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  1. Upgraded ram to 16GB 

    1. Korbs


      A processor upgrade would be nice, but the only other upgrade I can afford is going from HDD to SSD

    2. MojangYang


      Laughs in 32GB

      cries in Minecraft taking all 16GB I gave it, and chrome taking 3GB

      sobs in intel optane accelerated HDD

    3. Korbs


      Bruh, I have multiple tabs opened on Microsoft Edge and it's only using 0.6GB.

  2. ah that ah that ah that
  3. Mine-Imator does have a valid certificate for their website.
  4. All that for nothing. :D 

  5. I still have files to the community build lmao But for real? Who still uses the community build.
  6. Should be worth it, still works great on Linux.
  7. Yes. I use Linux and Mine-Imator works fine for me. Just make sure to run Mine-Imator with wine and you'll be fine. Nothing else is required for installing. If you have any issues running Mine-Imator on Linux, contact me on Discord: Korbs#3660
  8. I know your video is literally a joke. Linux has less impact on my computer anyway
  9. Just made a small update to my server: https://korbscraft.com/post/march-30th-2020/


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    2. Korbs


      $8 for the first year then $13 every year to renew it.
      So I'm basically paying $26 a year for Korbscraft.com and KorbsStudio.com

      I also XipherMedia.com but have done nothing with it.

    3. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      wow that's cheap especially for a .com domain

    4. Korbs


      I use Namecheap.com for my domains and then use Cloudflare to control DNS and get that free HTTPS 

  10. Great to see shaders working now in Optifine 1.15.2


  11. all of these are from https://discordapp.com/branding?
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