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  1. I followed the tutorial to create a 3 point composition, and tried some of the other things you said. Here is the new version, I would love some more feedback.
  2. Every time I tried adding a new light source, no shadows came to be. Could it be because there are so many point lights on the blue characters that simply light up the whole scene?
  3. Surprisingly enough, that's not the edge. The platform they are on is just so high up that the natural lighting blocks that part of the ground out with fog. Looking through that lens without lighting enabled shows the ground The only light sources are the glowing characters and light from the sky Yeah, it is a little bland. I don't know how to do fog, but the fog put there automatically is covering the ground. I'm not sure what that means I can try that How do I change things to do with shadows?
  4. Woops, better fix that lighting issue, and whereabouts can the edge of the map be seen?
  5. Attempt number 2, please give me more things to improve on!
  6. Attacking guy and the ghosts are the same person in context of the game, the reason they are faded is that they slowly fade away once the main guy moves away from them. I could make this clearer. My scenes being too dark is an ongoing problem, I need to work on it. Poses are temporary, the beheaded guys are literal copy-pastes for the time being. Thanks for your input!
  7. Hey guys, making a new wallpaper, and I want to know peoples opinions on it so far. https://imgur.com/a/Z1hNQ2e Please tell me any ideas or potential improvements, I'll be working on it tomorrow because it's a little late now.
  8. Ban crabs We demand whales!
  9. Not sure, it only happened with older maps, so maybe it was an issue with logs placed before sideways logs were implemented
  10. I had issues with sideways trees on some maps aswell
  11. Quick note: liking anime does not make you a weeaboo. Doing other incredibly stereotypical, misinformed or racist stuff does though. You can like anime and not be a weeb. You shouldn't call yourself a weeb because it is an inherently bad thing. If you call yourself a weeb, you need to either re-evaluate what you are, or stop the behaviour that makes you one.
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