...uhmm. oh yeah the color is red how could i forget that!
  12. PigmanMovie

    Boobs Rig

    I see innovation We have gone from being a stupid idiot just looking for foods, into making boobs in mine-imator How cool is that? As if no one had done that before this is not a gimmick, this is innovation at it's finest but it also soo sexy and hot!!
  13. because birch trees are thin in real life?
  14. hey! so the trees that were used in this render is a tree that I made for the Environmental Props Pack Industrial and Indoor Update idk when the update will came out but, hopefully soon. bye
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