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  1. My birthday in 7 days :D

  2. 2019-09-27_15.35.39.png

    Stuff about to go down on my server ;) 

    1. Ghatos
    2. Frost*


      I'm scared now

    3. YoshiHunter


      I've entered the ip but I haven't joined it yet. I'm curious on what it's about.

  3. Korbs


  4. Just updated my "About Me" page here on the forums.
    Like if anyone cares xD 

  5. This appears to be a problem with someone else as well where only doors came back!
  6. I wish I could upvote, but I am out of reactions!
  7. I know that a lot of programs already do this, even video editors. But it would be nice to do it all in Mine-Imator without having to install extra software.
  8. I remember working on rigs for the Mine-Imator software, now what should I bring back and work on?

    I mainly eletronic rigs.

  9. I see that adding sounds in Mine-Imator is simple and easy to do. But all you can do in the time line is adjust volume in the animation. Seeing more options for sounds like leveling pitch, L/R balancing, bAsS BoOsTeD(jk, not nessesary), volume leveling, and noise removal.
  10. I recently just added shops back onto my server: https://korbscraft.com/kc/blog/shops-are-back/

  11. Been a while since I talked about my Minecraft server. I guess I can give an update about what's been happening and new stuff!

    We have added more campzones in the survival world. Campzones are random stores around the map for quick needs, food, tools, etc. They are usually built to look like a camping zone, which is where the name "CampZone" comes in from. The player behind the idea of the campzone is Rat(plays as Rastaminecraft). Houses with beds are also offer if you're staying overnight. As of now in Campzone 2, I am getting a bee farm ready. 

    I have also updated the in-game rules and the rules on Discord.

    The website now shows the plugins we're using on the server. 

  12. Recenty bought Xipher Media a few days ago.

    Still trying to re-brand it and get things setup for it's new owner.

  13. Hmmm.....nothing really seems to be wrong according to latest log. Hold on, is this computer you're using 32-bit?
  14. My guy, you're back? This is me, Awesome Emerald, if you remember. I changed my name.

    1. Korbs


      Yes, I do remember you.
      I have been back officially for some time now. This is my original account that has been unbanned. 

    2. Frost*


      Ah. Glad you're here m8.

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