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  1. But to use .mimodels, or .miobjects, the texture files need to come with the .mimodel file, cause all I saw what a white figure.
  2. I think you're missing the Texture File(s) that went with it.
  3. It's Cute!
  4. Vei The One

    Lady Azura Rigs

    These are looking cool!
  5. Hey! You and your team have done a lot into this already. Take your time. I'm in absolutely no rush.
  6. Who doesn't? Seems like everyone wants him.
  7. There's Toxicity everywhere. Every community I'm ever part of is just filled with a more Dominant negative vibe to it. And people will actually try to add positive vibes NO THEY WON'T. It just sucks that there are kids out there who won't even try to keep other's spirits up. How I Criticize I always start and end with a positive, and in between the 2, that's the negative. And I don't go too hard. If they are new, I give them advice on their level like I suggest this or Could you try this and make it fair to them. If they are new, I don't give them a lecture on lighting. It's just stupid that Toxicity, Stupidity, and Pointless Dramas are driving people away from the things they like.
  8. Hmmmmmm.......new DL?
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