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  1. Good lighting on the foreground but the background feels forgotten.
  2. This video has some crazy TellTale vibes to it.
  3. I believe there's a tempo slider in project properties?
  4. I need some lighting tutorials, Y'all make characters look like white chocolate, in a good way.
  5. I think you need to set it up using the gpu and cpu settings. Last time I rendered something I heard a helicopter take off from inside of my computer. Try locating your settings, nvidia usually gives you lots of options to modify gpu usage. In my case, nvidia high performance gpu isn't set as the default graphic card anywhere and you have to set that up manually either by right clicking on mine-imator and pressing Run with graphics processor > [Your high performance GPU]. You can also set mine-imator as high priority, and if you own a laptop, plugin your charger and set your general processing setting up to turbo. There are a lot of little quirks with laptops so that they don't do as much sounds or to preserve battery, for example if you press on the battery icon you can see thar windows 10 by default reduces performance.
  6. Do you have a powerful enough computer to do the task you want to do?
  7. Not bad, I feel like you could've experimented with lighting and camera filters a bit more which could've made this wallpaper whole lot more interesting. Cause right now the lighting is looking a bit flat and it doesn't give any sense of depth to the tower.
  8. There are still logs as far as I know, you have to search for it through the engine files.
  9. For a moment I thought you created something normal.
  10. In the future, all pictures will have projector deterioration.
  11. I've been noticing a lot of softer edges. How are they being made? is this some sort of new feature in MI?
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