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  1. I wanted to take time to think about what I just post yesterday, I came to a conclusion that I owe you guys an apology.

    While I still stand against my own opinion, I do however wanted to owe you guys an apology for all of you who didn't want to see this part of me, I mean that's what I did multiple times in school.

    I understand that some people that think that this topic is controversial, and so I wanted to apologies to all of you guys for being too bias, maybe you guys didn't want that, and I understand that people will disagree with me, in fact, I expect 95% of you guys will disagree with me when I post that.

    I owe you guys an apology, I also wanted to thank you to all people who agreed and disagreed with me and discuss their reasoning in good manner. I said 2 times in the post that I didn't want to start a flame wars, instead I encourage discussion about your own opinions and choose whether you agree or not and move on, that's all I wanted from the beginning.

    I'm still the same person as I was 2 days ago. The only thing that is different is my own belief and opinion, that's what makes me humans, I stand up to what I believe in and understand that my action will makes some people offended, that's what I did in school multiple, I have the right to freely express my own opinion and how I feel about them, but I understand if you don't want to see that part of me.

    Anyway, I'm still gonna make some family friendly content, because some of my feeling are still family friendly-ish.

    Also my friend made a memes about it and I think they're pretty funny.

    And yeah, I apologize, I promised I will never discussed about it again, because I'm already satisfied by the reply, like what I was expecting.

    Edit: I posted that because I wanted to challenge people to think about my own opinions from my perspective, I wasn't intending to offend anyone, I just wanted to see your opinions instead of starting a flame war.

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    2. __Mine__


      Sorry in advance. I really don't mean to sound rude here, and maybe I'm just misinterpreting things, but this doesn't really seem like an apology, nor does it explain why you, completely out of nowhere, thought of making such a post. I still have no idea what made you think it was acceptable.

      Also, this post is slightly implying that you're blaming us for starting a flame war when you told us not to, despite how disagreeable (and flat-out illegal) the idea is.

      This post also seems to imply that you're moving on to making only NSFW content, but will make SFW occasionally.

      Again, sorry if I misinterpreted this. It just feels like you're merely repeating your points instead of genuinely being apologetic.

      ...I'm probably going to get downvoted for being such a d*ck...

    3. Ethaniel


      Lmao Mine, he's not blaming us. There was no flame war, everyone was fairly respectful with their reasoning, it just so happened everyone disagreed. 

    4. BladerInc


      Apology accepted, try not to say something outrageous like this next time, I would love to see your work pal, you are indeed talented, don’t tarnish it because of some ridiculous idea. Either way, I’m looking forward to your next work...

  2. question, what was going through your head when you made that post, i know you a bit and i dont think you would of made something like that, so please tell me what was going on in your mind.

