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    For my interests, I have been into web designing for some time now and want to create a new modern look that is original. I also would like to get to know about programming for UWP applications and for Linux operating systems, I haven't really look into that much though.
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  1. Even tho it's focused on gameplay, I'm afraid not. So I would try Chocopic v7 Lite The 6th shot would of crashed MI for me xd
  2. Luma shaders is the official successor of Kuda shaders, which has been rewritten from scratch. It's main focus is gameplay to enjoy playing the game without any distractions from effects and what not. More information at Project Luma! Some small requirements using Luma Shaders: OpenGL 4.0 Optifine I am not the owner or creator of Luma shaders, this was created by Dedelner. Screenshots by Korbs: [Not Full Size] Screenshots by other users: By 8scottsterling8 by Excederus by Dedelner
  3. O3O love you

    1. Alkaide


      I love you too with deep respect and admiration within my heart. nohomo.

  4. Stranger Things Season 3 was gud 

    1. Just Philip

      Just Philip

      made me cri at the end ;-;

    2. Korbs


      ;-; same

  5. I tried loading a large world, Mine-Imator just crashes >:C Then you better find a way to make Mine-Imator work with multiple cores! That might be a nice performance boost in the software.
  6. I have updated the About Me page on my profile.

  7. Apple revealed the new cheese grater Mac Pro. I might make a rig out of it as well as the new Pro Display XDR.



    1. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      Oh I remember you now! You’re that guy who got that discord server taken down twice!

    2. Korbs


      @Mineshaft Animation My discord server taken down twice? No, I don't remember that.

  8. Hi :) 

    I am not dead....yet

  9. Last week, I have upgraded my server's version to 1.14 vanilla. 

    If you would like to hop on sometime, we're currently only offering survival mode.
    IP: Korbscraft.com

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