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    I'm modelling food tbh
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  1. wuRL83D.gif

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    2. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      Nice loading screen

    3. Frost*
    4. YoshiHunter


      This is making me think of Lego Island now for some reason.

  2. working on the v1.1 of my food modelpack, here's the first model so far: 0jSkMO3.png

    link to my foodpack's topic


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    2. Nicolasev


      @Shayzisdrop that crap on the floor right now

    3. crustyjpeg


      oh belgian fries ok

    4. Shayzis


      Sorry not sorry xD

  3. made this spraycan model for fun


  4. The theme was tiny so I didn't actually make the villagers tiny but made it as they felt tiny beside Notch which is giant
  5. Released the first version of my food modelpack yesterday: 


    1. Shayzis


      And it's awesome.

  6. I love the composition and the whole atmosphere
  7. Yeah it could look neat and it'd be useful I'll have to work on that Nice idea
  8. The modelpack is finally released !
  9. Hello everyone, lately I've been modelling 13 food-themed models for Mine-Imator, I've done fast-food, drinks and more "traditional" food, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves though. upcoming models in the next update: soda cup from fast foods, salad, long-style sandwich, icecream cone (maybe) I hope you liked my models and that you'll use it in your future projects, but don't forget to credit me though credits:
  10. Ayy thank you, I am currently making the topic for this version of the modelpack, I will add more in the future updates and those are in the list actually !
  11. I've added sandwich model to my upcoming modpack 


  12. I made a sandwich not the sandvitch though
  13. I wanted to try edge lightning but it looked bad so I eventually rendered it without, I want to practice the whole edge thing tho tbh models in hand and on the table are from my upcoming food modelpack
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