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  1. all of these are from https://discordapp.com/branding?
  2. Animal Crossing

    1. wafflecakes


      I made  a ac wallpaper todday

  3. Mine-Imaor 1.3.0 looking real fine OWO 

  4. He must of seen what I was doing. Sorry.
  5. Just improved performance on my Minecraft server.
    Also some datapacks were added to the main world.
    More updates about the my server is here: https://korbscraft.com/post/march-18-2020/

    1. MojangYang



      server.pro is kind of sucky btw. But I've no better suggestions than running off your own hardware which isn't a choice for most people

    2. Korbs


      I moved from local hosting. Performance issue, server is now getting 5 players on there a day and the hardware I hosted with can't handle it. I even had to upgrade already on Server.pro.

    3. Korbs


      Server.pro is just a professional host I know, never had an issue with them.
      I just get to the point where I can't afford it.

  6. Just updated the URL links
  7. Korbs what if i cant install wine period on linux how do i get mi

    1. Korbs


      What do you mean? It's easy to install Wine on Linux. 

      You could also try "PlayOnLinux" which AsdewQ made a post on sometime ago, beginning of step 4 might not be nessesary anymore with the latest release of MI

    2. wafflecakes


      So im on chromebook and i cant install wine and when i use crossover it sucks but i still make wallpapers And i cant install playonlinux is theyre a debian file

    3. Korbs


      I'm sorry, I do not beleive that Wine has a DEB file laying around. 
      There may of been someone could of made one for Wine. You'll have to look around more yourself.

  8. Just download the installer for Mine-Imator and run it for Wine. If it's not able to open after installing, then download the ZIP file instead of the installer. I wrote a post about this back in 2017
  9. Korbs


    The animation is amazing and very smooth
  10. With Wine, yes. Wine helps a lot. @MojangYang you can add me on Discord if you need help with Wine and running exe on macOS. Korbs#5777
  11. I created this using ModelBench on Linux. Should also work on macOS using Wine.
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