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  1. i'm trying to find some plot ideas from minecraft animations, when i search "minecraft animation" in youtube, monster school is everywhere, i just want a good crap, not that terrible crap

  2. i tried mchorse's blockbuster mod AKA singleplayer machinima maker
  3. i'm thinking of an animation group channel where the owner uploads his members' animation with permission, idk what is that type of youtube channel called, the only youtube channel i've known with that type is Black Plasma Studio

    1. Hagus


      That's pretty much what an animation team does. I'm not sure if ZAMinations does this but since there are 2(?) members in that they probably both do their own animations. In theory it's a good idea because smaller animators can get views that they wouldn't normally get in their own channels, but if nobody in the team is good at animating then odds are it won't work very well.

  4. send ideas for my planned model packs, make sure its easy to make










  5. where's the ocean man?
  6. i planned some model packs, Vehicle Workshop, Gluttony Restaurant, Creature Land, and Junkyard, because the maximum links on forum signature is 5, Workshop is for vehicles. Gluttony Restaurant is for foods and drinks, Creature Land is for Creatures, the junkyard is for misc stuff, also, send ideas

  7. it looks like the girl annoys the boy when he wakes up in the morning
  8. dc40c52067e7c59b276dbce756d4936a.png

    i made a magic broom with a handle and a saddle, can i publish it soon?

  9. the tiny chair is missing a texture
  10. i can see the face and arm, also, what's the story?
  11. i tried someone's project thumbnail bug, i replaced the project thumbnail with bigger pic


  12. i resetted my own modelbench armory added more stuff removed the old non-voxelized models, i don't remember the name
  13. any weapon ideas for my modelbench armory?

  14. got a new name

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