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    For my interests, I have been into web designing for some time now and want to create a new modern look that is original. I also would like to get to know about programming for UWP applications and for Linux operating systems, I haven't really look into that much though.
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  1. I am working on the main website of Korbscraft. For now, the domain will re-direct to Korbs Studio's main website: https://KorbsStudio.com 

  2. I have updated the About Me page on my profile.

  3. Apple revealed the new cheese grater Mac Pro. I might make a rig out of it as well as the new Pro Display XDR.



    1. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      Oh I remember you now! You’re that guy who got that discord server taken down twice!

    2. Korbs


      @Mineshaft Animation My discord server taken down twice? No, I don't remember that.

  4. Hi :) 

    I am not dead....yet

  5. Last week, I have upgraded my server's version to 1.14 vanilla. 

    If you would like to hop on sometime, we're currently only offering survival mode.
    IP: Korbscraft.com

  6. Just updated the About Me section of my profile. Mostly the bottom.

  7. v4qUnFu.png

    My Minecraft Server - Korbscraft

    IP   Korbscraft.com

    Mode   Creative and Survival

    Website   Korbscraft.com

  8. I am into it ÒwÓ
  9. Here are two lovely photos I took this week UwU



  10. Where you been the whole time?

    You should of joined the forums long ago :)

    This is where you belong UWU 

    1. Alkaide


      uwu I've been in the darkness for so long but now I'm here. owo

    2. tditdatdwt



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