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    For my interests, I have been into web designing for some time now and want to create a new modern look that is original. I also would like to get to know about programming for UWP applications and for Linux operating systems, I haven't really look into that much though.
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  1. v4qUnFu.png

    My Minecraft Server - Korbscraft

    IP   Korbscraft.com

    Mode   Creative and Survival

    Website   Korbscraft.com

  2. I am into it ÒwÓ
  3. Here are two lovely photos I took this week UwU



  4. Where you been the whole time?

    You should of joined the forums long ago :)

    This is where you belong UWU 

    1. Alkaide


      uwu I've been in the darkness for so long but now I'm here. owo

    2. tditdatdwt



  5. Yes, the shaders actually does a good job at night time.
  6. I am unsure, this is all in beta. I do see water reflections in the shaders so world space reflection yes I guess. I will ask the developer about the other features.
  7. Luma shaders is currently in beta. From the developer of Kuda shaders, Dedelner. Luma shaders is the official successor of Kuda shaders, which has been rewritten from scratch. It's main focus is gameplay to enjoy playing the game without any distractions from effects and what not. If you would like early access to these shaders, please support Dedelner on his Patreon. More information at Project Luma! Screenshots by Korbs: [Not Full Size] Screenshots by other users: By 8scottsterling8 by Excederus by Dedelner
  8. Hey, you have embed disabled. Users are unable to view this video from the forums.
  9. The lighting looks fine, also could you render that in a bigger resolution?
  10. Very easy, just set the color to red on the head and create a red effect. If you need face expression, this depends on the facial rig you're using.
  11. D3V5xPmW4AAhyJ4.jpg:largeOh nice, Spotify built right into Windows 10's Gamebar

    Image from Zac Bowden's tweet

    1. Korbs


      I am on the Windows Insider program, seems that hasn't reached the ring I am on yet. I did update last night pretty late. 

      You can read more about this on TheVerge: https://www.theverge.com/2019/4/4/18294963/microsoft-windows-10-game-bar-widgets-overlay-features

  12. Hmm....maybe you could make the gun from Psycho-Pass anime series:
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