    i dont hate you, i just wanna know what caused you to make this

    1. PigmanMovie


      I posted my reasoning in my recent status update

  3. oh, sorry wendy, oh wait, i don't give a crap wendy
  4. Hello, so before you read my opinion, i wanted to let you know that my opinion is completely different than other and you might disagree with what i'm saying, that's fine. I don't want to start a flame war on the reply section, instead i wanted to encourage discussion and think about this from a different perspective, whether you agree or disagree with me. sound good? ok let's start, I will discuss my opinion first, then we can talk about the problems, argument and my critique. I know some might disagree here, but i think a NSFW tab should exist, here's my reason: Allow for Maximum Freedom Now what do i mean by Maximum freedom? if you take a look at painting from a few century back or even some recently, some of the art are pretty...erotic, and there's a lot of them, most of them contain nudity, sex, extreme violence, drug, and other thing. This maximum freedom can be used to tell other story that is exclusive for mature audience, such as prostitution, relationship with some sexual stuff in it, extreme and messed up violence, and many other thing. it open a big opportunity for other story to be told that require other feeling that are usually censored by most country like eroticism. Allow Someone to Express their True Feeling through Art We are all born having some feeling of eroticism or sexual fantasies (unless if you don't, then maybe you're an asexual, wikipedia said, not me.), and many great artist usually express that feeling through Art or other medium, but due to modern culture and religious constraint, we started to believe that Pornography are taboo, expressing our sexual feeling through any medium or even talk is considered taboo and prohibited. "Being in touch with your feelings will make you a better person, as well as a better parent and partner. ... The purpose of expressing your emotions is to convey your true feelings, and to be open and honest, not to embarrass or blast another human being. When we choose to bury our feelings, we act differently. We may not make ourselves available to others and may withdraw, or just not fully engage when we do spend time with other people. At other times, we can react inappropriately because our emotions are pulling us in a different direction from where we really want or need to go. When you express how you really feel (in an appropriate manner), problems get solved, relationship issues get resolved, and life is easier. In addition, you will like your life better because you’re not holding on to unhealed or confusing feelings. " - Barton Goldsmith Ph.D. Now i think that's all of the reason that i'm gonna give for now, i might come back if my opinion changes, now let's get into the argument and critique. "Porn is ruining the Mine-imator Reputation" No, they don't, because pornography art is not a harmful act , it's just a different genre of Art, genre that is made for Mature audience, and i think that's great. Now i understand why people said this, I mean, if you type Mine-imator in google even without safe search, you will find some pornographic stuff scattered in the google image search. now for some people solution, was to hate them, or wish that they we're gone, while my solution is to make more quality stuff so that pornography stuff remain hidden. "If you like porn, then you have bad taste" I seen this one a few weeks ago, and i wanted to point out that no, people who likes porn does not have bad taste, what they do have is sexual fantasy or sexual desire, and all sexual fantasy could have a good or bad side effect, although i wanted to point out that there are some people that are addicted to porn, and they are much much different then someone who simply like porn. "Only people that are 18+ are allowed to view porn" now this gonna sound the most bias and bit offtopic, so i do this one quick, but i think teenager are mature enough to handle pornography, simply because we naturally releases sex hormones (or other weird synonym name) when we hit puberty, and we become naturally curious about sexual stuff, then went we're a child. "Minecraft doesn't deserve Pornorgraphy stuff" I can see the point, since Minecraft is a game for everyone including kids, but that doesn't mean anyone cannot transform a kids game into a mature games, Heck, people have made minecraft render including violence, and gore before, so why people shouldn't be interested in making porn of Minecraft? and anyone can tell Mature story from Minecraft, because Minecraft is a 12+ games, but at the same time it's a sandbox games, people can do everything in a sandbox games, including amazing building that is considered Art, Map, and Changing the theme of the games into their own interpotation of Minecraft. Now, i do have one critique for porn creator Some Modern Pornography stuff are now a days being made by Adventure Capitalist who is only interested in money rather than Artist who wanted to tell a story or sending a message to the viewer, Porn is not different than normal Art, Porn is just another genre in Art, That's why Porn should be treated the same as any great Art or Story because not only it will make a better Porn, but also set a Healthy Mindset for viewer about sex in general, rather than distracting the viewer with terrible "Let this woman/man have sex with you" Ad that i seen a lot. Now how should the NSFW tab be implemented without distracting Kids with Adult content? Yes, i'm not a human who forget that Kids exist. i think the best way to implement this is by adding a label/tag that let you hide content only for mature audition, which make it so that it's not visible for someone who verify themself as "underage". There may be other way, but this is my way on implementing it without distracting Underage people. That's it, i do not want to cause flame war with someone who disagree with me, instead i want us to discuss this topic in a good manner without harassing anyone.
  5. Inspired by Kristoffer Zetterstrand i was looking at google about minecraft painting and tried to replicate Kristoffer Zetterstrand style the only thing i didn't replicate is re-painting the render into a canvas.
  6. Relatable, well, not in the office, also why would kid enter a website that has nsfw in it? lmao
  7. i labeled it as NSFW not because it's truly NSFW, but just because i'm not sure what's considered NSFW other than sexual stuff.
  8. This Wallpaper Contain Violence and Gore, or more specifically, Cruelty, atleast i think it's Cruelty. Hello, it's that time where i'm soo bored making family friendly content, so i created some NSFW Content specifically for expressing my extreme emotional side, and yes i have a confession, some are sexual, but those are private. i remove the NSFW in the title because i'm 100% sure that it's not NSFW, atleast i hope. Yep, that it's bye.
  9. i already know about that, unfortunately, Nexus the modeler of the gun, cannot do Minecraft style that well, and i'm trying my best to make it look slightly minecraft, without breaking or redoing everything, i don't wanna redo everything, because i don't know how to model a gun, that is like my weakness. but yeah thanks.
  10. i got a random question

    why is nudity more problematic than violent, censorship wise?


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    2. Mafa Animations

      Mafa Animations

      nudity is ranked more offensive than gore most of the time, violence suggested to people over 16 and sexual context suggested to people over 18. One way or another you're gonna get introduced to both IRL, maybe illegally depending on age and situations.

      Not to mention, Minecraft is ranked 12+ due to cartoon violence, similarly to a lot of other games. 

      it's also due to the subject matter, swearing and cussing on films ranks the movie to 18+ automatically, sexual content ranks the same, but it is more likely to hear cussing before you are legally allowed to watch the film so that is why it isn't much of a shock factor as much as nudity.

    3. PigmanMovie


      well, i'm still wondering why people are more bothered by seeing someone nude than seeing someone getting killed
      infront of their eyes.

    4. Mafa Animations

      Mafa Animations

      Honestly depends on what context. This is where the mineimator forums crosses the line. Sorted by offensive factor.

      Cartoon Blood-less violence

      Cartoon gore violence

      Cartoon nudity

      Real Gore violence

      Real nudity

      Real Death/Horrible injuries videos

  11. Hey, haven't been on MI Forums for a while Have a treat. Weapon Models by Nexus Weapon Texture by Me
  12. Working on (Project) THA Reboot.
    i have finished some of the character writing,
    still have a long way to go XoX


  13. Which Nether biome that needed more content according to you?
    -Nether Waste
    -Soulsand Valley
    -Basalt Delta
    -Crimson Forest
    -Warped Forest

  14. the more thing i type in this website
    the less fun it is being on this website

  15. bro you submission is awesome but i have written the criticism ad i'm about to announce the winner today welp, i'm gonna mention you anyway for trying also next time DM me if you want to submit, the result is me missing a submission like this, and didn't know it exist
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