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  1. can you make it so the java entity section on blockbench is compatible with mine-imator. i'm getting very frustrated with modeling "cartoon cat" because modelbench doesn't get the texture sizes right. it's impossible for me right now.

    1. ShotUAnimations


      you must be doing something wrong if texture sizes are wrong, ive never had an issue with texture sizes

    2. funtime candy

      funtime candy

      i don't know what i am doing wrong. blockbench is different than model bench. i want nimi to make them compatible. not just with items. but with java entitys too

  2. i remade a character named foxdee. from block-bench into mine-imator. all parts are very accurate except the head. 

    1. funtime candy

      funtime candy

      btw i could not inport it so i had to do it from scratch

  3. blockbench is where the character "foxdee" was created. blockbench puts the file to a Geo file. foxdee is one the the most detailed character i've ever seen. BTW my pc is trash. any time i use model bench it shuts itself down
  4. i was importing a character model. a java entity. thank you for letting me know. hopefully in the future the java entity can be compatible.
  5. I've been having a model on block bench for a while now. how do i put it in mine-imator? every time i try it says "could not load the model".
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