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  1. hello, i was wondering if i can use your rig for my youtube video. Do i need to credit you when i use the rig?
  2. I put lot of effort to sound design, so keep your volume up when watching this video! ;-;
  3. Mine-imator Suggestions! ---------------------------------------------------------- -add a motion blur feature -More options in setting to reduce lag and increase performance. -Make an option for the NEW IK to not bend(for the animators that don't use bend. like for making BarBones Style Animations!) -add an actual rigging system, so we can apply IK to our custom models -Make it so that you can control each glow radius instead of controlling all. -Add a button to focus(Zoom) to the selected object (Like the system in blender where you can zoom in on an object with Number pad ".") -add an selective glow to blocks and items(basically, add an feature that allow you to select which part of the texture can glow and which can not. like the restone lamb which only the light need to glow and not the outer frame.) BlockBench ---------------------------------------------------------- basically add an vertex system. so we don't have to struggle making a simple model ;-;
  4. everytime when i try to work in mine-imator, it sometime go backwards when going into fly mode. i try stopping the fly mode and reentering it but that does not work, i try switching to another project and it still doesn't fix it. i try everything and it doesn't work on matter how many time is try fixing it! and no, my keyboard is not broken. i check it multiplies times! Please Fix this issue -NickLD
  5. We are almost at 100 subscribers!! Also, what animation should i do next. I am running out of Idea ;-;
  6. Is good that mine imator is getting more features that the community wants.. but the performance is getting worst and worst.. the main reason why i use mine imator is because of it little performance needed.. but now because of the updates, my pc can barely run a small Schematics.. but the old version work smooth as it is. developer pls keep the performance needed as small as posspossible so the low-end pc user like me can still make animation.. - thank you for you time
  7. Yes.. Mine-imator have reflection and KI?? does that mean we will have an actual rigging system!!!! let just hope that the performance doesn't get worst for the low end pc peoples ;-;
  8. Yes yes thank you for pre releaseing ;D
  9. NickLD

    Warden Pack

    lovely pack/rig i really do enjoy using it
  10. This is Very cool keep up the good work, also maybe scale the torso down cus the head need to be bigger than the torso. plus is a springlock suite.
  11. Trying to make the fnaf 1 map for animation. Finally done with the dining area of fnaf 1 the lighting is not done yet tho...
  12. i finally done with chica buddy, the Mr.cupcake. On to bonnie guitar, i just gonna make the guitar a 2D pixel art lol.
  13. NOICE, look good!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
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