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Found 188 results

  1. M1911 S.T.A.R.S designed for killing zombie easly *include ammo inside!! *include compressor!! media fire: DOWNLOAD MEGA: DOWNLOAD and don't forget to upvote my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/daffatheone
  2. M41A Pulse Rifle from Alien vs. Predator movie animated ammo counter
  3. UMP45 rig for Mine Imator foldable stock ✔ reloadable ✔ cockable ✔ cool ✔ Download here (Mediafire) : http://www.mediafire.com/file/9uh6rg6u6qybjv7/UMP45.rar/file Download here (MEGA) : https://mega.nz/file/j5B02Lja#Ebz2Mk31nfi4aVqcRdlGIGBpcwb0uHULvo3Pw4UcdwQ
  4. Softer shadows and indirect lighting on the wall. Link to the used rig Trick by @Keep on Chucking
  5. Maxwell Atchisson would be proud, lol. Smooth edges, OH YEAH. Well, not all edges are smooth. FPS mode, no safety selector? still WIP.
  6. I made The Keeper's Hammer as seen in The Evil Within using my sick Mine-imator tricks. Here it is: If it looks too big, it can easily be re-sized. As an animator, I learned what I like to see in Rigs, and easy-scaling and functional Rotation Points are pretty key. This is what I mean when I tell Riggers "hopefully it handles well." It's supposed to look like this hammer: It's not finished yet. It needs a few tweaks here and there, plus some textures. I hope to make a Minecraft version of The Keeper with his own backstory and setup, and hopefully, animate it. I... love feedback...
  7. *** NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY, PLEASE CREDIT ME IF USED *** Download go to my page
  8. I spent around 3 days creating the 24 schematic frames in-game. Would you like more content like this from me? Mine-imator reddit post for anyone interested
  9. The big, bold, Italian Classic, Mr. Wick WTF is this "[DEMO]" thing? Oh, its just the-, just download it. *** NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY, PLEASE CREDIT ME IF USED *** Download go to my page
  10. bullseyecg

    Battle axe

    Battle axe because y not Picture https://imgur.com/a/dN3n72T Download http://www.mediafire.com/file/xx2t8wwthzj9rvv/Battleaxe.rar/file
  11. The most iconic Italian shotgun ever made. semi-automatic? pump-action? this thing has both action! unfolded stock take a closer look
  12. "The end of the night, something big and bold." - John Wick, John Wick: Chapter 2 This is the Classico Italiano. Customizable
  13. German prototype caseless ammunition rifle. *** NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY *** Download go to my page *edit: KRAUT SPACE MAGIC
  14. Another rig yay... tbh this was finished like 3 months ago and i didn't released it because i was trying to release it with character rig but couldnt finish it BECAUSE THE GOD DAMN MINE IMATOR DECIDES TO CORRUPT THE SAVE FILE 3 TIMES FFFFFFFFFFFFFF-. IT COMES WITH A 12 GAUGE SHELL WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA? :000000000000000000 any ways rig is here. like always you can change the color of the gun like always . and there is a features you can toggle off like exhaust holes so it wont chunk off your render. edit: Weapon Information (so it can help you animate it) : SPAS 12 is semi automatic/pump action shotgun which means it can be used both ways. The semi automatic mode is used for buckshot (12 pellets) birdshot (20 pellets or more) flechete [12 darts that can penetrate covers] slug [single projectile that is size of a finger?] the pump action mode is for more specialized shells like rubber , gas shells, maybe frag shells or just any crazy thing you made up like SUPER ULTRA MAGIC SHELL THAT CAN SHOOT MINI DRAGON HEADS THAT CAN EXPLODE ON IMPACT toggle off-ables Download here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ixg7lktkf0hp6rg/SPAS-12.zip/file hit that upvote button to say you liked it or you can just comment , all comments are being read but no reply as i am socially awkward lad. give me your opinions i wont judge (maybe i should start patreon)
  15. Tau Cannon rig from Half-Life 1 note: do not charge it for a long period of time or you'll lose your arm.
  16. So here's my Second Rig that i post here Download Link : Knife https://www.mediafire.com/file/kxficz9pcevp1xi/Knifes.zip/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/kxficz9pcevp1xi/Knifes.zip/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/kxficz9pcevp1xi/Knifes.zip/file This is a basic shape knife All Parts of the Knife are White this mean that they can be customized in any Color with the Bend Color Option If Knife dosen't Fit in hand or is too small you can Scale it Knife does use Original 1.14 Minecraft Textures the only ones Customized are for the Faded Effect If Faded effect is Buggy or things cant be seen trought it Adjust the Render Depth Knife was made in ModelBench 1.0.1 (Is only for 1.2.6 MineImator Version) Customizable Options Visible(Turn off or on) Details in Handle Visible(Turn off or on) Top of handle Visible(Turn off or on) Bottom of handle Blade can be faded colors like in pictures shown below or a solid color Knife includes a Cover for the balde that is Visible(Turn off or on) Sorry about that 3 Exact Download links i dont know why it show like that -.-
  17. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ldogamhfdg3oqry/Red_Rebel_Ice_Pick.zip/file Hope I can get this on EFT
  18. Halloween or not, I posted this to match my first pixel weapon: Deathtoller. It was a pain, but the school computer managed to up to maximum quality of it. Constructive criticism are always welcome. Don't forget, I made this to show my weapon, not the theme please don't say it's not even halloween
  19. Credits goes to: Me- for the weapon, skin and background, and a couple of camera effects @ShotUAnimations for the assist for more lighting fixes and camera renew(oof)
  20. When I will be done with my ANTLERS horror animation, I will work forward another weapon rig, but this will be community-decided. Please be aware before clicking any of the choices.
  21. This will be my first weapon giveaway featuring Skullcrusher, one of the most powerful close-ranged weapons I created. The ammunition will be skeleton heads, miniaturized though. You put them through beneath the weapon, the gap below. The rate will be 88, and the damage is 90. Here's how the entries to win the weapon's gonna work: 1. Show yourself here to enter the entries. 2. Don't try to bribe me. Doing so will get you kicked out of the entries. 3. Don't repost/do multiple entries. Otherwise you will get kicked. 4. The more the entries becomes, the more the number of winners will be announced. 5. When you win the Skullcrusher, absolutely DO NOT SHARE with other people. That will be a violation of the exclusive competition, and will result on having you removed from entries FOREVER. The entries are closed.
  22. alright, this is M4a1-s from csgo, and include M4a1-s Hot rod skin, hope you guys like it <this M4a1-s model was a remodel of old M16 model from @crustyjpeg> (and i already ask him to let me remodel M16 into M4a1-s) here's the link download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5dxgq5j5ot2bm4n/M4a1-s.rar/file here's some image of it:
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