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  1. Yes yes thank you for pre releaseing ;D
  2. NickLD

    Warden Pack

    lovely pack/rig i really do enjoy using it
  3. This is Very cool keep up the good work, also maybe scale the torso down cus the head need to be bigger than the torso. plus is a springlock suite.
  4. Trying to make the fnaf 1 map for animation. Finally done with the dining area of fnaf 1 the lighting is not done yet tho...
  5. i finally done with chica buddy, the Mr.cupcake. On to bonnie guitar, i just gonna make the guitar a 2D pixel art lol.
  6. NOICE, look good!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
  7. First of all, i am surprise that is you and second that is nice to here that i get a pre releases early. i will sent feedback when i have the pre-releases version. here is a bug btw: the UV mapping is kinda glitchy. i don't know if this is a blockbench problem or mine imator but when i making a rig in blockbench the rig seem to be fine but if i imported to mine imator the UV mapping is glitch out, as a result i have to remake the rig from scratch.
  8. ok, also when i say "in action". i mean i will love to see it as an animation. all and all is a really good rig. ;D
  9. i have finally finished the modeling of the body and the lower part, everyone is saying that the original model design is fat or blocky. and it is to be honest, so i remodel the model all over again. what do you think of the new design? is this better or the original design is better note: will do the texture later on the new model.
  10. Nice Model/rig, hope to see it in action and release it.
  11. i being want to use the new features really bad, but i have to wait. i was thinking that can you download "beta" version of mine imator? That the question, if so how?. Thank for your time ;D.
  12. i have a question for the fnaf experts, is the model of Freddy is fat? To me it looks FAT, I think Freddy is supposed to be fad I think? i don't know, pls let me know in the comments. it is time for the head the hard part of the rig/model to make, wish me luck ;-; Love you all
  13. That you ;D and i will trying to make it as beautiful and fastest possible on the rig.
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