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  1. Elemental dead RP. Discord link is expired and seems like everything died.
  2. April fools coming up!

  3. (Somewhat and sure) -The whisper heads out on his way-
  4. -Alrighty. See ya all when I get back from school! Keep up the great RP!-
  5. -Seems like all my characters die depressed!-
  6. -OH btw robin died. Yup. Instant death to as he was sitting on the couch with a beer watching his life waste away-
  7. *probs ded anyhow yeh go to the peace judgement thing it really good and give me more things to do*
  8. -sadness also this is so you can text more about this spoopy key-
  9. -putting this here so ember can speak sense she loves it- -welp new character. new cult that has existed for a long time called Peace Judgement and such so yeah fun-
  10. -Maybe go to the Peace Judgement for assistance or request?-
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