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  1. What terrifies you the most?
  2. Gabe

    Boobs Rig

  3. Being a bodybuilder in real world while being a skinny knight in medieval universe, getting killed by Nimi. Fascinating.
  4. Uh, did I do it too much? Full Story:
  5. *angry crab noise*
  6. This came to my mind:



  7. Criticism are welcome. Rig/Pack:
  8. Oh, welcome back pal. Hmpf, I haven't seen anybody using that signature in very long time.
  9. unknown.png

    15k Pigmen and 50k Ghast. No idea what I'm doing.

  10. My intention was to blend in with the background but so called lossless gif was just a scam and I wasted almost for an hour and a half for an absolutely pathetic conversion and upload and yeah its 11:06 pm here and Im somehow awake and I dont know how to feel about this.
  11. Again, that's pretty much it. Oh also, I would like thank @9redwoods for giving away the halftone texture.
  12. E3JfSwR.png

    Took me good darn 2 years and I would like to appreciate Dr.Nexil for reaching me to 200 reps!

  13. That's pretty much it. Hmpf, criticism/feedback are welcomed.
  14. I recently time traveled to visit the first post I posted here and god damn, it doesnt sound like me. The mind of human brain is simply amazing. 

    1. Dannyboi


      Please no hate :3

    2. BaconSandwich



      mind of human brain

      -~Speech 100~-

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