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    trying really hard
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    somewhere in the observible universe
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    cars (the vehicles and the 3 movies)
    ah whole lotta action movies
    and many more video games
    perhaps... you..?

    what I dont like:
    Low effort monster school animations
    The Tok
    YT Shorts
    people who accuse MI of being a bad software
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  1. Either you can't or I'm blind but I can't change my username.


    Please refer to me as Asylicus. If you deadname me I will sue you and your family.

    1. MrPizzaCat


      I believe you have to message a staff member to have your name changed.

  2. this... this is the second time opening MI. the first time everything was fine when popping the timeline back in or not in fullscreen all is normal
  3. Hello Mr.Darl, i wanted to use your animatronic rig, but Dropbox showed an error instead. some information on Google said i need to ask the maker (you) if he wants to generate a new link. So, my question is, will you make a new link for Dropbox? Please?
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