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  1. when i load my OC it crashes and leaves a report that i have to upload it on this forums
  2. Whenever I try to load a rig it crashes
  3. can they be imported as schematics in mine imator?
  4. People I really need that scenery asap Please
  5. hey,BTW I like your Rigs lol thanks for the advice
  6. I just wanna thank SharpWind for his amazing face Rig and I would really suggest that you download it for yourself, you won't be disappointed Link: https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/69822-sharps-face-rig/
  7. I can try Sure Its gonna take a while but sure sure Ill try but sure I can't guarantee that it will be good but sure Can't guarantee that it'll be good but I'll try sure just Message me sure I'll try I'll try
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